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One Daunting Memory

by June 2005

Lead us thru a thousand miles
Could you keep up with me?
Would you make me smile?

One farewell chemistry
Illustrate our departure
An ache and agony
Of a perfect picture

You make me feel
Tinkling all over
Raising an arm over my shoulder
Never have I felt so secure
Only you make me feel
Of what itís like to be loved

That road we used to walk
Has a narrow crack
It was left like that
Like my heart that has been wreck

Run as fast as I would
Never miss a chance to leap
In the end
Iíve taken the risk
Out growth the misshapen heap

I know you make me feel
The spoil little brat in me
Pushing me to such edge
Wait and see my vulnerability
For you make me feel
An urge to pound on myself

I still love
The way you make me feel
Of whatís itís like to be loved
Be loved by you
And only you