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Forever I Love You

January 2004

By: Josh Smith

Forever more I try and seek,

For us to meet again.

A path to join our hearts,

And fuse our souls into one.

Hope is what I have for us,

But the future doesn’t look too bright.

But we can make it through,

Together, we are one.

My love for you knows no boundaries.

As limitless as the sea.

It is of you my love,

That I pray for tonight.

To make it through,

And to keep you safe,

Even though you have been taken.

This night tonight I dream of you,

In all you intrepid beauty,

Completing to me my broken part,

Without you I cannot function.

So I say to you,

Be strong my love,

For soon we will unite,

Never to be separate again.

With all these words the message should be clear,

I have and always will, love you.

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