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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Monday, April 30, 2001

New Features on Superdrewby
Since the password failure I have now added a feature which allows users to have a new password emailed to them if they lose or misplace their current password and or username. This means that I no longer have to manually change the password since the server crash. Once in members section you can also change your password to something more easily remembered. I am also in the process of testing the new superdrewby personal ads which should work fine, but I will still put a few more "tweaks" in the system!

Thursday, April 26, 2001

New Password for Superdrewby!
Due to the failure of the password file you need to reset your password.
Click on the link below to open a new window and fill in the details to set a new password!
New Password Request

Database Problems
It seems that the hosting service I use has a few issues at the moment and they have managed to delete all the password files for superdrewby members. I am working on a fix at the moment and will start recreating the files. However as I do not keep a record of the passwords that you use I am in a bit of a fix as I cannot simply regenerate them. I will probably send an email to all members asking them to allocate a new password to their account in the next day or so. I am looking for a script that will automate this but as yet have not found what I need. Email me at to get a new password in the meantime!
This is the third time in tow weeks that Bluedomino have screwed me around and I am not a happy chappy with them. I am seriusly thinking about finding a new host. Also if you come accross a broken link email me so I can work out where it is!

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Unavailable Server
Sorry people the server became unavailable for about 18 hours but has now come back up on line. I had forgotten to pay the hosting fees! It seems that I don't get a reminder about payment and I supposed to remember to pay. But all is now working in the world!

Monday, April 23, 2001

Ever have one of those weekends
The weekend was so slow and I was so damn tired that all I wanted to do was sleep and ctach up on chilling out. I have been travelling interstate for so long now that I almost forget what it is like to get up at a reasonable hour from my own bed and go to work. The nice thing about this time of year in Australia though is the weather. It has finally cooled down enough to want to snuggle all the time under the covers with Lee......such a nice feeling indeed!
I did start to write a little bit of the next chapter for Life at a private School but I was just too darned tired. im hoping that i can get round to doing some more writing over the next couple of days. And this week has a public holiday again so it breaks it all up a bit and gives me a little more time to relax.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Some new Sites
One of the readers sent me link to a new sister site to our old friend Fred Phelps from God Hates Fags. The new site is called God Hates America and is at This organisation is a right wing religious group which spews out hate and bigotry against the homosexual minority. They are an insidious group who picketed the
funeral and trial of Mathew Shepperd with signs which read, Burn in Hell and showed an effigy of Mathew burning.
Groups like this are the cause of many hateful and violent attcaks on gays and lesbians accross the world. Their rasion d'etre is quite simple, bigotry and the furtherment of their narrow views. You can send them an email at webmaster@godhatesamerica. Religion and the disciminiation of homosexuality only goes back a few hundred years and is a worrying and increasing issue around the world. To learn more about the Bible and homosexuality and what Christianity really means have a look at, this site has a really hard look at Christianity and the teachings of the Bible and shows that the most common religious teachings which supposedly attack homosexuality also suggest stoning, sacrifices at alters and a whole lot of extraneous and very outdated practices. The religious right uses only those passages which further their own beliefs and not those which they themsleves do not and cannot uphold.

Ongoing Strange Search Requests
It never ceases to amaze me that people still look for the strangest stuff on this site. No matter how many time I point out that there is no pornogrpahy and nothing even slightly underage people still search for stuff that makes my skin crawl!
I am really against underage sex do not like anything to do with this issue and it pains me greatly that people come to this site to look for this sort of stuff. But on a lighter note the new page of Superdrewby hit the 5000 hits mark on the weekend. I'm still working on making the site even more interactive and will soon have the new members only tool that will pop up when you log in to the site and allow you to quickly see who is online.
From the site statistics I have noticed that the Who is online page is one of the most popular, so I need to make it worrk better and I promise to do it soon!

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Now here is a novel way to pay for your education
In the land of the free and very expensive college tuition fees two aspiring university students have struck upon the perfect way to pay for their future education. they will become walking talking advertisments for whatever company chooses to sponsor them. Chris and Luke from New Jersey USA have set up as a way for advertsiers to use themselves as human billboards in exchange for payment of their tuition fees. Now i don't know about you but the throught of being a wlking talking billboard and sacrificing your privacy for some measly money is quite absurd. But so far they have had media interest from all over the globe.
The two self confessed "marketing professionals" will wear your company logo while riding bikes, surfing, on rollerblades, on skateboards and whetever you want. It's the American dream incarnate and these two have certainly hit the jackpot!
But here is where it starts to get interesting, these two young guys are both blonde (bottle and looks like the same bottle) tanned and at the very least cute in a preppy sort of way. they are not jocks or superstar academically, just normal guys who have been best friends forever wand want to go to college together too. Sounds like there is a story there in itself, does that possibly mean shock horror that they are "special" friends? And is the world really ready for Chris and Luke to be human billboards in all situations. They dress the same, eat the same, want to live together and now they are selling their personal privacy for advertising bucks.
Chris is the older of the two and also the better looking with so many extra curricular activities after school he sounds like a saint with a time machine. Luke on the other hand is obviously the quieter and more reserved one of the two with not neraly enough activities to keep his active imagination busy.
I did a bit of thinking about the sorts of companies and situations that they should be sponsered for:

  • Durex Condoms - Well hey two young cute blonde college boys what could be better than seeing them displaying the Durex product range, and as a special treat an interactive demonstration of their use. This one has to be a winner

  • Falcon Videos - Can you see it now a special Falcon Video presentation Luke and Chris do college

  • So tell me who you think Chris and Luke should have sponsor them and don't forget to visit their website and check them out! To add comments click on the Discuss This under this text.

    Tuesday, April 10, 2001

    Discuss My Comments
    Finally last night I fixed the long runnning problem with Blog voices, the script that allows people to discuss the comments I make here ont his page. now all you need to do is click on the discuss below the comment and a new window opens up. make a comment and tghen save it. It's thate easy. You can also rread what others have said as well here too.

    Have a look at the message board and check out what peolpe are searching for on this site! Message Board

    The site is back up
    I don't know why the site was down yesterday and I have emailed my web hosting company Blue Domino for answers and a request as to whay if they wee doing maintenence or upgrades why the users were not notified. To say it bluntly I am pissed off that I was not notified and had to wait until this morning to find out why thr site was stuffed!

    Monday, April 09, 2001

    Problems with the site
    I have been noticing some intermittent problems with access to this site over the past few weeks. In particular the site keeps on giving a Not found warning which is a real worry since I pay for this hosting and this is pissing me off. Also all of my webrings in the past two weeks have been suspended due to the problems with access. I am writing to Blue domino the hosting company I use and in no uncertain tersm expressing my issues and expecting that they pull there socks up right away!
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