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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Some minor changes

I have done some very minor (lor major depending on how you look at it) changs to the site structure and have now changed all the folders for the images of cute boys so people can no longer steal my bandwidth for more than a few days. From now on the directory which contains the pictures will be chnaged every seven days as i was getting very sick and tired of people stealing bandwidth from Superdrewby.

I reguarly go through the statistics of where the traffic of Superdrewby goes to and comes from and can pretty much identify who steals my bandwidth. Some of the more extreme nasty people have actually just stripped out all the Superdrewby code except for the images and created image galleries of there own. One in particular had even stolen the entire text from the top ten cutest boys as well as the images.

Pages Fixed

The following pages and functions have been fixed!

  • You can now log in from the home page and the members page without errors!

  • The Top Ten Voting System now works!

I may not own the images, but I do own the bandwidth and I reserve the right to decide who can and cannot use the bandwidth. I have reprinted a small article on bandwidth theft from:

Bandwidth Theft

Let's say you run a web site that has a lot of graphics on it. Perhaps you have your own artwork there, or you have screen shots from movies, or you have swimsuit photographs. In any event, you have something that's of general interest to people. You have them online because you want people to come to your web site to look at the photographs -- otherwise, you wouldn't put them online, right?

Here's the problem. Someone has visited your web site and taken an interest in one of the photographs or other graphic file you have available. He or she wants to use this image for his or her own purposes -- a web site, for example, or a message board signature. This person has two ways to get access to your image:

  1. He or she can make a local copy of the image and upload it to her own servers, or
  2. He or she can insert code into her page or message board profile that references your copy of the graphic on your server.

The first option is potentially copyright infringement. That depends on how you choose to look at other people's acquisition of your work. The second, however, is definitely bandwidth theft. Not only is it rude, but it can cost you money. So how do you stop them?

Source: -

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Bugs on the Site

Thanks for all the emails telling me about the different bugs and errors on the site. Once I have some spare time I will go through the list of things and fix them all up.

I have been run off my feet of late with the birthday, and now the moving to a new and fabulous place which I am really really looking forward to! I may be off the air for a few days as things settle down so many apologies in advance if I take even longer than normal to reply to people.

Bandwidth theft

A warning to all people who have been hogging my bandwidth, I will be installing the new scripts to stop this next week, so you have been warned if you have a direct image link from Superdrewby to your own site or a message board it will not work after next week!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

My birthday

Happy Birthday to me blah blah blah. So it is finally my Birthday for another year and it is a special one this time. So far we have been partying and clubbing pretty much since Saturday night and the excitement is continuing. We have had trouble convincing some people of my new found age, maybe it is because at heart I still act like a kid. Who knows and who cares really!

I havent been doing much on the site for the last two weeks or so, concentrating on other work commitments, but obviously I keep an eye on things most days and have a look at the new members and any new messages that are posted etc. I aslo once a week go through the server log files to see how many people are coming to the site and what they are doing on it.

Bandwidth Theft

Something that has increasingly been annoying me over the last six months is those people that take advantage of the site and in particular the pictures on the site. I have been horrified to find out that a very large amount of my bandwidth has been stolen by a few message boards linking pictures form my site. What happens is that instead of copying the pictures themselves and storing them on their own server they simply link the filename directly from Superdrewby, thus stealing bandwidth. Now I am a pretty patient person and I put up with a lot before I get annoyed, but it has now got to the point where some message boards have actually linked to every single one of the gallery pictures on one page. So I end up paying for the bandwidth while people don't even come to the site.,/p>
Now if you are one of these people I kindly ask you to delete the links now, and if you want the images then copy them to your own server, don't steal my bandwisth. I pay for Superdrewby out of my own pocket, and I also pay for bandwidth, so basically you are stealing from me! I will be sending a standard email to every site that I find doing this requestion that they remove the linked images, then I will be replacing the scripts on my site with a new feature.

This feature will show, instead of the image they think they are getting an image that Says Please do not Steal Bandwidth and a request for people to visit Superdrewby.

Online ettiquite is very important and I uphold the best of nettiquete for all users of this site. I request that other people do the same!

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I've Been Building a Table

It's a really strange thing to do, I know, but I have been building a table. There is a lot of history to the table and it goes back thirty something years to when my parents first built their house. They had a timber decking around the pool which was made from Oregon timber. Back in the late eighties the timber decking was replaced and I had the unenviable task of pulling down the old timber, which was so nice after being weathered for 20 odd years out in the weather. So I put away some of the timber and meant to make something with it. When I first moved out of home I didn't have much (or any) furniture but I did have some tools and a lot of free time, so I decided that I should build some furniture for my new house. Intially the furniture I made was very rustic (read would fall apart at the slightest knock), but as I developed my skills I learnt more.

The table was the very first piece of furniture I ever built for myself and it still had the original paint and stain from the decking as I never sanded it back. Needless to say the table was wonky and very rough so it had a table cloth over it constantly. Then in about 95 I decided to sand back the top of the table and varnish it. It took me days of hard labour to get the top even slightly smooth, and it was a rough and ready as they come, but at least it looked ok. Because I had never reallu understood how to build things the legs of the table were pretty much nailed on as an afterthought.

The table has sat it my Kitchen through five different houses where I have lived and I have never got around to finishing it. Finally last week, on the basis that we are moving to a nice modern place I decided that the table needed to be remade, so the boy and I went to the hardware store and purchased a whole lot of wood and other supplies. Starting on Sunday afternoon I started sawing, hammering, drilling and then sanding. The last two days I have been covered head to foot in dust from the sanding process and finally last night I applied the very first coat of stain and varnish. Now I am waiting for the fourth coat to dry so I can continue to apply more and more varnish to the top of the table.

I feel that the table represents myself in many ways, whenh I was young I knew so little and had experienced so little, but thought I knew everything there was to know. As I grew older I rebuilt the table as my comfort with myself and my life grew up. The last time I did anything to the table I was in a bad relationship and the table as wonky as it was represented this. Now that I am hitting 30, in a wonderful relationship, the table has been rebuilt properly. It still has its charcter and it still has it's little knots, and burrs in the wood, because they represent my character and my life. But finally the table represents me and the growth I have been through in my life till now. It means a lot to me this table, as it has been with me for years, it links me to my parents and the home I grew up in, it links me to the boy because he helped me make it and it links me to friends who have and will have dinner and many drinks on this table.

It may only be a table, but it is part of me and I love it very much!. So here's to the future of many happy nights and days spent on or around the table and of friends past, present and future!

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Heaps of new content

I have just finished loading a heap of new and very exciting content on the site for you all to read and view! There are a few new columns and some very controversial ones at that! And the long awaited section on Gay Sex a Guide!

In the last few days I have also recieved not one but three new awards for this site from the Gay Tmapa Bay Collective! Have a look at the awards on Awards Page!. thank you very much guys and girls for awarding me with these! It really does please me that this site that I have and continue to put so much time into has made an impact on people's lives.

Also while you are surfing the site have a read of the most recent message on the message board and tell me how I can improve Superdrewby and make it more relevant and better for you!
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