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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Bits and Bobs
Today Superdrewby reached a magical number of registered members with well over 100 members now. I still am not getting the full number of hits to the site or the full interactivity yet, but it is growing. I need to hurry up and load the new message board an other bits and pieces, but I haven't had time to finish debugging them all yet. Maybe over the weekend I hope!
I have also started to add the new functionality of allowing members to upload their own picture to the site with their profiles, but i am still waiting for some server software to be loaded before it can work.
Many people have emailed me their Stor Troopers they designed from the link on this site and I think they are really cute! I have a list of things to fix and upload to Superdrewby and am hoping that soon I will have the entire site finished. I am thinking about making all the code of the databases available for other sites like mine that want a fully interactive community, and I might even try charging for it as it has taken me many hundreds of hours to put it all together!
Anyway this morning was a real bummer with lee's car being broken into overnight - they slashed the roof open to get in, but they took nothing, another one of the drugged out wankers in the area strike again. Sometimes my right wing side takes hold and I want harsher penalties for these types of people, or maybe for them to be shot on site!

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

I Re read yesterday's Journal Entry
I must have been in a bad mood yesterday, mainly because I had been readingt he homophobic crap that spills out of bigoted mouths. that sort of stuff always gets me really steamed up, mainly because it just reminds me how little progress has really been made in gay equality. I don't know why it upsets me, because most of the time I am not aware of the inequality in society on a daily basis.
The most I ever see is when lee and I wander down the street holding hands and the reactions from people are always rather funny but also rather sad in a way. The usual reactions are:

  • People actually stop and stare

  • People point and whisper to their friends

  • Parents pull their kids away from us

  • Sometimes people say rude things

  • I never can understand why people are so suprsied when they see two guys holding hands, it's no real difference than a straight couple holding hands, and it certainly isn't fluanting our sexuality. After all we don't go around having sex or pashing in public like some straight couples do

    Monday, June 25, 2001

    Goodbye Johnnie - Shame Australia Shame

    [Australian Big Brother Website]

    I have recently been taken up by watching the reality TV show Big Brother and have been following the very first openly gay male on Australian prime timeTV . Last night Johnnie the gay male was voted off by 70% of the general public. Now it doesn't faze me so much that Johnnie was voted off because people liked someone else. What has really got to me is the amoount of anti gay and homophobic remarks and attitudes that have flowed freely all over Australia. The voting recorded the largest ever number of votes for a big brother eviction - over 200,000 in total.
    The fact that Johnnie was gay and was open about his sexuality meant that he became the very first person in Australian Tv to show what being gay was all about. The vitrolic attacks by the right wing bigots, reliogous organisations and plainly simple minded Australians has reminded me just how little real progress has been made in gaining acceptance for being gay or lesbian.
    Some of the comments of the Big Brother Message Board have totally astounded me, with some people saying things like Thank God the Fag's Gone, and Homosexuality is against God etc etc. One particular bigoted poster said that Australia shoould now do a door knocking campaign to pay for all the fags to be given an island and piss off and let normal people get on with their lives.
    This particular individual also went on to say that he is sickened by gays showing affection in public as he and his wife do not do so. This makes my blood boil and gets me really angry. Why should I or any gay person be made to fell as though we can't walk down a street holding hands with oour partner withoout fear of retribution - and violent retribution at that? I challenge any of these bigots to living in our community where we don't have equality in relationships or equality in freedom of expression to show me how we fluant our sexuality by doing the things that every straight couple takes for granted every day?
    Many of the bone fide religious organisations usrged their parishioners and supporters to vote Johnnie out because he does not stand for normalacy in our society because he is gay.
    Tell these bigots to stop spreading hate and directly causing the sorts of homphobic viloent attcaks on members of our community. And to Channel 10 the network showing Big Brother for inciting the homophobic attitudes towards Johnnie and the gay and lesbian community for deliberately doing a number on Johnnie and showing him in a bad light.

    Sunday, June 24, 2001

    Lara Croft Tomb Raider
    We saw Tomb Raider last night and it was a total hoot! Mind you it was so aimed at 15 year old straight males that i laughed myself stupid looking around at the audience. When Lara takes a shower i could almost hear all the boys erecetions pushing up the front of their pants and the sexual tension int he place was almost palpable. A very funny movie but wouldn't go see it again!

    Friday, June 22, 2001

    [I don't know]I Like Blogging

    It seems that I found a penchance for blogging and reading blogs again - what is a blog I hear you ask well it's like a personal diary online made through Http:// allowing you to bare your soul on the web. This site uses blogger for the front page so I can write these, it emans that when you want to have a say on something you don't need to get in a HTML a page and then FTP it up to a site a La La la. I am building some teplates for peole to use with their own blogs, have a look at This Template to get an idea. It's like a mini site with cool graphics and fun design. At least today I am back in Sydney away from the cold landscape of the Intersate Capital yesterday!

    Thursday, June 21, 2001

    Another Day Another Screwed Up Flight
    This morning was a lamentable mess, it started off with me forgetting to take my contact lenses out the night before, yeah you can all be quiet and stop laughing, running late for my flight Interstate and then waiting while the aircraft gets fixed - due to a technical problem - yeah right. So I sit here in another city for the day, I missed my first meeting hopefully the 2nd will be better. To brighten your day I give yoou spam:)

    Wednesday, June 20, 2001

    [My personal Avatar]Create Your Own Avatar

    I found this really cool site where you can create your own avatar its called Stor Troopers. Have a look at see what you think, I thought is was really really cool indeed!

    Yesterday (Monday) was an interesting day I had a birth and a death all int he same day. My dear friend Karen and Glenn had a little baby girl Tara and a distant relative died aged 94. I thought about the coinicidence of the birth and death all in one day and it reminded me of a movie I saw recently with Lee, The Seventh Sign. The story is about the end of the world and the seven signs that are the prelude to the end, with the seventh sign a child born without a soul because the Guff is empty. I thought about this and wondered if there was coincidence in birth and death. Just a thought.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2001

    No Point Really
    I keep on being told to update my front page more reguarly than I do, so I thought I would try to put more stuff on here about what I get up to. So here it is! We finally got round to seeing the new movie Pearl Harbor with the adorable Josh Hartnett. He is soooo cute and adorbale in that sort of dumb boy kind of way. The movie was a hell of a lot better than anticipated so it is worth a look!

    Monday, June 18, 2001

    Email Issues
    I have been having problems with email over the last couple of days due to an overwhelming influx of SPAM from a free linking engine I used. I have been getting somewhere between 200 - 350 unsolicited emails a day. If you want to email me make sure you put the word Superdrewby in the subject of the message so I can quickly identify that bit is a personal message and not another person trying to sell me something I don't need.

    Monday, June 04, 2001

    Update on Site Comings and Goings
    I get a lot of flack from everyone for not updating my site more often than I do. One of the big reasons is that I am constantly fixing and tweaking things that you can't see with the naked eyes, you need to be inside the computer in a Matrix type of way. The biggest chnage to hit this place is going to be the new message boards which I have written from scratch, don't ask why I didn't just get an existing messageboard and hack it. I tried to link the members profiles with some other boards but it just wouldn't work, so I have been busy building one all of our own at I have almost finished all the work on the board and will hopefully be testing it over the next few days. It will mean regsitered members can share their lives away on the board and if u wanna see what the other person looks like or read their profile it's just one click away.

    I have been writing recently as well, and will soon have the next chapter of life at a private school up and ready for people to read...I am shocked by some of the lewd suggestions I have had as to what the boys should get up to but hey I don't mind and it's always food for thought.

    Take care people and I will post again soon.

    PS - I no longer have continuous access to ICQ so email me instead of trying to get me on ICQ!
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