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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flat day for hump day

I am having a very flat day for the middle of the week.

The beagle has a new habit of waking us up at about 5AM by coming into our bed and licking our faces to get attention.

At first I thought she needed to go outside to the toilet but I suspect that she has just decided she wants some attention and if she is awake we should be awake.

So after a few nights of restless sleep and being woken up at odd hours, coupled with a lot of work and stress running the business I am feeling quite flat.

At the moment all I can think about is having a nice relaxing holiday somewhere warm for a few days without my mobile phone and limited computer access.

It's interesting one of the down sides of having staff is you have to lead by example and work longer and harder than they do.

So even though today I feel like taking the afternoon off I can't.

So instead I will work at half pace and get things done but have to really summon every ounce of concentration to do so.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Awkward Boners


There is just something so cute yet embarrassing about getting a hard on in wrestling suit in front of everyone!

Awkward Boners is a very funny site with a boner in an embarrassing situation every day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Can't they do something useful?

Last night I went out for a few drinks with some friends on Oxford Street.

It's a pretty rare thing for me to do this, et alone on a school night but I digress really.

During the night I could see out the window that for virtually the entire hour and a half I was out there were a dozen uniformed police with sniffer dogs going up and down Oxford street harassing and intimidating people.

It's a Thursday night, not particularly busy and at times the Police way outnumbered the people on the street.

I just don't get this.

We have such a problem with crime in the area, cars are constantly being broken into, as are houses. Gay Bashings occur on a pretty regular basis in the area and the Police claim they don't have the resources to stop these things nor follow up on these things.

But it would seem that the NSW Police Department does have the resources to patrol a strip between Crown and Riley street for at least two hours with a dozen Police and sniffer dogs.

What is that?

I reckon the NSW Government and the Police Department have their priorities seriously wrong.

I live in this area and I know the crime that goes on, it's generally not on the main strip it's in the back lanes and side streets, it's where young kids walk by and smash the windows of cars before rifling through them and then WALKING not running WALKING off.

I have even seen some kid do that from my balcony, so I rang the Police and told the that a kid had just put a brick through a car and was rifling through the belongings.

The response was less than stellar, the response time was about 20 minutes later even though the Police station is less then a 3 minute walk away.

The kid was still walking down the street and I had given a clear and concise description of him and could still see him.

It's not just an isolated event either, more than once we have called the Police to report louts throwing bottles at the walls of our building.

The Police approach is not to catch the buggers, no way that might create paperwork.

Instead they cruise by ten or fifteen minutes later and make them disperse.

And we end up footing the cost of the graffiti removal and fixing the damage caused.

I simply do not get it.

The media is constantly told that the Police are understaffed and they don't actually seem to be actually catching the graffiti artists, kids breaking in etc, no instead they send a dozen cops on a quiet Thursday night to harass anyone who walks up and down Oxford Street.

The priorites are all screwed up, if they have the resources to fund a dozen Police at night then let them be there on a Friday and Saturday night patrolling the back lanes and side streets and stopping the actual crime.

But politically it's far better for the Government to say they are tough on drugs and show this huge show of force, whilst actually achieving nothing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gym Slog

It's been tough getting back to the gym after such a long time away and trying to juggle work with working out.

My trainer has put me on a very hard and arduous program designed to help me quickly get back in shape. The workout however is quite torturous and about a third of the way through the workout I am feeling exhausted, not to mention that by the time I finish the workout I can barely feel the body parts I am supposed to be working out.

It is the Dance party Season coming up in about 6 - 7 weeks and although I am not specifically working out for this it is a good milestone to be working towards.

I haven't yet got my eating under control yet and I am not eating as much as I should be or the things I should be eating.

Unlike the boy when I do workout I get both the physical and mental benefits of feeling good, I suppose it's those endorphins that are created after the workout.

Mind you half the time I am at the gym all I want to do is finish and get out of there.

I am not really the type of person who stares endlessly in the mirror at themselves or specific body parts.

As a teenager growing up with quite bad cystic acne I learnt to not look at these sorts of things because there was very little I could do to fix or stop it.

Working out is different I suppose you are doing something that will result in a change to your body shape, but it's so slow that unless you take photos, do DXA scans etc along the way it's difficult to gauge your own progress.

This time around though the main indicator of my fitness and results is going to be two things:

1) Body Composition by the DXA scan
2) Resting Heart rate and recovery time.

Neither of these are subjective or open to interpretation and I like that!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Mainstream media says Oxford street has now turned Straight

You know it's a trend when two mainstream newspapers on the same day say that Oxford Street has gone straight.

According to an editorial in the Daily Telegraph (yes I do read it) Oxford Street is officially the playground of the heterosexuals who came because it was cool and Gay and have now taking over.

The nail in the coffin is the Wet T Shirt competition now held at the Gaff Hotel which is a well known backpacker haunt.

I haven't walked down Oxford street late at night for a while apart from a quick jaunt between home and the Shift NIghtclub a few months back. The last time I did walk from Taylor square down I would have been hard pressed to actually see any gay guys.

The streets were simply overrun by bogan girls schreeching and their scary boyfriends.

There are many reasons suggested why Oxford street has lost it's pink glow, from the violence that against gays, indifference of the gay community and money from the straight drinkers.

I have always believed we need a gay mecca and it has almost totally slipped away now.

Am I just being old fashioned in wanting an area which is predominantly gay?

Are mixed clubs or straight clubs and pubs with a minor gay clientele the way forward?

I don't now anymore I really don't.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back Online

The site was suspended over the weekend, but it's all back up online now

Posts to come soon...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why have I been so quiet?

I have barely posted the last couple of weeks, not for lack of things to say though

I have been working like an army of ants over a carcass in the bush LOL

AND I am back at the gym properly which is almost killing me.
My new gym routine is designed to kill me sorry get me back into shape quickly, with nasty supersets, drop sets and all round exhaustion inducing nausea.

I am really struggling with trying to juggle work, life ad working out right now, and also trying to eat more as well as I have stopped eating properly the last few months.

I did do a DXA scan over at Body Composition Australia last week so I could get a starting point of where my body was up to.

I was relatively surprised by the results.

I have only lost about 1 kg of mass, of which about half was muscle and half was fat.

My fat percentage is down around 15% which is about .5 % of what it was the last time I was working out ad eating properly.

My fitness levels though are totally dismal and it's going to be a hard few weeks / months just getting on top of that.

Coupled with the total metal and physical exhaustive work schedule I constantly ask myself do other people work this hard or this intensely?

Some really interesting opportunities have come up at work this week which will hopefully give me some more media exposure for the business, although with this comes more work, so it's a double edged sword really.

But I have my eye on the prize so to speak and new long term (or just re-defined) goals to achieve. So I need to put in the hard yards to build on what I have been doing already to building those steps up to the goal.

My God I just re-read that and it sounds so Anthony Robbins LOL!

Anyway back to work I go!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Some new art

In between working like mad the last few months/ weeks / days I have also done some more art acquisition in the form of a couple of original Trademark paintings from his recent visit to Australia.

These are paintings done for an as yet un-released underwear line.

Pretty sexy!

You can see more of his work at his website or the gallery where I purchased these Urban Uprising in Darlinghurst.

In addition to the two originals I also purchased a signed limited edition print called Spunk, which is pretty sexy too!


Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Morning hotness from GWIP

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