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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I almost pissed myself laughing at this

Straight man's guide to a urinal!

and yes pun intended!


Monday, February 26, 2007

Feeling Kind of Sore

There is a hiccup in my preparations to wear footy shorts to the dance parties this weekend....

I will not be able to do any cardio this week as I have hurt my leg.

It's all a bit silly really. The metal false ceiling on my life fell on me last night and the sharp edge of the metal jammed straight into my ankle just above my Achilles tendon.

It look hideous with a huge big triangular wedge gouged out of my leg.

The doctor at the Emergency Department told me how damn lucky I was that it only grazed my tendon and hasn't damaged it at all! Five nasty little stitches and some pain, and I can't do any cardio this week!

I am just hoping that the swelling and pain will all have gone by the weekend so I am not hobbling around at the dance parties.

In thinking about this, I am so very lucky. If I had not been wearing thick jeans I would now be facing surgery to reattach the tendon and months and months of physio therapy!

Thanks guardian angel!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Really Bad few days

I am having a really bad couple of days!

The building where we live has a few really serious insurance issues, which are driving me bonkers. Not the least of which at the root of many of the issues it seems to be that the strata manager has seriously dropped the ball.

But there is nothing that I hat more than when I ask for something to have that ignored. I will walk out of restaurants, cancels bookings etc for rudeness of bad service.

So I am stressed to the max and ready to break something so watch out!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OMG How did this get past?

How the Hell did this get past! - read the full text itis so funny! Source


Monday, February 19, 2007

Two weeks two weeks two weeks

Well it's less than two weeks now till I want my abs back, and I am not sure whether I will meet the target.

Yes I will be cardio 'ing' every day, slurping my diet pills Lipo 6 and generally being very good with my food, but I have no idea whether I will get rid of the final layer of fat hiding my poor abs.

I am kind of getting used to the Lipo 6 now and I am enjoying the extra kick from them in the mornings! The fat pinch test is definitely showing a dramatic difference in the fat, but until I can turn sideways and no longer have the "bump" I will not be happy in compulsive obsessive behavior!

Last night was the Sydney Bloggers meet up at the Tilbury. A blast was had by all who were there including: Brenton, NSSG, DG, Narcicus and more!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary since giving up smoking!

Yippeeee to me!

No smoking for a year, not even a puff!

And boy do I feel so much better for it!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I have a new theme Song - I can defy Gravity!

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Lipo 6 for fat burning

In my never ending quest to ris myself of the extra fat around my mid section I have been taking Lipo 6 for about a week.
I have tried all sorts of things in the past including Carnitine in various forms and have had very mixed results.
So far I am not really sure whether I am getting the results I want, but I have been told by so many people that Lipo 6 does work. I was going to get Hydroxy cut but the cute guy behind the counter at my local bodybuilding supply store said people were getting better resulst with Lipo.
There are some side effects, and it feels a bit like I have had five cups of coffee in the morning. But my cardio sessions are at a far higher intensity and I am burning through a good 20% more calories in my 40 minute sessions.
So let's see two and a half weeks to go till I want my abs back!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day From the Cheney's



I need some inspiration right now to keep on hitting the gym harder and harder. I have a new objective, one which was thrust upon me by a mates new boyfriend.
I have agreed to go to mardi gras wearing footy shorts and not much else as they will be. Problem is the new bf is particuraly msucely and I don't think has a single once of fat on him, not just the least he is ten years younger than me!
So I have to get my full set of abs back. So five days a week of high high high energy cardio (even more than normal). So the inspiration is above, that picture is just hot - stolen shamelessly from American Urge!

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Quote of the day

A former Labor prime minister, Paul Keating, said Mr Rudd was performing wonderfully and described Mr Howard as "an old, desiccated coconut".

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Monday, February 12, 2007



I Love and hate Monday Morning!

You know that love hate relationship that people have with Monday? I love Monday mornings because it's a new week and I always have new goals to achieve!

But on the balance I hate Monday Morning because it's the total end of the weekend, and my weekend was good!

We went out on the weekend to the Blue Mountains to 'stretch' the legs of a friend's new car, the very very very sexy Aston Martin Vantage as seen in the pic above.

It's just hot hot hot! And talking of hot we met another friend's new boyfriend. Oh yeah, now this boy is the total package, lovely and soooo sweet and very cute to boot!

Oh yeah and the three hellish workouts over the weekend, but I think I have just given myself a really hard new goal! Details to come on that one!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Waiting for tonight?



Friday, February 09, 2007

Goodbye Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith the larger than life character has died this morning in Miami. Apart from the fact she was a straight boys fantasy she was also a well known friend of the gay community. We met Anna a few years back at a Superman Party in Sydney, and just like my normal OTT persoanlity I got to tell her I thought her breasts were fabulous!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

You can legislate but you can't stop us!

In an article explaining his government's decision to veto the ACT's Civil partnership was because it included a 'ceremony'. Which is too much like marriage in his mind.

What a load of utter bullshit! Well Mr Ruddock youn can veto the legislation, you can ban marriage between two same sex partners, but you know what?

You can't stop us from celebrating out love withour family and friends in a ceremony to mark our commitment!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Australian Biogots Strike Again

Overt the last week, the Australian Prime Minister John Howard and the Attorney General Phillip Ruddock have again proven just how bigoted they are!

First up it was reported in The Age, that during this session of Federal Parliament, legislation would be tabled to ban the overseas adoption of children by same sex couples.

The second is the government's veto of the ACT's same sex civil partnership bill (again).

Now both of these things serve real purpose other than being discriminatory and int he case the adoption ban a potential wedge politic issue for the upcoming federal election later this year.

Howard and Ruddock are once again trumping up the anti-gay sentiment in people to win themselves votes, all the while denying the basic human right of equality under the law.

Once upon a time the government and the law were supposed to uphold the basic rights of humanity, but the Australian Government seems intent on keeping Gay & Lesbian Australians as second class citizens.

This certainly reinforces my view in a previous post that you cannot be gay and conservative without either being politically naive, stupid or hate yourself and your sexuality.

The problem with the adoption ban is two fold. On the one hand if the opposition party fights this they will create a wedge politic for the upcoming election (can't you hear it now, The Australian Labour Party wants gay pedophiles to be allowed to adopt children).

But on the other hand if the opposition say nothing and the legislation is passed, it entrenches more discrimination in law. Discrimination that will take years to undo.

Apart from the discriminatory issues at play, have our federal Politicians got nothing better to do than enact discriminatory legislation? Australia is the grips of an economic slowing and the worst drought in living history!

Guys get your thoughts out of my bedroom and back on the country. Oh sorry, I assumed they ever had their eyes on the country.

Howard and your right wing cohorts you are an asshole! And I will celebrate the day you are thrown out on your sorry little ass and have the first of the history books start condemning you as the weak narrow minded little man you were.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So Stoked!

One of My favorite sites Jason Curious run by the very sexy Jason Sechrest informed that Superdrewby was the seventh highest referrer for the month!


I love Jason's site it's so damn sexy!

It's kind of like a cornucopia of all the porn stars, gay, straight, bi, tri whatever, and stuff that you won't find anywhere else!

So have a gander and have a look at Jason Curious!

And let's not forget just how hot Jason is!
So let's give Jason something to really think about and make us the number 1 referrer for the month!
Thanks Jason!

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I want my abs back!

I am deep into my new years goals of fitness and body transformation and have started to notice the difference.

I am averaging my full 4 cardio sessions a week which gives me about 2200 2500 calories burnt and 4 - 5 weights sessions a week.

So goal to reduce body fat by the end of February 2007 is definitely on track!

I was walking the dog last night and ran into an aquantaince / friend, who was just leaving the gym. We were talking about my workout mania and I mentioned that I wanted to get back my abs.

In response he said 'yes, I know your abs, they were very nice!'

So yes I want my god damn abs back and I will bloody work to get them hehehe.
The first picture was me in 1999 at a party - the hand is my old boss lifting up my shirt, and about 30 minutes after this I was convinced to strip to my underwear to go swimming in the harbour in the middle of the night!
The second picture was me about four years ago off to a dance party - yes I really wore those shorts to a dance party LOL!
Interestingly both pictures show the thing that I hate the most about my body and that is my obliques (the round bit around my lower waist). No matter how fit or skinny I am, I never seem to be able to get rid of it!
Actually come to think of it, the first picture is about three months after the boy and I met, so he must have liked my abs too hehehehe.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Client from hell

I have an ongoing client that is the client from hell, and when I say the client from hell I truly mean the client from hell.

Client X is a consultant who has a personal not for profit business on the side, one which is particularly quirky and at the same time kind of creepy in a saccharin sweet way.

He has been a client of my company for about three years, and I've never billed him a huge amount, BUT he is an amazing referrer of business.

In fact about 25% of last year's revenue was generated by referrals he made for people to use my business.

My problem is he knows this and he insists on calling me whenever he wants, and I really do mean whenever. I am updating some stuff for him at the moment and had sent him some drafts of the work on Friday. We had a short chat and he asked if he could ring me on the weekend.

I told him no, as there was nothing in his draft that was urgent and certainly nothing that could not wait until Monday. Not surprisingly the emails started on Saturday morning, all marked urgent.

Then by about 11 am on Saturday the phone calls started - I Kid you not!

But it doesn't stop there, he rang and left at least four messages over the weekend, all of which I ignored.

By this morning there were a huge amount of emails in my inbox from him, and I answered them all in one email at about 7:15 am this morning, nothing earth shattering and many things that had nothing to do with me.

I knew I was going to hear from him today, even though I had told him I was in meetings up until mid afternoon. But of course by midday he had left three particularly abrasive voice mails on my mobile phone and a barrage of emails (I have wireless access everywhere).

After my meetings I finally had a chance to call him and talk through his issues (I wish he would see a psychologist LOL). After a 45 minute phone call which was useless on my behalf we ended the call on what I thought the issues were complete.

But NO such luck!

Within ten minutes five emails and then two phone calls to make sure I got the emails.

Seriously this guy drives me mad! I often have to ignore his phone calls and even when I do answer them I have to breath and concentrate on smiling before answering the phone!

It's such a conflict, on the one hand I have to be nice to him and keep him as a client, on the other hand I want him to just fuck off!


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Beefman - what a loser!

In my never ending blog watch I have come across this, an example of homophobia and stupidity all in one.

This guy, Nick Peronace-, the president of Enterprise Steaks (allegedly) made anti gay comments on a website. You know normal run of the mill 'I'm going to kill you and break your bones' sort of stuff that gets written allot.

Problem is he included his own email address, yes I kid you not! But my dear friends that's not all. As the explosions started to happen, emails of outrage being sent, telephone calls to his office he threatens to sue and types more nasty notes on the website.

Nasty Nicky, of course is trying to dig himself out of this hole by claiming he did not type the nasty messages. Poor stupid fool though, he doesn't know very much about the Internet or the fact that most websites log the IP address of the computers that make comments.

And poor nasty Nicky, guess what, the denials and pained missive outlining his innocence have the same IP address.

Oh dear I do love a good homophobe being dragged over the coals!

Mr Nasty Nicky Peronace, say sorry and give a LARGE donation to PFLAG or another Gay & Lesbian charity!


Beagle Whispering

The beagle whisperer, AKA Sarah the dog trainer came over to start the training process of us with Lucy.

The most important thing that we were taught is to ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. Now this might sound really simple but, when you have a beagle who has learnt to bark at you for ten minutes to get your attention, ignoring this can be a real trial!

The growling has been caused by a couple of things, mainly me raising my voice at her when she has growled rather than either not giving her reason to growl and staring her down.

We had been told by a different trainer to "rotate" toys in and out, IE take some toys away and put new ones in. Bad move on our behalf as this was teaching her we could not be trusted with her toys, so she was particularly possessive of her toys and food.

All in all the change so far has been quite dramatic, she has not growled once and we have quickly been able to stop her from barking badly which is excellent!
Obviously the tips and things we have been shown what to do are huge, not just the couple I have mentioned.
The real proof in all of this will be in a few weeks time when we have got fully into the groove ourselves and she no longer "demands" attention, or more importantly is she does start to demand it we just ignore it.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Morning Coffee

It's finally Friday morning and I am having my coffee before heading intot he office for a full day of work!

The boy is back (YIPPEEEEEE) tired from honkers but glad to be home, and the good news on Wednesday my mother does not need an operation on her spine! So all in all a good week.

I have a lot on my mind at the moment, like the Sydney Mardi Gras refusal to included groups in their parade and fair day because they conflict with the commercial sponser (and I thought mardi gras was a grass roots community organisation!).

Toybox is in five weeks this sunday so I have to seriously increase my workouts and cardio sessions (and restrict the bad calories too LOL. That said I am at the gym with cvardio sessions 4 - 5 times a week and am doing 4 - 5 weights sessions too.

Our traditional house Mardi Gras Parade Party is also in five weeks tomorrow night and I had better start planning this soon or I will have no times to get stuff done!

This weekend the puppy trainer is coming along to help us with her growly moods, she snapped at me yesterday morning which was not good, but she was mortified afterwards and spent the next 30 minutes making it up to me.

A few things have been pissing me off of late as well...

I had an email telling me that my site didnt print properly and to fix it up immediately, well blow me down with a feather bitch! You don't pay to use my site, you don't click ont he advertising instead you grab and print the content and then tell me I have to immediatley fix a problem, well fuck you!

I am fed up to death of the lack of respect the tennants in my building show for the building, please don't dump your rubbish in fire exits, no it is not a smoking building, and please do not put your ciggerrete out on the floor of the elevator. Please do not park illegally in the garage and restric access ot otehr people's car spots, please do not just dump your rubbish anywhere. No I am not your building manager and do not ring or write and tell me what I shoudl be doing. If you want something done, pick yourself up and do it yourself, or move out!


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