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Love or Not

November 2001

I gave you my heart,
And you gave me yours.
Our love so bold,
Our hands we did hold.
Love was there,
Rough and bare.
But it got strong.
It didnít take long.
Hearts full of love,
Sent from above.
Then the theft.
The night you left.
My love was gone,
Forever Goodbye.
But that was a lie.
It never was good.
If I could,
I would turn back time,
I would pay every dime,
To see you one last time,
Your eyes,
Your ears,
Your lips,
I loved.
I want to see,
You next to me.
A glimpse, one last,
I donít care how fast.I must see you,
Not two,
Just once,
Just once.
Will I see you never?
Then I will settle,
And kill this love.
Heal the wound,
And never see the scar.
Forget you I will.
This love I shall kill.
But I wish not, too.
You are one of the few,
Who have captured my heart.
Cupid sent the dart.
But you sealed the deal,
Love I still feel,
It must be real.
This wound I cannot heal.
Fresh is the feeling,
To new to do the healing.
My mind I cannot make.
My heart did thee take.
Forget I will never,
This love I wonít sever,
But keep in a box,
Marked things I have done.

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