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Saran-Wrap Romance

By J Dean November 2004

I'd whisper goodnight in your ear,
But I know better.
I know that in Tokyo the sun's just rolling up her sleeves, Getting ready to drag her laundry across the skyline washboard.
I'd kiss you, but didn't you hear?
Some guy in Alabama hit his wife,
And although you're not a wife,
I'm still pretty sure that'd cancel my kiss out.
I'd tell you that I loved you,
But come to think of it,
You've never said it to me before.
(Well, you've said it, but mumbled reciprocation doesn't count) Makes me wonder if you mean anything you do.
Isn't it irritating?
Nothing can ever be true all the way.
We've gotta settle for half truths,
Molded like little G.I. Joes,
Plastic and sturdy
(So our future generals don't choke. Can't be too careful) It's all covered with glossy film Which keeps it fresh and beautiful But it sticks too tightly, And snarls my curled fingers in twisted plastic When I try to tear it off you, And look at flesh for a change.