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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Training the beagle

Beagles are either notoriously difficult or easy to train depending on your perspective.

When we trained the beagle we initially taught her to go tot he toilet in the downstairs toilet.

Mainly because when we got her for the first few months of pee and poo anywhere where a nightmare and it was so much easier to reward her when she went in the middle of the bathroom floor because it was easy to clean up.

We then kind of dropped the ball on the potty training after that and never properly encourage her to go when she was outside.

She still has a strange habit of not want to go when she is outside and will wait till she comes home to go to the toilet.

In the office she is perfect, she never makes a mess and waits till the end of the day on her walk home to take a pee and then a poo at home.

But over the last 6 months we have increasingly got fed up with cleaning the bathroom floor ten times a day and having to tell guests to go upstairs as the dog has done a mess on the floor.

So for the last several days we have totally changed tack and are re- toilet training the beagle.

She is no longer allowed in the downstairs bathroom unless it's when we go out and she is 'podded'.

We well I have pretty much worked out her routine by now and am making sure that every time it's that time she is encourage out to the balcony where she can do her business and it's easy to clean up!

So far so good, this is the third day and so far no accidents inside what so ever.

The only strange thing i she has been puking a couple of times which we are not sure is a reaction to keeping it all in or the sign of something more serious (like all beagles they do ted to thrown up because they eat crap).

But fingers crossed the toilet training of the beagle will work and we will finally have our downstairs bathroom back!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Virginity pledgeres more likely to contract an STD

IN an unsprising study, teens who pledged to remain a virgin till marriage were just as likely as other teens to have sex before marriage.

And these kids were more likely (10% more likely ) to not use a condom or contraceptive device increaseing their risk of STDS and pregnancy.

What does this prove? That sex education does work and does prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies, and teens who undergo Sex Ed are no more likely to have sex before marriage


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ban the Pope

The Pope has listed homosexuality as a threat to the survival of humanity in the same level as climate change.

Yes that's right, he has given the homophobes reason to attack us in the name of the Catholic Church.

It's disgusting and pathetic and I personally think that this time the Pope has gone too far.

I say Ban the Pope and the Catholic Church until they can enter the 21st century and not incite violence and bigotry.

And for all you Catholics I ask you whether you are voicing your concerns with your Priest on this totally insidious religious justification for violence.


Monday, December 22, 2008

The things you find

I am planning a renovation of our roof terrace at the moment and planning on:

Cooling Mister Jets to reduce temperature;
Lounges for well um lounging and
A wading pool

In my google search for wading pools that are the right sze I can across this gem:

Inflatable pool threesome ends in violent drunken brawl

The fallout from a threesome that turned violent has resulted in two
men fronting court on assault charges, and left one of the men nursing a badly
broken nose.


That is so totally funny!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's amazing really

In less than two weeks it will be 2009 and I can't believe just how fast 2008 has flown by.

This year has been tough on many levels, I have never worked so hard in my entire life, I have worked out hard and changed my eating habits consistently and have made a commitment to myself to keep trim and fit.

It's now that time that you start to both look forward and back to set what you want to achieve in the coming year

On a personal front I want to get my weight up to 73kgs and my body fat to 12% which is going to be a real push for me.

With the Christmas season and the holiday I have been less than focused on working out and eating well.

I was supposed to have my final training session of the year with my trainer today but I am trying my utmost to get work complete do I can close the office today. So I cancelled the gym but I will back early next week.

On the professional front I want to hard launch our new big product.

We have done the soft launch and it has been selling and getting feedback that's been fantastic

Buy now we need to do the hard launch and sell the crap out of the product.

I am yet to set the targets for next year but will be doing it all soon.

So that's it looking forward and looking back

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is he or isn't he?

The media reports that Steve Jobs will not be delivering the keynote for Macworld in January tie in with a friends statement that when he spoke with Steve last month in person he looked like he was knocking at death's door.

I think we might find that the cancer may be catching up with him.

Sad really.

The Stresses of Life

So the big unspoken stress during the holiday was the fact that the boy's role is being made redundant.

The phone call came right in the middle of our time away and unlike the rest of the people he is being kept on for a few months and then being made redundant.

You know several years ago it was me who was given a redundancy news via phone when I was in the UK so I know what it's like.

Whilst it's not the best time for such things to happen it's not the end of the world.

But it tainted the rest of the holiday with stress and made the whole thing just un-holiday like.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gods of Football Calender

The team behind last year’s hugely successful ‘Naked for a Cause: Australian
Footballers’ calendar, this year bring you GODS OF FOOTBALL – a stunning
collection of sexy sportsman merchandise featuring over 40 of Australia’s
hottest pro rugby league and ‘Aussie Rules’ players who posed NAKED to support
breast cancer charity, The McGrath Foundation.

top-of-the-range, deluxe GODS OF FOOTBALL 2009 calendar (International Edition)
has just been released and comprises 24 colour pages of these jaw-dropping
Aussie sports hunks in the nude. Photographed by leading Australian
photographer, Pedro Virgil against the backdrop of some breathtaking Australian
settings, it’s Virgil’s most provocative calendar yet.

calendar cover guy is rising star rugby player-model Nick Youngquest, who also
appeared recently on the cover of DNA magazine in order to promote the

Check out the calendar now at the official site:

The GODS OF FOOTBALL 2009 calendar is available from the official
website: .
Anyone who’d like to get their hands on a copy should act fast, as it’s
available on strictly limited global release, so order yours now while stocks

What’s more, Virgil and his team filmed the whole campaign
too and will be releasing a behind-the-scenes DVD on the making of the calendar
in January 2009. So there’s more to Aussie sportsman hotness to come in the New

I am sucker for hot straight boys and these boys definitely do it for me!


Four days back

It's only been four days since we returned from our holiday and I already feel like I was never away.

I virtually went straight from the plane on Friday morning to the office and then worked most of the weekend.

The good thing is that I will most likely have no pressing client work to do over the Christmas break which will make a nice change.

It's always weird when you come back from a holiday, on the one hand I am always glad to be home and very happy to be with the puppy.

But on the other I also miss being away and having that excitement.

This week is going to be quite trying, what with a lot of work meetings and projects to complete before Christmas, and the majority of which I have to rely on client's getting their asses into gear.

Although I was pretty good during my holiday and went to the gym every 2 days or so during the first week In only went twice in the last week.

So tonight I will do some cardio to ease myself back in and then hit the gym hard tomorrow night for a good weights session.

I can tell my waist has not increased in size from the holiday but my weight has certainly gone up. However if I had a DXA scan I reckon my fat content would have increased so I had better pull my finger out and get back to my good eating habits and make sure I don't undo all the good work I had done!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Milk the movie

I finally saw Milk the movie about Harvey Milk's life during the week and to say I was blown away is a gross understatement.

The acting by sean Penn was truly inspiring and not once during the entire movie did I not believe that Sean was not gay.

What struck me the most about the movie apart from the beauty of the way the story was portrayed was just how even though thirty years has passed and so much has changed how little has changed

I had of course read about proposition 6 but had never realized just how many parslells between the current proposition 8 and the anti gay rhetoric being used by the same groups to marginalize gay people.

Last night as I was walking down Santa Monica in west Hollywood there was a small group of protesters protesting against the new propsition 8.

If I had not been running late for my flight I would have joined the group.

I have been do excited by the huge demonstrations across the USA against these anti gay ammendments, but the excitement seems to have worn off.

We need gay leaders like Harvey Milk who with their cohorts can help mobilize and entice people to rise up.

There are just to many salient points in this movie that we should as a gay community take notice of.

For change to happen there does need to be some civil disobedience, revolution is not clean it's dirty and sometimes blood gets spilt both physically and metaphoricaly.

There were scenes in the movie which reminded me so much of the move, And The Band Played On, especially the candlelight vigils from the Castro.

I am often frustrated by the apathy of younger and my age queens, who seem to have an understanding of the people who have done so much for the gay rights movement and their total apathy of getting off their asses to help push along equality now and in the future.

I don't have the answers but I do suggest that you see the movie

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I met Todd Goldman

The random of random events that are my life sometimes are truly astonishing.

Tonight in LA Bryan and I were having dinner before going to the airport to catch my flight back home.

As we drove down past the pacific design center Bryan joked that he would not do an illegal u turn in the road and would go the long way round.

This way was right by the Pop Art Gallery which sells one of my fave artists todd Goldmans work,

As we were driving by I saw some guy moving paintings on the wall and I asked Bryan what Todd looked like since hevhad met him before and in a moment of siliness said let's stop and see if it was him.

So we parked and knocked on the door and guess what ...

It was him

The boy and i had almost bought one of his works the week before but decided not too.

Bryan asked if be could take a picture and todd was totally not into a picture, to deflect off a picture he instead offered a signed book.

Which as we were talking he instead did an entire personalized artwork in the cover of a book with trendy wendy and quarterback fucking.

So instead of a painting I ended up with a personal art work just for me and got to meet the artist too .

Now how random and cool is that!

I will post a picture when I am back I am on the iphone waiting for my flight back to home.

Thanks Bryan

Testing new iPhone blogger app

So here I am trying to see whether I can blog properly from my iPhone

Let's see if this works

My Last Day in LA

I am siting here in my suite of the Sunset Tower, one of Hollywood's most famous landmarks on the last day of my holiday away.

This holiday has been such a mix of up and down emotions.

On the one hand it's been fantastic to be away and have a holiday, but there has been a real undercurrent of stress on the whole time away.

I have had to work most days at least a few hours and the boy has had some significant stress as well.

But nothing can take away the beauty of this day in LA, the sun is shining and it's quite warm for a mid December day, very unlike San Jose and SF which were both quite cold!

Through a mix up I would have been staying with my friends in LA last night, but by the time they had got back to me in between their hectic schedules I had already booked a hotel.

Whilst the hotel was great I would have liked to have stayed with the boys :)

I saw Milk last night with the boys and it was fascinating watching a movie of somewhere I had just been (Castr0). I am intending to write a full post on Milk and what I thought about it later

But for now I am going to finish getting ready, have a shower and check out!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

San Fran is cooooooold

Can you believe it's freaking cold in SF?

who knoew this was winter


but it is pretty, pity it doesn't snow though now that really would have been something!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In the midst of holidays!

We are away on holidays in the US at the moment, having been in LA from Thursday till Yesterday when we drove from LA to Vegas where we are until Thursday.

LA was as always amazing, although this time we did not stay with friends as they were flat chat with work and could not really host this time round.

Catching up with Bryan and spending time with him was great fun and very rewarding :)

As was doing a small amount of clubbing out at Cherry Pop on Saturday night.

We also had our first real American Thanksgiving with one of our friends with one of the largest turkeys I have ever seen!

There is an undercurrent of work which I am having to deal with for a few hours most mornings which is a pain in the butt, but that's the way it pans out when you run your own business.

You can tell there is a recession over here the store are very quiet as is most everything.

Anyway about to head out for dinner!
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