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by Josh Smith October 2004

I need you,

To have and to hold,

I need to feel you forever in my arms.

Your life, your love, your tender kiss,

Are the very essence in life that I miss.

You mean so much to me,

Youíve taught me much.

Youíre so close to me but yet I canít touch.

I need you now,

More than ever,

But the fates have not heard my plea.

For you are gone,

So very far away,

But for now you are needed there more,

And alone I shall stay.

But be true my love for soon we will unite.

The world itself cannot stop my quest,

For you and me will be one soon.

Though my woes might seem like a normal human plight, Our love is of the very best.

So stay true my love,

We will be together soon,

And until then I will keep you in my heart, For soon we will be one.