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Goodbye & Goodnight

By Josh Smith 

I shed a tear every time I think of you,

I would go to the ends of the world for you,

Anything but separate us like fate did.

You left me alone on that rainy night,

Forever gone in body,

But not in heart.

What we had was special,

So why did it have to end?

My dreams have all but died,

Black and white except for my rose,

The only color I see,

As deep and vivid as the bloody tears I cried.

Why did you have to tear me apart?

You broke my heart which cannot mend,

My feelings of love have been destroyed,

An obsession of madness now fills the void.

I cried that night like never before,

I let loose all my passion,

Tears, blood, love, and hope,

All fled my crumpled body,

My sacrifices for us were made in vain,

Washed away by the steady beat of the rain.

Every time I thought of you,

I felt a deep sorrow that I couldn’t apprehend,

I needed to end this world of pain,

To escape this world is what I wanted,

But when peace tried it couldn’t pull through,

Up until now.

So I write to you one last time,

I have made up my mind,

I wish to say goodbye and goodnight,

I was forever yours,

But it couldn’t remain,

So I say goodbye,

Forever more…

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