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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Sunday, January 26, 2003

Allright I get the message

Ok, so I get the message that seems to flow through emails and other stuff sent by people to me - the site needs a major spelling check! LOL

I know full well that I lack the attention to detail sometimes (well let me rephrase that - all the time) and most of the site is filled with annoying little spelling mistakes. But the good news is that I am slowly starting to fix most of these problems up, not that you will see it yet! The site is bit by bit being reworked on my development area so I will now be running it through a content management solution.

So far there are several hundred pages on Superdrewby and many of them have not been looked at since they were written. With so many pages and such a complex site, I am transitioning all the HTML code into databases, which will also mean that I can update the site far more easily than I can now!

To give you an idea of how I update the site currently well.... When I have new content I create the pages first, then i have to index them and link them on a couple of pages, then I have to upload the pages and check that they work. So I am sttreamlining as quickly as i can, and also be warned there will be a slightly new look for the site as well, just to make it easier to read and the big suprise, so it can be successfully viewed on handheld devices and on Web TV.

There is one thing that I have agonised over, and that is whather to add functionality that is only availbale to newer web browsers, and well I have. But that doesn't mean that you won't be able to view and use the site with older browsers. It will just mean that you won't see some of the funky stuff, like the WYSIWYG editing for your profile, private messages and new forums.

There are over 900 scripts and pages that comprise Superdrewby and it has become a very difficult site to fully manage, but hopefully in the future it will be even better!

Update on Shafty in Leeds

The moron that was stealing my bandwidth and content has not bothered to either reply or remove the copyrighted content. I have had various emails from Superdrewby members telling me they too ahev emailed him, but as yet nothing. keep tuned in the future!

Friday, January 17, 2003

Pissed Off!

I check my site statistics on a regular basis to see where the traffic to Superdrewby
is coming from. One of my biggest gripes is bandwidth fraud. This is where other
people direct link images from my site to their own, meaning that I end up paying
for the bandwidth.

I am used to having people do this on message boards and I usually send an
email to the owner of the board requesting that they delete the offending posts
- and I also change the directory name on a regular basis of all the photos
to stop this as well.

But this time I have found a site which has blatantly stolen not just images
and bandwidth but also my very own text! Now this really pisses me off so I
am going to publicly shame him for doing so!

Shaft in Leeds Stealing Bandwidth and Content!

The offending website is
don't visit the site because I don't want to give him the pleasure of more hits.
I have emailed Tripod abut this as well.

His name is Shaft and his email address is
please email him and tell him he is a thief and is costing me money by stealing
my bandwidth and stealing my content word for word!

Going through his site page by page to list the contraventions:

Stolen Bandwidth

Stolen Bandwidth

All images are directly linked and the text is word for word on the page:
- Direct Copyright Infringement

All images directly linked - stolen Bandwidth

Every image on this page is directly linked from Superdrewby

The entire Fireman series form Superdrewby is direct linked

You know this represents almost every single page on his site - he has basically
just stolen all my hard work and put it on his own site!

Shame Shame Shame


I have just channged all directory names to pictures on the site so all current theives stealing my bandwidth will have broken images!

Still no response from Mr Shafty in Leeds, although a few people have said they have email him to tell him he is a dickhead!

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Changes to the Site

Over the next few months I am updating the back end of the site and also rebuilding all the members functions to make them easy to use and more reliable.

The first of the changes has been uploaded and tested so that it now works properly. This is the Email Members Function which now sends an HTML formatted email message and explains why the member is recieving the message. Previously when a members sent another member a message all they recieved was the message itself with no more information. Now the email message is accompanied by details about the person sending the message!

More is to come so stay tune!

Friday, January 10, 2003

Eggs and Neighbours

the other night we had friends over for dinner, a regular occurence for us. The dinner was the normal sort of affair, lots of food, wine and music, usually played relatively loud. By about 12:30am we were all on our patio facing into the rest of our apartment complex laughing and carrying on.

When things started whizzing past us at high speed. At first we had no idea what was happening but as we then saw two eggs explode way into our apartment.

In all we estimate four eggs were thrown at us, breaking inside and outside making one hell of a mess and giving us all a shock.

As we looked at the mess and then looked around we worked out that the only place the eggs could have come from was an apartment opposite us, and lo and behold there was a guy standing at his open balconey door staring down at us.

To cut a long story short, yeah we know who did it, and so far we have aksed the building management and security to deal with it, but waht a total wanker and loser! But if I havent heard anything by early next week on what actions ahve been taken, well then I will start to be a bitch.

The issue is not so much that I want revenge, but if one of those eggs had splattered on our faces we could have been blinded. he deserves to be thrown out for that and never allowed another apartment in our complex!

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Be Alert Not Alarmed - LOL

The Australian Government has recently launched the Be Alert Not Alarmed anti terrorism public awareness campaign with blanket saturation on radio, television and print advertising.

The campaign tells all Australians to watch for unusual or suspicious activity and report it to a Toll Free telephone number. Sounds very much like Big Brother or the Stasi in the old Eastern Bloc, but for fools and idiots it is an adventure just too exciting to miss.

Within seven hours of the campaign launch, it is alleged a young 18 year old Perth student Alden Clinch rang the hotline with a story about extremist groups planning on detonating petrol bombs at a public event. It is claimed Clinch told the call centre his name was Denzel Clinch, from Queensland. He claimed Alden Clinch and a group of Aboriginal Muslim youths would explode jerry cans of petrol some time that night.

Now sure people make hoax threats all the time, but hello do they give their own name in the hoax, what a total loser! he was arrested several hours later as the police simply tracked the names given and stormed into his house. He is now awaiting trial for making a hoax call and faces a possible six month jail term or $5000 fine.

This reminded me of a briefing I had when I was younger performing at a well know theatre. Next to every telephone was a small red book with a list of phone numbers for emergencies. Buried amongst all the normal information was a section on what to do when a bomb threat is phoned in.

It was a set of Questions to ask the person, including:

  • What is your name?

  • What is your phone number?

  • Where is the bomb?

  • How do we turn it off?

Now I must say that the whole concept of asking a terrorist all these questions and them actually answering them, like , oh sure my name is Bob Dimple and my phone number is 555 - 7888. Yeah right!

Thankfully those who make prank calls are stupid! Way to go Clinchy!
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