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Thursday, January 31, 2008

How Apt

How apt that my favorite bogan Corey Worthington should live near by Fountaingate Shopping Centre.

And for those of you who have no idea why this is funny, in Australia we have a wonderfully ridiculous TV show called Kath and Kim who are regulars at Fountaingate Shopping Centre.

I still love the fact that people either love this kid or they totally despise him, there is virtually no middle ground on the issue. I have a certain fascination with him, I think he is a moron but as one Australian News Reporter put it he is becoming a bit like the Australian version of Paris Hilton (without the money).

I have even joined the facebook group for Corey's next Party which has 8260 members already!

So go the bogans!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quiet for a few days

I have been quiet for a few days on the blogging front, instead I socialised with friends over the long weekend and actually kept pretty much away from my computer.

It's been a slow start to the week mainly from the weekend's exertions but also because I am not enjoying working from home any more as I just don't seem to be able to concentrate.

I am however still alive and kicking...

One of the things that has made me sad this week is the end of another blog, Synthetic Ego has deleted all of his old posts and left the blogosphere. I loved reading about his journey of coming out and striving for his goals. It was great to read!

I had planned on going to Brisbane this weekend to see the Warhol exhibition and the opening of Scott Redford's newest exhibition, but after saying yes to the friends I would be going with I decided that on the balance of things I should stay home. The boy is away all this week in Singapore and is only back on Friday, so me going to Brisvegas would mean I would only have one night here and then be off again.

The exhibition is on till the end of March so I will wait and go up with the boy when he goes to Brisbane in the next two months (which I am pretty sure he will anyway). (oh and sorry I didnt go up boys :))

I still have to work out how to get the Scott Redford Polar Bears that I want, but I have made myself a promise that if I meet some specific company goals in February they will definitely be mine!

Talking of which I am off to see a shared office nearby tomorrow and so far everything sounds good so keep your fingers crossed and let's see what happens.

So back to my cooking dinner, goodnight farewell and whatever.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Update on the cute straight boy from this afternoon, it turns out he is Vincent Gough and was on the cover of DNA Magazine in December 2007. We were just at Stonewall watching him get with a girl and even better he had a hard on while he was kissing her.
But as cute as he is he is as dumb as an ox LOL


Do you think he knew it was a gay pride march?

This hot straight boy joined us in the middle of the march and he was hot, so damn hot!


A few Pictures from today's Vigil

A few thousand people turned up to protest againt the homophobic violence this afternoon and then marched up Oxford street.

It was certainly a sight to see all the pink Australian flags waving around!

The very talented Shauna Jensen and Diva in training Courtney Act performed Proud as the finale of the vigil, which I must say as truly inspired and moving choice!
My only disapointment was that we didn't close down Oxford street and make a real statement, but I feel that in a small way things will change for the better. It's all just baby steps.


Stand Up and be Counted

This afternoon is the Vigil against Homophobia, virtually everyone I know has said they will come (apart from the boy who flies out to Singapore this afternoon).

I must say I am pretty suprised by some people who are making an unprecedented effort to come along to this event. As many of our friends are relatively apathetic about things and many whilst vocal about issues are not generally motivated to actually do something.

So for those of you in Sydney are you going to come along and stand up and be counted?

WHAT: 'Reclaim The Right' Vigil

WHEN: 26 January 2008, starting 4pm

WHERE: Harmony Park (next to Surry Hills Police Station)

BYO: Rainbow flags, friends & family, seating, drums/instruments, peaceful determination, sunscreen, snacks/water


My Personality Type

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ENFP)

Your personality type is enthusiastic, giving, cautious, and loyal.

Only about 8% of all people have your personality, including 9% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.
How Rare Is Your Personality?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"A love that will never grow old" - Brokeback Mountain

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The incredibly talented Heath Ledger Dead at 28

The incredibly talented Heath Ledger Dead at 28 found this morning by his housekeeper surrounded by pills.

It seems to be the curse of the attractive, edgy blonde actor like River Phoniex, James Dean and now Heath Ledger.


Reclaim Oxford Street Vigil

This weekend a Reclaim Oxford street Vigil is being held to protest against the steady decline of the Once Great Golden Mile into a violent dirty place to visit.

I have a huge vested intetest in this area as we live here and Oxford street is our basically on our front door. So anything that affects the street affects us in a very personal day.

So if you have the inclination and want to do something some along this Saturday and stand up for a real clean up and solution for Oxford street! I will be there with the beagle as this is our normal dog park and I feel a real need to stand up and be counted!

WHAT: 'Reclaim The Right' Vigil

WHEN: 26 January 2008, starting 4pm

WHERE: Harmony Park (next to Surry Hills Police Station)

BYO: Rainbow flags, friends & family, seating, drums/instruments, peaceful determination, sunscreen, snacks/water

Check out the Sydney Star Observer ( for ongoing coverage and more background information:






ATTACK WAS ON ALL OF US (by Maxi Shield)


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Monday, January 21, 2008

Back in town

I have just got back from an amazing couple of days in Melbourne staying at Peter Pan's (his real name is forever a secret) house. The boy met both Dangermouse and myself down there on Friday and we spent virtually the entire weekend.

The weekend was a total riot with everything from playing dress ups and tongue kissing a Warhol portrait, to being absolutely munted on the dancefloor at Market a gay nightclub in Melbourne.

I have never really spent a lot of time in Melbourne before apart from when I would go down for two or one day work trips. But most of these times I did little else other than work so I never went out or wandered through the shops

But I really have found Melbourne loads and loads of fun! Oh the letters above are from a movable art work that you can create your own words and phrases, Dangermouse did this one with PP.

Last week up until Friday was a bit of a right off for me as I had a terribly sore back which I have now been told is a bulging disk (personally I think it's just some swelling that caused a spasm but I digress). I was not really in the mood to do much because of the pain and I was even a bit cautious about going to Melbourne. But it seems to have mainly sorted itself out now which is fantastic.

While I was in Melbourne I decided that a new art acquisition is required, so I have decided to purchase two of Scott Redford's sculptures entitle My Favorite Polar Bears, one in white and one in black.

I just have to work out a payment plan as they are not cheap!

Talking about art I had a fascinating discussion with Peter Pan about art and legacies. His own very impressive collection will upon his death be donated to a mjor public gallery to be known as the "" collection. It was really interesting to think about what your own legacy is going to be when you die.

For a very long time I wanted children because I wanted to leave a legacy or something of me for the future. But as I have grown older I have realised that I do not want the all encompassing responsibility of children.

PP's concept is that art collecting and then bequests to a major gallery are the best way to be remembered for posterity. He explained that buildings unless a magnificent structure don't last long these days, by the time your children (if you have any) pass away your memory will have been relegated to not much.

But because art is timeless and historically important by building a superb collection over many years and giving it away as a whole will entrust your name to history.

It was a fascinating though actually and it truly did get me to thinking again about what I would like my legacy to be.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pain in the back

I am suffering this week with a really bad and sore bad lower back.

I think it is mainly from slouching in the chair for hours and hours at the dining table where I am working since I have no office.

It is progressively getting better but the muscles all around my right lower back down my leg and around my hip are still all stiff and sore.

This means that sitting in normal positions hurts me as does bending over or even sitting on the sofa.

As I sit here working I have a fantastic heating pad which was originally purchased for the cat so she would be warm during summer, but I have requisitioined this for me!

It does feel great on the parts of my back it has access to, but since I would like all the hip and leg to be heated it aint quite good enough!

Oh well I think I will get some Nurofen Plus which has ibuprofin and codeine in it to help with letting me move around without too much pain.

Especially since I go to Melbourne for the weekend tomorrow for some partying and fun!


Update on Scientology Censorship

Further to my post the other day on Australian booksellers refusing to sell the Andrew Morton unauthorised biography of Tom Cruise.

This week the Australian publisher has decided that they will not even publish the book in Australia.

This is the first time ever that a book has been refused to be published in Australia before any actual legal action has started or forced them to stop it.

Well I have done my bit, I have purchased the book online from and I urge every one else to too.

I have an innate trust in Andrew Morton, his past work has all stood up to legal scrutiny so I am pretty certain that this should too.

But hey let's face it, anything that serves to crack open a cult is a great thing and maybe this really will finally be the straw that breaks their back?

Remember Scientology is illegal in Germany as a subversive dangerous cult.

More of Friends who are porn stars

Following on from my post the other day of friends who are porn stars, I found a blog with some naughty pictures of my mate.
Click the photo above to be taken to the NSFW images, although they are only solo pictures of him!

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Weird Update to Party Boy Corey, now it's called producing child pornography?

The ongoing sage of the hot young dufus Corey Worthington has taken a strange turn has now been arrested for both public nuisance and producing child pornography.
Read that again guys & gals, yes he has been arrested and charged with making kiddy porn!
Now I can only assume that in some of the hi jinks the boys may have done some nudie runs / dances etc like the one in the picture above and taken some mobile phone pictures or something.
Now come on kiddy porn isn't that just what guys do the first thing they get a digital camera or camera phone or webcam? They goof off in front of it showing off their dicks and generally being idiots.
If there is something more to this than just the guys goofing of etc then sure there is a problem, but come on let's be serious here it really does sound like the idiot Police who are getting heaps of public and political pressure to do something are looking for anything to charge and arrest the kid.
Get a grip Police! Yeah sure he is an immature teen who threw a party when his parents were away and is enjoying his 5 minutes of infamy.
But get some perspective! He ain't no child pornographer!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Corey

My god this boy is just everywhere right now!


Corey Worthington New Gay Icon?

The kid in Australia who threw a party that attracted 500 people while his parents were away, Corey Worthington is fast becoming an international celebrity.

And he's also becoming a gay hero.

I was reading some online comments on yesterday and a good portion of the comments were from guys saying how hot he was.

and the actual interview which I could not embed is here.

All the interviews and picture so far have been shirtless, with the fantastic glasses on. I know he is every parent's nightmare but you know in this world of total political correctness where every kid is supposed to behave perfectly it is a bit of fresh air for someone to snub their nose so publicly at the world!

I don't need to be reminded that he is only 16 etc or that what he did was wrong. I think maybe there is a little bit of wistful thinking on my behalf that when I was 16 I had the balls to do something like that and then be such a bad ass in the aftermath!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Something funny

You know you are really sad when you know not one but two boys in a porn video... This post over at All Aussie Beef got me laughing as I know one of the boys quite well and met the other porn wannabe down in Melbourne at a party late last year.

*sigh sometimes you just want people to keep their clothes on!
Even stranger one of these boys is the ex boyfriend of a friend who cleans our apartment every week.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Censorship by any other name

I find censorship in any shape or form to be abhorrent so the refusal of two of Australia's major book stores to stock Tom Cruises's biography by Andrew Morton is blatant censorship.

I am not a fan of Tom Cruise any more, I find his behavior to be weird and his movies now have become too formulaic, but without passion.

I am also not a fan of scientology, I have had a small dose years ago and that was more than enough to put me off for life. If you want to find out a whole lot about how scientology really works read it's a fascinating read!

And for that amazing Soutpark episode that lampooned both Cruise and scientology you can see the entire episode here.

source: SMH

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Miracle Weight Loss Drug

Warning or Miracle? Too Much Sugar-Free Gum Could Cause Extreme Weight Loss

By Alexis Madrigal January 11, 2008 1:05:59 PMCategories: Food and Drink
Two German doctors presented case studies today suggesting that chewing too much sugar-free gum could lead to extreme weight loss of up to 20% of a person's normal body weight.

The work, which appears in the journal BMJ, consists of two case studies (pdf). In the first, a 21-year old woman reported experienced severe diarrhea four to twelve times per day. She'd lost 11 kilograms and had a body mass index of 16.6, substantially below normal. Patient interviews revealed she was chewing about 15 pieces of sugar free gum per day. She stopped chewing the gum and her symptoms disappeared. A middle aged man had similar symptoms and the same miraculous weight-gain upon cessation of gum chewing.

Given that most weight-loss drugs have a difficult time producing one-pound per week weight loss, you might think the scientists would trumpet these findings as a prelude to the newest blockbuster pharmaceutical. But sadly, the drop in pounds was the result of diarrhea and other bowel-trouble caused by ingesting too much sorbitol, a common sweetener that has laxative properties at high dosages. As John Clemens, a UCLA professor told WebMD about sorbitol, "The laxative effect is very well documented," he said. "We would not expect the average consumer to consume upwards of 20 sticks of gum a day."

That might have been true before these findings, but now, I expect to add at least 15 sticks of chewing gum to my diet per hamburger eaten. Hey, laxatives worked for the guys on my high school's wrestling team.


Friday, January 11, 2008

The ebbs and flows of blogging

Blogs are like the waves on a beach it seems.

A couple of my favorite blogs are coming to an end, Completely Naked & Single in the City have both decided that they will call it a day and move on.

While other blogs like The Great Cock Hunt, Synthetic Ego and others are no longer posting. In fact over at Synthetic Ego the blog seems to have lost almost ten months of blog posts, go figure that one!

Other blogs like Chaos disappeared entirely after their online & real worlds collided, whilst other blogs just became private.

Everyone blogs for totally different reasons, some to work their way through an event, process or fetish (like Jared at Completey Naked).

I don't really have a reason for blogging, I do enjoy the geekiness of blogging and I do enjoy the whole openness that technology has allowed. Everything from twitter to facebook that provides such an amazing connection with people that simply wasn't possible a few years ago.

Case in point was Saturday night when I twittered that I was on a podium at Arq nightclub Margeaux smsed me back at 3am to say hi because he had read my twitter and knew I was still up!

Through blogging and this site I have met and made some amazing friends and found out just how small the whole world is. When people living two minutes away know your friends on the other sides of the world it's a pretty amazing coincidence.

I know that a lot of friends (and my boy) read the blog on a regular basis. In fact for some friends who live overseas it's the way they keep up with what we are up to. In fact one friend who we saw yesterday on Gaydar Corner (he wasn't meeting a hookup but it the corner for so many gaydar meets) told us that he knows what we have been up to because his partner reads my blog!

No I am not going to stop blogging, I enjoy it and I don't do it for other people I do it for me!

I am though looking at the site as a whole and have a serious think about whether I should let the site be or change it or archive the entire thing.

I haven't had the time to properly promote the website in the last year nor have I really put a lot of effort into getting content up online. The waning usage statistics are a good indicator of my lack of effort as are my decreased costs of web hosting.

I am in an interesting quandary really.

This site has been going for eight years and I have changed it many many times, but by the same token as bloggers finishing their blogs, is it time to scale back the site to only my blog?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Grim Reaper becomes the Glam Reaper

A humorous reminder that if it's not on it's not on.

I am undecided whether making the ad this 'cool' is the best message, but any message is better than no message. Interesting that this was a PSA made for 2007 but the first I ever saw of it was today in 2008... what do you think?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to Work

After having two weeks off and for the first time in a long log time not doing work while I was on holiday I am back at work.

I am certainly not enjoying working from home at all. Apart from the fact that it's always difficult to get back into work after having time off, we ended up out at Arq nightclub on Saturday night and we are both suffering from a bit of 'disco flu'.

I have been trawling through the Internet looking at different commercial spaces for either lease or sharing. There is a bit out there, but I have learnt my lesson from past experience and will not jump into the first thing I see.

Anyway my head is all woozy from the anti-histamines I took last night to unblock my nose, and the fact that I am trying to work out where I was up to in a few complex projects.

So for now I bid all adieu!


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Some home truths about growing old

This year I will officially turn 36 years of age, and it's even my Chinese horoscope year too. I am rat for those who are interested and you can discover more about the Year of the Rat and the Chinese Horoscope here.

In gay years turning 30 was almost supposed to be death on the gay scene, but for me 30 was a fantastic year. Maybe I was a late emotional bloomer as I didn't really come out of my own Shell and gain the confidence I have till my mid twenties.
Regardless I have always prided myself on my mature outlook on things, youthful exuberance and the important fact that I never really looked my age.
I do still get told by most people that to look at me they think I am mid to late twenties which is a pretty big complement especially coming from 'kids' in their early to late twenties themselves. Our group of friends range in age from late teens to older friends in the sixties.
The issue of getting old is something we all have to face.
For me personally the tide of time is starting to catch up with me in a few rather significant ways. The most visible for me (and most significant) is my thinning hair which causes me much consternation and concern. One and off for the last year and a half I have used one of the topical treatments on my scalp to slow down and prevent hair loss.
When I use it the change is dramatic the hair really does start to grow back and it no longer looks as thin. The problem of course is using the damn stuff. You have to wait till your hair is fully dry before putting it on so it can take some waiting especially after a shower and you are getting ready to go to work.
But the bigger issue is it is an oil and leaves the hair quite greasy which means you can't use product in it, or you would have to blow dry your hair after putting it on and then try stying it.
At best I am a lazy time poor person so going through that whole process every morning before able to get out of the house is a push at best.
But I know by using it it stops or slows down the symptoms of male pattern baldness.
The other horrible thing about getting old is the face starts to sag, you no longer have that beautiful young subtle skin that I once did. Luckily I have been using moisturiser since I was a young teenager and it shows in my skin tone. But no mater how much moisturiser you use, nothing would be as good as a quick little lift.
Or just maybe some botox?
I don't mind getting old I just don't want to look old God Dammit!
Looking back on last year I seemed to stop working out at all towards the mid way through the year. I certainly didn't particularly watch my food intake and although most people disagree I look and feel frumpy.
It's time to actually do something about this all again, I think I was resigning myself to the 'getting older' crap and forgetting that it's not how you look only but it's also how you act.
So let's see if I can pull my finger out and get my 'mind' back into feeling young again!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Surfacing after several days of hard partying

We are finally surfacing after a couple of days of hard partying for the introduction to New Years and 2008.

What started off as a house party stretched for almost 48 hours, from house party, to house party, to Dance Party to recovery party.

All in all an amazing and very satisfying way to bring in the new year although I will paying for my excesses over the next couple of days.

When my scattered mind is back to normal I will write something either more interesting or insightful.

I am not going to bother writing about the Sydney fireworks that's already passe, instead I think I will write about what people have told me about their 2008 plans.

So welcome to 2008!

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