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Get Real

Get Real is an endearing tale of a young 16 year old coming out in suburban Basingstoke UK. 16 year Steven has been shagging his way through the public toilets of basingstoke since he was 12 years old, meeting guys much older than him for quickies and falling head over heals in lust with every new one that comes along. That is until Steven meets the school captain one afternoon at the local beat and his life is turned upside down.

John Dixon the school captain has it all, he's gorgeous, sexy strong, a jock and very popular with the girls and some of the boys. John is struggling with his sexuality and is hell bent on ensuring that he keeps his perfect image as a straight boy clean by clandestine meetings and lies.

The film features some very funny moments and also some moments that are quite confronting and horrifying especially the more violent issues the film deals with. However this is one of the more realistic gay coming out stories that is available on film today. This is not a fairytale adventure or love story but a gritty true to life example of young guys coming to terms with their sexuality.

Although parts of the film are stereotypical, especially the overweight over anxious fag hag, the film is still a wonderfully quirky attempt to make us laugh and cringe at ourselves. Stevens' coming out is one of the most harrowing but special examples of guys coming out with a bang!


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