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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Golden Moment - always turn off your phone before a meeting!

End of Financial Year Madness

In Australia it is the end of the Financial Year which means all the accounting needs to be done and the accounts all brought up to order.

In addition it means that anything that needs to be purchased needs to be done now so it reduces the taxable income.

I have been madly paying all the bills and making all the small purchases that need to be done for the office.

I also have to pay the staff super and other benefits as well, and I hate seeing all that cash flow go off, but hey the company earns it and the company spends it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Superdrewby is gay

Superdrewby is gay! Make a statement for equal rights for all by changing your status to - "is gay" or "is gay for today in support of equal rights for all" on 28th June 2009 (40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots) for 24 hours.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Will the dirt be swept under the carpet?

In the rush to canonise the life and times of Michael Jackson will the media and fans sweep under the carpet that he was accused of being a child molester and even though never convicted paid millions of dollars in hush money to the 'victims'?

Whilst I loved some of his music, in my mind he was still accused of 'fiddling' with young boys.

It will be interesting to see how the media will play this one out...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The September Issue

The eagerly anticipated REAL documentary follows Anna Wintour around for a year, the real Devil Wears Prada


Hot eye candy


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Be Careful what you wish for...

For ages and ages I have been coveting other office suites in my building, more natural light, better views, ability to open the windows and et the fresh air in.

Last week I swapped over offices to one across the atrium from mine with the most amazing of views and natural light.

It's fantastic, only one small hiccup.....

Now we need full length blinds because it gets too much sunlight LOL

Kidding aside it's great to be in an office with proper windows again, it feels so much better.

Work is busy still and I am just getting over the last of some disco flu from a few weeks back when we went out to the Frisky dance party!

I will never understand how running around for twelve hours on a freezing cold night wearing only a pair of jeans and not sleeping for a night almost always has me ending up with a head cold (and that is a joke).

I am working on a new gay porn site for a client this week which is rather interesting, we don't generally get such um er salubrious clients but it's all fun, even if I am having to make sure there is no naughty stuff on the site that will offend my staff heheheh

And as for the Utegate scandal, sheesh already would someone please get back to running the country!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jac BukBuddies

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Friday, June 19, 2009

A hot iPhone Photo for the day


Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's all a left wing conspiracy

Can someone please explain to me how whenever the American conservatives lose something they also say it's a conspiracy?

This documentary had me laughing hysterically!

Seriously, um like hello!

They even suggested that the average Obama voter was too dumb to understand what they are voting for.

Well go figure that

My favorite Sarah Palin quote about this consipiracy was "there have even been children harmed".

Like huh?


Even your own daughter (Bristol Palin) admitted publicly that abstinence was not really realistic.

Total Gold!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The paintings have been chosen

So Rodney came around the the other night with the selection of new panels for the painting I commissioned.

After an insignificant amount of time I have chosen six to replace the ones that are a tad to risque for downstairs.

I did ask about the Milk panel as I was curious about the inspiration. Yes it was partially about Harvey Milk, but it was also inspired by another painting that was similar. I did do a google image search but didn't come up with much apart from some picture of a huge black dude fucking a 'milk' white women's ass - go figure that one.

In his blog Rodney has finally outlined what the entire piece is inspired by:

This is a composite of all the paintings that I've shown here and here. They'll never be exhibited in this way, but I thought it would be good to see what they could look like. All the paintings are found images or found text. The sources range from fine art to graffiti, advertising to comics, book covers, propaganda posters, stamps and quirky things I've seen around or read. They're not meant to stand alone as individual paintings, but as a group, like a row of posters pasted on a building site fence, or a rack of magazines in a newsagency. They reference the endless parade of images that we encounter in our media-saturated lives.


I really do think that Rodney should do more pieces like this because they are so commercially fun and hint hint, he could actually sell more of his fantastic work. Even if they are not as (to him) as creatively interesting as his other work. I reckon if he does this sort of stuff to pay the bills he can then us the proceeds to do the more interesting stuff he likes!



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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two very funny new blogs

Awkward Boners

Straight Guy Pictures

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Milk Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black Naked

The Internet is going wild with the story that the hot Dustin Lance Black Oscar winning screenwriter of the Milk Myopic has has naked pictures of himself leaked on to the Internet.

You can se the uncensored pictures here on Perez Hilton's site, for how long I have no idea.

He is a cute guy and the pictures are pretty racy, but no so racy that you wouldn't find worse on a Gaydar, Manhunt or other gay personal site.

In the pictures he is having unprotected sex, which he says he was doing with his partner at the time. Which is perfectly fine if you are in a long term monogamous relationship.

Of course this is being blown out of all proportion really, but it's a good reminder that if you have any sort of naked or racy pictures of yourself taken, at some stage they could end up on the internet, that's just the way it is!

You really should stop and think before having pictures taken in such a way because if you are not a porn star or not someone who wants to have these sorts of pictures get out then don;t take them.

But Dustin is a cutey :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So now we have to choose!

Rodney has finished my commissioned artworks and have offered me 13 choices for the six panels I ned to have replaced.

I think I know which ones I want, which do you like?

You can see the full version at the Artist Rodney's blog.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cool Site Update

I blogged a few weeks back about a cool new site I found,

well the site has been updated and you can now upload your own picture and comment on pictures you like.

It is an awesome site full of hot eye candy of real guys taking nude and semi nude pics of themselves with their iPhones.

How cool is that!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The end of the Long Weekend

I am not really in the mood to work today, having worked both Saturday and Sunday and then going out all night and partying at Frisky on Sunday night!

Frisky was very hit and miss with the first set quite low energy and it really kept everyone quite slow, But the crowd was raised back up by Ric Dreske who had an awesome set and kept everyone bopping along for hours and hours.

So it's back to the work and grindstone and I will have to force myself to focus on work today.

I think I would rather be pampered in a day spa instead.....

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Some thoughts on the Mac

It's been well over a week since I got the new Mac and went over to the dark side!

And I love it.

It's been a hard slog at times getting used to the way the MAC works and especially getting used to the shortcuts for things like copy and paste being so different to what I am used to.

But I simply would not go back.

I still use PC's daily for other things like the business accounts, meetings and testing of sites and we use a PC as our media server at home too.

And every time I go to the PC I am reminded just how clunky it is and how much it is trying to be a MAC.


There is still a way to go as I get used to it and then discover all the cool new things that I can do I still haven't used time capsule or projects on the MAC yet but that's coming soon!

Friday, June 05, 2009

All this talk of bullying at school

All this talk of bullying at schools in Australia and the reports about 1 in 4 school age children being bullied makes me furious.

As a kid at school I was bullied mercilessly, and the school did nothing or tacitly approved of the bullying because I was perceived as being gay and they thought that a bit of good bullying would help 'make me a man'.

There is never an excuse for bullying in the schoolyard or in life.

I have got on with my life and let go of the angst I felt at school and moved forward, years and years ago I started this site to help provide the answers for gay kids, these days the gay kids and the kids questioning their sexuality have so many outlets for anonymous self expression that in many ways the original concept of the site is irrelevant.

Schoolyard bullies grow up to be bullies in their older lives too.  

They bully their friends, partners and work colleagues because it' the only way they know of acting.

There has always been a perception that kids being bullied bring it upon themselves and quite often the reaction of someone in a position of power is to tell the victim to stand up for themselves (which in itself is telling the person it's their own fault they are being bullied).

The fault is not with the victim it's with the bully and the system that does not address the bullies behavior.

The recent furore over the Footy Show Skit with the gay brother being taken to hospital because 'there is something wrong with him and we want a refund' just highlights the entrenched homophobia and bullying behavior.

One of my closest friends can't see the problem with this 'comedy skit' and doesn't understand why it is wrong.

But skits like this just perpetuate the perception that there is something wrong with someone if they are gay.

It's wrong for two reasons, 1) it tacitly approves the singling out and bullying of the gay kid (I saw it on the footy show being done by my idols therefore I can do it to).

And 2) it tells the kid in the suburbs watching the show who is struggling with his sexuality that it is wrong to be gay.

Yes it's subtle and yes we probably laughed at it, but it's still wrong and it does send the wrong message to the community at large.

Only a small amount of bullying is based on perceived sexual orientation, but until we address things like the footy show and the perception that it's the victim at fault we are never going to address bullying and the cycle of people growing up as bullies will not end.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Knox get's Chasered

Oh God this is too funny!

Dyson and Nash


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

On Getting Older

The march of time continues on us all, and up till a certain point we don't seem to care all that much.

Until a few years ago I could still pass for being in my twenties, something that I loved very much.

But the last few years has started to see my age actually catch up with me.

Call it stress or just the aging process but I am starting to look my age and I don't like it.

The face starts to sag and hair starts to disappear and more grey hairs start to appear.

The hair issue is a big one for me, short or cropped hair does not really suit me face (well I don't think so anyway) and I have been using both Rogaine and Propecia at different times to try and halt the loss of hair.

I am coming up to the six month mark on the Propecia (I stopped using Rogaine ages ago because it was too difficult to use).

I can see definite growth in the amount of hair n my head, and in fact can even see all the new hair that is growing as it is shorter than the normal hair.

According to the FAQs on Propecia you should start to see gains within three to s months if it is going to work for you, and I have.

As for how much hair growth i will get from Propecia is anyones guess, right now I am happy that it is working and more hair is growing.

In the long term there are  huge amount of other treatments like hair transplants etc from your own head or from other sources.

A few friends have tried Propecia over the years and have had some pretty major side effects, significantly a total loss of libido, something I have not had.

Other friends have opted for hair transplants where they have had hair follicles from the side of their heads transplanted to the crown of their head. From what  I have read on this and seen it can be pretty gruesome and painful, but it's nice to know it's there.

In the blue sky horizon there is also Stem Cell Research into male pattern baldness but it's a long way over the horizon.

To me hair is like the icing on the cake for a person.  I look at older photos of myself from ten years ago and see my thick hair and wish I had started Propecia then when the first signs of hair loss were apparent.

But coulda woulda is no real solution.

I really shoudl be more proactive on the face these days and get more facials and other treatments which can slow the visible signs of aging on my face (sounds like a moustuiriser advert doesn't it) LOL.

After watching all of these TV shows of people having tiny little face lifts, eye brow lifts etc it's tempting to do more research.

The only problem is once you start on something like that it's a slippery slope as you have to always have more and more over time.

I know friends who have had 'work' done, some good some bad and some so subtle it's hard to even tell.

One friend had a face lift a few years back because ' every time I looked in the mirror the face staring back at me was not the face I knew'.

Ah aging, I don't mind getting older I just don't want to look older, or older before my time.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Reese Fratmen


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Monday, June 01, 2009

And then there were none....

The last Titanic survivor has died, Millvina Dean was 9 weeks old when she was bundled off he Titanic with her mother and brother,  Her father went down with the ship.

Although she was only nine weeks old and had no memory of the disaster.  It's a link that is almost gone with an event just shy of 100 years ago.

As the years pass the wreck itself is crumbling and one day all that will remain will be some artifacts on display in far flung museums and collections.
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