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by Kyle Rich

A is for Adam, the cute boy next door

B is for Brett, he makes my ass sore

C is for Chad, oh he makes me sigh

D is for Dustin, with those silky smooth thighs

E is for Evan, he drives real hard

F is for Francis, out in the backyard

G is for Graham, my naughty little bitch

H is for Hunter, he can always scratch my itch

I is for Isaac, a little summer fling

J is for Jared, likes to taste my ring

K is for Kayle, what a monster dick

L is for Liam, he never makes it quick

M is for Merrick, one night in France

N is for Nolan, his eyes entrance

O is for Oren, sucks like a pro

P is for Perry, he never says no

Q is for Quentin, the cute boy from class

R is for Reed, thatís one tight ass

S is for Sean, loves a tongue duel

T is for Tanner, he makes me drool

U is for Ulic, my sexy Greek sailor

V is for Van, a really hard nibbler

W is for Walker, such a loud moaner

X is for X, a mystery lover

Y is for Yuri, likes to be tied

Z is for Zach, my very first time