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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Spelling and Grammar

The boy rang me the other day when he was at work to tell me that my spelling and grammar sucks. But wait a second, I already knew that!. But it is not my spelling s such, it is my lack of typing skills that is the real problem. I write as I think and therefore words get jumbled around and misspelled all the time as I type. You only ever have to have had an email from me to knwo that I seem to think at a million miles an hour and never seem to et everything corectly down onto the screen!

The Fitness Program

We have got through the second week of our fitness kick and it is already starting to pay dividends. Both of us have started to lose body fat and also started to bulk up a little as well. I have finally started to see the full effect of all my abs now after they were starting to disappear!. Unfortunatley I have managed to wrench my back last night so we are ahving a day off the gym so I can recover. It was so silly really I was doing bicep curls and as pretty tired from the rest of the program and also keeping an eye on the time as we were meeting an old friend for dinner. I lost copncentration pulling the dumbells up and tensed my back just a little too much, causing me lots of pain! It was really sore last night andthis morning, but as I have been moving round most of the day it has settled down as just a dull ache when I move too suddenly. I am hoping that if I am good it should be fine in a day or two, but I will be careful in the future

I seem to be in the wars at the moment, because on the weekend I managed to get something under one of my contact lenses and had one of the worst nights of non sleep I have had in ages. Every time I closed my eyes it would feel as though my eye was burning. I have been wearing glasses since then instead of my normal lenses, but I am hoping that I will be able to wear contacts tommorow!

On other news I have been sent a new story to publish on the site and will get it up later tonight. I have also been sent a whole lot of new photos by Chris Summerfield and will also build the new pages for these int he next few days. So sit back and enjoy the rest of the week!

Friday, March 22, 2002

Update on Australian Politics

The furore over the slanderous comments by our senator Heffernan has increased since the documents which he used to accuse Justice Kirby have been proven to be fakes, cread by someone to try and discredit the judge. The plot has thivkened over the last couple of days since our Prime Minsiter sacked the Senator from his parliamentary position, but has not aksed for his resignation as a senator. It became even more interesting when we found out that the documents were provided by our Prime Minister's official driver Can we say complicit? Can we say conspiracy?

The PM is already under fire on many other issues including whether or not he knowingly lied to the parliement and the people of Australia in the lead up the last year's election on the the Boat overboard issue. Also our Governer General has been in and out of the papers for his comments on sexual abuse by the clergy - apparently he helped cover up a priests abuse of underage girls when he was an arch bishop (the Governer General that is). So now we have a situation where our stupid, narrow minded and down right right wing Prime Minister is somewhat complicit in slandering a member of our high court. Personally I think he should resign and admit that he has no idea of how to run a country!

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

First week of BFL

We have officially ended our first week of the Body For LIife Fitness program yesterday. So far I am feeling fine, apart from the constant ache of my muscles which are being worked really hard. But all in all I am finding the program really good and the burn I feel every time I leave the gym means that I am really working out. I am still trying to work out the ins and outs of the eating habbits though. You would not believe how hard it actually is to eat six meals a day, even if two of them are protein supplaments. For me I also have to increase all the protein supplaments because I am trying to put on more muscle mass, rather than convert excess fat to muscle, so it is even harder But one week done eleven more to go.

I ask myself when the next time I should get all the measurements done, you know body fat, muscle size etc etc. So far we step ont he scales every day and for me there is not that much of a difference between one day to the next. I have to remind myself that I am not going to see some magical change overnight, but it would be nice to see an incremental change in the weight. The bigest quicker of this program is the cardio workouts they are bloody tough! It doesn't sound like much only doing twenty minutes of cardio, but it is really intense, watching every minute go by and changing the level and intensity of the workout. To give you an idea, you are supposed to go through four peaks in the workout, each peak takes you up to almost your maximum intensity, while on the last peak you exceed your maximum intensity and really push as hard as you can. This is supposed to help the metabolism work better and increase your overall fitness and fat burning.

The one thing that we are not yet doing by the book is working out in the morning as neither of us are morning people. We ahve promised ourselves that next week we will try to at the very least do our three cardio workouts int he morning and see what difference this makes. That will be a huge struggle!

Friday, March 15, 2002

Plumbers Continued

About an hour after I wrote my tirade against plumbers they finally did turn up, mind you no apologies for being late, or not turing up the day before. However my stance softened as the plumber's apprentice came int he door. He was a very good looking blonde youth of about 17 /18 or so. We ot talking - hey sue me I'm allowed to talk and it was so apparent that he was the typical young dumb hung straight boy. He was a footy player in the local under 18's club and although he may have been blessed with looks he was not blessed with a huge intellect.

They did their work ont he hosue then gave me choice betwen getting a new tap installed or living with the wonky kitchen tap that keeps popping off when the water is put on too hard. What a choice of course I want a new tap to stop myself from being sprayed with hot water! Unfortunately the part they needed was not on hand so they promised to return the next day to finish the job. Suprise suprise they never turned up, no phone call no nothing. Oh and the tap leading to the toilet is now leaking more than before! Great! So I have to wait till they turn up again

Australian Conservative Politics and Homosexuality

The current group of idiots running my country is from the rather right wing god fearing conservatives that hate us poofters. We know it, they know it so most of the time we all just ignore their petty outbursts and get on with our lives. Well that is until Tuesday night. Senator Bill Heffernan, one of our old fashioned and vitrolic members of the upper house launched into an unnanounced and particuarly nasty homphobic attack on one of our openly gay High Court Justices Michael Kirby. Now this wasn't just any normal attack but he accused him of being a peadophile and of using his commonwealth car to pick up rent boys at a notorious gay area known as the Wall in Darlinghurst Sydney. Senator Hefferenan seems to think that all gay men are peadophiles and should not be allowed anywhere near positions of power or authority.

Justice Kirby outed himself a couple of years ago when he listed himself and his same sex partner in the year's Who's Who listing. Justice Kirby has long been a very vocal proponent of gay rights and in particular the lowering of the legal age of consent for same sex couples to be equal with heterosexual couples. He has also goven numerous speeches to schools, national and international organisations and legal groups. He is an honest and trustworthy gay man who has stood up to the world and outed himslef to further the equality of gays and lesbians.

It seems that the accusations that Senator Heffernan was making in parliament which meant that he could not be sued or taken to court for libel or slander had been investigated a number of years ago when he made the same accusations about Justic Kirby. At that time they were proved to be baseless and in fact the dates in question where Justic Kirby was alledged to have picked up underage boys in Sydney, he was actually staying in Canberra several hundred Kilometres away.

Our Prime Minsiter (himself a conservative old homophobe) refuses to sack the Senator and has gone on the record saying that he thinks SEnator Heffenan was right in his actions!. So basically in parliament in Australia you can accuse someone of anything you want and face no consequences because of it.

I have started a new section on Superdrewby called In the Media and will be posting the linsk to news articles about this and other news that affects or concerns our community. Have a look at the In the Media section now! I will also be finally bulding the activism section of this site so that people can find out how they too can support actions against people such as Bill Heffernan. In the meantime please enjoy the news articles!

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Why do Plumbers never come when they say they will? I can never understand this simple fact. The plumber made an appointment on Mnday afternoon and didn't show up, then he rang me while I was in a meeting yesterday and so I missed him. Now he is supposed to have arived two hours ago -but no plumber - what is the problem?

If other people acted like plumbers and other tradespeople by not turning up do you think they would still have work?

Day Three of BFL

It's now day three of the 84 days for the Body For Life program to reinvent my body image and get rid of past bad habbits. It has so far been an interesting experience and the program does seem to have a real impact (well at least on feeling like I am doing something). We had our fitness trainer do all our measurements of muscles and work out our body fat percentage. I was really really suprised because I had a little over 11% body fat which is quite a lot higher than six months ago. But I suppose I can understand this because the last few months we have not been eating well and I have not spent so much time at the gym for one reason or another.

The idea of working out to my own intensity levels is very difficult, because traditionally I have worked towards "weights" rather than intensity. One of the things I have found with this new way of working out is that I actually have to really pile on the weights to reach the intensity level I want to. Maybe this means that I haven't been working out to my full potential for a while? Who knows?

We are trying to make sure that we do keep to the six meal a day, low fat diet and so far we have almost been achieving it, but it is really difficult and especially having to drink up to four litres of water a day! I am forever running off to the toilet because I am having so much water, and that is driving me mad LOL

Sunday, March 10, 2002

Weekend Wrap Up

We have had a busy weekend seeing friends, havig people for dinner and going out clubbing a second weekend in a row which is a huge thing for us because we usually only go out every couple of months to a club. Our favorite club in Sydney is ARQ you can see the place here. It has to be the best nightckub that I have ever been to and that is saying something because I have been to a lot of them. I think one of the reasons we like it so very much is because we don't go out very often so when we do go it is a real experience and it never really becomes stale or mundane.

We have been drinking and eating far to much over the last siz months or so and our gym time has suffered really quite dramatically, due to the change in work, holidays and just general life. So we are starting the Body For LIfe Program.

Body For Life

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about it is a total fitness and eating plan designed to dramatically change your habits and of course the way you look in twelve weeks. Now whilst it sounds like just another fad for weight loss/gain, it isn't. I first heard about this program from my personal trainer a couple of years ago and he absolutely swore by it. I have read heaps of stuff on the net about it and talked to a few people who have done it and got really good results from my gym. In a nutshell it lets you work out to your own intensity levels with a six day a week program of weights and cardio, but the cardio is only 20 minutes three times a week and the weights training is for 46 minutes three times a week. Basically we have to eat six meals a day, low fat low carbohydrates and high protein with about a gallon of water every day in addition to a regime of fitness supplements as well. It sounds hideous, but once you get the hang of it, you can pretty much fit it into your daily life. So tommorow is day one of 84 days. I will post a few comments along the way to tell how it is going, but at the moment I am really excited, but know that in about 4 weeks I am probably going to go stir crazy!

Life at a Private School

I have written and now posted the new Chapter Twenty in the story and it is available for everyone to read and comment on. I am realy looking forward to people's comments about the direction of the story so please do send me some feedback!. Chapter twentyone is about half way through and I should have it finsihed sometime next weekend, so keep on posted!

Friday, March 08, 2002

New Members can now join

I only found out this morning that new members have not been able to join beause the incorrect back end script had been loaded on the site. I have now fixed the problem and people can now join again! God how pathetic am I?

Monday, March 04, 2002

Oh what a Night!

It's Monday morning and we are sitting at home relaxing after a fantastic weekend of partying and excitement. The party was probably the best that I have ever been to - the music, the shows and the people were really cool. We decided that this year we would have as much rest on the Saturday as possible so we would be as rested as possible and could stay up for the full night.

The Parade

The parade was quite different from other years and had a very much political aspet to it. The parade highlighted some of the inequalities in terms of same sex and mixed sex realtionships such as supperannuation, IVF, adoption and a very common theme of loss of community. This is something that I have thought about before the loss of sense of identity in gay and lesbian community. I have to agree that the gay and lesbian community seems to have lost it's way over the last couple of years and is serously in danger of losing it's identity. That worries me because it means that the younger generation of gays and lesbians have no where to go when they are coming out that they can meet oter gay guys except the net. Now don't get me wrong I think the net is great for gay guys, but I also think that it can nevr replace the physical clubs, pubs and other places for meeting people. Anyway the parade was good but it ahs been steadily declining over the last few years.

The Party

I have to say that this year's party was the best ever, it truly was! There were less straight couples on the dancefloors this year and this meant that we weren't constantly surrounded by girls pushing us around and straight guys getting really nasty if we even looked at them sideways. The music was outstanding and the dj's outdid themselves with great sets that got us really pumping! The vibe of the night was so very exciting and the people were beautiful as always!

Saturday, March 02, 2002

Mardi Gras Weekend

We popped out last night for a few drinks with friends, to experience the excitement of the Mardi Gras weekend. Oxford Street was totally busy and buzzing with the great mood. It made me wish that every weekend was this exciting on the golden strip. Usually the strip is pretty quiet now, with far more straight people than gay guys wandering between bars and clubs. So it was really exciting!

So happy Mardi Gras people, be proud of being gay!

Friday, March 01, 2002

Bugs on the site

There are a few bugs on the site that have been emailed to me overnight and I will work on them over the weekend. The bigie seems to be that I forgot to link the email address on the member profiles when people sign up, so you cannot email new members. I will fix this pretty quickly

I am working on transferring the film and TV reviews over to the new data structure as well and that should only take a day or two, no more I hope!. So far I have recieved about thirty emails from people that have given me their comments about the new site layout and functionality and I will continue to work on the suggestions, but it all is going to take some time! But never fear Superdrewby is alive and continuing to grow

Mardi Gras Update

With less than thirtysix hours to go now for the parade and party I am finally starting to get excited about it. I have so much work to get finished today, but once tommorow morning comes round it is full on party weekend for us! It's not as big as previous years, or so we are being told by the media. Mainly due to the downturn in the world economy, September 11 and the Gay Games which are being held in Sydney in the middle of the year. But insome ways that is a good thing because it means that the parade route will hopefully be slightly less busy and the party itself will be cooler and more fun. So people happy Mardi Gras and I will post some pics of the parade next week so stay tuned!
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