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Friday, February 29, 2008

Aren't they hot!

They are damn hot and I am lucky enough to know one of these boys too!



Old Fashioned Father meet's Son's Boyfriend


Two girls in the office

Aren't they the most beautiful two girls in the office? Look at Lucy though she was just about to start barking because she could hear a dog barking outside!

It all starts today

Today it all starts.

Roads and Lanes will start to be closed and progressively during the day crowd control devices will be left around strategic areas of the parade route.

Providing the weather holds out, the strip will be full of people by about mid afternoon, peole strolling around, buskers, beggars and street stalls doing everything from Henna Tattoos to body jewelry.

I love this weekend because it makes the strip become alive again and sparkle!

This is my street, this is where I live, this is where I play

So come on Oxford street shine for us all!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

I would just like to point out...

I would like to point out that one of the boys in these pictures (who is in a couple) is wearing my god damn speedos which I let him borrow weeks before this! This was Mardi Gras Pool Party the weekend before last.

How very dare he!



Ok so Beanbags can be cool sometimes

After telling Gus that Beanbags are NEVER cool I must eat humble pie. The picture above is of a Home Theatre setup in New York takes inspiration from Radio City Music Hall.
Just look at those beanbags they look so cool.

The setup looks awesome and I am now thinking about how to do the same for my place - Just joking honey :)


Random cool stuff

In my ramblings over the web to find cool ridiculous stuff I came across which are cool little ear bud covers.

So in my desire to have anything tacky and make myself and the beagle stand out I have ordered a three pack! The happy / cheeky smiley, the stars and the gay pride flag cool huh!


And the Pink Flight is in the Air Baby!

The Air New Zealand Pink Flight is in the air and due to arrive in Sydney soon!

Who else but Ait New Zealand would have an entire flight dedicated to bring revellers to Sydney's Mardi Gras.

I am getting so damn bloody excited, it's been too long since Mardi Gras has been this much of a focus not just in the Gay & Lesbian community but also in the mainstream press.

Even though the strip itself has not yet exploded with colour it's starting.

Let's just hope that the rain holds off on Saturday and the crowds come pouring into the strip to watch and celebrate in diversity!


Spam and Skype

We all accept spam in our emails, you know the ones to enlarge our penises, make us better lovers, make money at home etc.

Of late though I am getting huge amounts of spam from bots on my Skype account.

It's always 'sexy' women who want to have sexy chat with me.

Look I am all for sexy people to 'chat' with me but why can't it be Andreas Lundin wanting to have 'sexy' chat with me instead?

I saw him again the other day walking around the area, I swear he is the perfect guy. He looks great, he knows how to help you at the gym, he even speaks with an accent so it would be like having sex with subtitles too.

Seriously though, an anyone actually explain to me what these women or bots want when they chat? Are people seriously that stupid that they think some hit chick wants to talk just with them?


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dalton from Chosmen

What a hotty!

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Dean & Diego From Fratmen

Oh I love me some Frat Boys at Fratmen!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy Start to the Week

I have been flat chat the last few days at work and have had little time to do much other than work.

I am loving the new office like crazy, it's great to be back in a fun and very groovy environment again. The dogs are very funny to watch and I will have to get some pictures of them playing together when I get a chance.

It is however only five days till Gay Christmas, otherwise known as Mardi Gras and I am excited beyond belief. Although I am just a tad nerbous about the intended scope of partying...

So Saturday night we throw a Mardi Gras Parade Party at home, then we are off to the Mardi Gras parade whic is well and truly sold out. I had a quick look on ebay and some tickets are selling in excess of $450 a ticket! (strike that there are two tickets for $1025 dollars)

Then on Sunday we are off to Toybox, then off to Homesexual with Offer Nissim on Sunday night and will either collapse in bed sometime early Monday or will end up at some salubrious joint like Phoneix Rising.

I dare say there will be (or is intended to be) sleeping at some stage between each party - well that's the current plan anyway!

So there is huge amounts still to be organised and I don't have a thing to wear!

And I do think that London Preppy should have come with his friend Donnell to join the week of gay frivolity too!

On a nice note my Lewis Payton signed cards arrived today and I have had a quick look. While the photographs are stunning two small things have disappointed me:

1) Only one of the cards is signed;
2) the quality of the prinitng leaves a bit to be desired.

But for $39.95 USD what can you expect?

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Anthony Ikin

I must admit that I don't watch 'So you think you can dance', but after seeingthese pictures of Anthony Ikin one of the contestants I think I might have to start!


It's Official

It's official, the Mardi Gras Party has offically sold out!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beagle wins Best of Show!

For the first time in the history of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show a Beagle has won the top honors!

Uno the Beagle was a psrfect dog, and anyone who knows Beagles knows just how difficultv they are to train and keep under control, so a Beagle winning is fantastic.

I did tell Lucy the Beagle about this but she jus walked up my chest and licked my face in response.

Somehow I don't thinkshe will ever win that particular dog show!

Mardi Gras About to sell out!

If you re intending to go to the Mardi Gras Party you had better hurry up and buy your tickets!

The final 1500 tickets have now gone on sale and they are expected to sell out soon!

Things that annoy

There are few things that annoy me more than people who do not returns phone calls or emails.

Particuarly in a business setting where you would assume that your email would be returned or acted upon within a few days.

But nup!

There is a partner company that we do some work with on and off who we requested a quote from for some stuff and they requested a quote from us (both unrelated).
I responded within 24 hours with the quote and it's been over a week and a half now and still no response from them.
Not even a thanks we will get back to you.
Mind you I have a sneaking suspicion that something untoward is going on with the company, IE I think maybe they are having 'issues'
But still, email ettiquete in business is to my mind very important and you should at the very least send back an email saying thank you when they ask for something and you provide it to them!


My Pick of Mr Gay Facebook

These are all from the Mr Gay Facebook Group Join now!


Jack & Nathan at Blake Mason

Nathan is back in front of the cameras at BlakeMason. This time he wanted to get fucked real bad, and who is better than Jack to give it to him real hard. The action starts with Jack giving Nathan a real nice sensual message, running his fingers all over that perfect skin and deliciously toned butt! It doesn't take much time before Jack's "magical touch" is working hard on Nathan's nice uncut black cock. Before Jack gives Nathan what he really wants; a nice fuck, there are lots of cock-sucking, sixty-nining, rimming and even a little toe sucking. After Nathan asks his partner to fill his eager ass, what follows is pure passionate fucking as these two melt in to one, totally focused on giving each other absolute pleasure. Sex really doesn’t get much better than this… and the ending is pure gold!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I hear voices in my head


Office Living

It's a bit weird working back in the middle of an office environment again.

For one thing it's very noisy and having worked in formal offices most of my adult life working in this sort of 'creative' space office will take some time to get fully used to.

Mind you I am enjoying myself quite a lot even if there will be a getting used to it time period.

On the not sleeping issue I did take a sleeper last night and had a much better nights sleep which was fantastic although I decided to sleep in till almost 8am this morning which is unheard of for me!

The down side of that was that I was in the office much later than I would normally like to be and so I am a good hour out of wack!

I have to look for a large piece of decorative art to go behind me on the wall a bit like the one I got for Christmas at home. But I want something in blue I think, but definitely not some ugly ocean scene hahaha.

The cutest thing about the office is watching Mabeline and Lucy play together, and most of the time they actually go and sleep in their respective beds which is fantastic. There is always a bit of posturing at first and they have a good play when they first see each in the morning. But apart from that they are very much behaving!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Australia Has a New Hero

I am not a person ususally to laud the successes of sports people because I think they get far too much atention while academic heros get almost no attention.

However the purely vacuous reaction I have for Eamon Sullivan who broke the 50 metre freestyle World record I will make an exception because he is a hotty!

Blond - Check
Muscles - Check
Smooth Skin - Check
Tanned - Checked!


Monday, February 18, 2008

And I am moved

I have moved and unpacked, now all I need to do is get the internet connection all up and runnig and buy some new furniture!

The picture shows my desk which I actually built years ago from timber from the house where I grew up, cool huh!

The art and walls need to be all replaced with art more to my taste. I also need to get some storage units and bookcases for 'stuff', but I will wait for a couple of weeks to do anything until I am used to the office and know exactly what I want.

So for now I am on hold waiting to find out exactly when my new ADSL connection will be connected.


Underestimated Stress & Anxiety

I have pretty much underestimated how stressed moving into a new office has actually made me. I am total creature of habit and moving full stop and the whole stress of being kicked out of the office last year was considerable.

I thought I was relatively OK, but I realised that for the last week or so I have been waking in the middle of the night and having a restless very thought filled rest of the night.

I take sleeping tablets on a regular enough basis that I actually prefer to try and go as long as I can bear without them when my sleeping patterns get like this. I really don't like taking sleepers as a rule mainly because I worry about becoming dependant on them.

I am pretty tired this morning but in restrospect the last weeks bad sleeping patterns can all be linked to the office move!

So the movers are here right now getting all the files, furniture and office equipment we had in storage and in a little while we will trundle off down the road to move everything in and start unpacking!

Unfortunately none of the boys moving me are even remotely attractive!

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Weekend's Wrap

This weekend saw quite a bit of social activity for omce away from both Home and the familiar surrounds of Oxford Street.

On Saturday night we went to celebrate the very sweet Gus's 25th Birthday at Gus and Adams home in the surburban enclaves of Sydney. A hugely fun night and we finally go to introduce the beagle to the huge labrador Shelton.

It was also nice to see the ever sweet Dan who is no longer 'from the mountains' as he has moved into student accommodation in the big smoke woohooooo!

Then on Sunday the celebrations of 'Gay Christmas' otherwise known as the Mardi Gras Festival, and in particular Fair Day was in full swing for us.

Apart from having a very badly behaved beagle who would NOT sit still and strained and pulled till our tempers were frayed we had a blast. The boy went home late in the afternoon and then met back up with us all early in the evening as we went on for dinner and then more drinks at The Bank Hotel in Newtown.

Fair Day was as usual a mixed affair in terms of organisation. For the umpteenth year in a row people were not allowed to bring in alcahol and instead had to buy it on site.

Now that's fine and we understand that Fair Day is a licensed event AND New Mardi Gras has to make money, but for crying out loud have more then two bars in the entire place so people do not ahve to queue for more than 20 minutes to get a drink.

It's a small issue and I suspect may even be intentional (to stop people from getting drunk as it is now a very child friendly event).

The dinner was enlighteningas we were talking to some friends who whilst being ten + years younger than me have a very similar view point on community and the need for it.

Mind you the hot boys at Fair Day were fantastic, although many of them are going to have some very unattractive tan lines this week hehehehe.

Anyway a hugely fun weekend, so now it's full steam ahead for the week and today I finally move into my new office, although I don't have an internet connection in the office yet so I will have to work from home until that is connected.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jason from the gym in Follow the Boy

This is the very hot Jason Beam who works at my Gym in Sydney, he is very hot very sweet and best of all very straight LOL. I love watchig gay boys try ot flirt with him, in the main it just goes straight over his head!

You can see more of Jason on the cover of a past DNA Magazine too.


The battle of the bulge

Over the last few months I have been slowly but surely trimming down and getting back into a regular fitness regime.

Last year I went though troughs and peaks of working out, more time was spent away from the gym and my eating habits became particularly bad too.

Over December and January my mid section and my waist totally ballooned from a size 31 waist to about 33 inch in a matter of two months of bad eating and almost 76kgs too.

Considering the obsession I have with my abs and general weight the mess I was letting body turn into was significant.

So for the last six weeks or so I have been dieting and exercising with an almost religious fervor!

I have been doing a lot of cardio in the form of interval training which has had a significant effect on the shape of my body. Interval training is sort of like a stepped up and down intensity level cardio workout.

The intention is to cycle up to your maximum exertion in short bursts, but also to make sure your body does not get 'used' to the exercise that you are doing.

You also only have to do twenty - twenty five minutes of interval training which makes it easier to fit in to an already busy schedule. Mind you it's bloody hard going doing interval training and afterwards I sometimes shake for a while from the intensity.

But all this has definitely started to pay off, the good old fashioned pinch test (and getting into my jeans and the belt buckle test) all show that I am trimming down. Probably not quite as fast as I would like, but I am still eating and have no intention of starving myself.

I am back down to 32 ish around the waist and about 72 kgs, although I still have some way to go to get to the perfect abs obsessed body I want!

On the issue of eating though I have swapped bad snacks for good snacks and no junk food either. I have become a bit of a pig with carrots, celery, apples and bananas. I have also found a strange side effect from eating all of that good fresh fruit and veg is that I tend to get bloated while my body breaks down all the cellulose in the food.

Part of the reason I want to get trim again is purely vacuous after all it is only two short weeks to Gay Christmas - Mardi Gras and I have every intention of looking good for the party season.

In fact I have even started the tanning process two weeks out too, so I have a nice deep tan by the parties.
After all tanned skin can hide a multitude of fat!

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Addition to the art collection desires

I seem to be rather fixated at the moment on the art issue... and I have been doing a lot of searching, browsing and reading on cool contempary artists.

I had seen Brian Jones Work before but had not paid much attention till I saw some of his more recent work and especially the piece below entitled 'fuck'.

It's very cool and very very naughty and in your face just the way I love it!

The original painting was done in 2005 and then a limited edition of 50 giclee prints was done in a far more vibrant colour.

I did notice that the Opus Gallery was offering the print for 215 GBP while the artist himslef is selling the print for 250 GBP.

I would be facsinated to know how much the original painting was purchased for though if a limited edition giclee print is so affordable. And it does present an interesting question about what to collect, do you only collect original art works which limits the number of artworks you can buy and the artworks themsleves. Or do you establish a collection with signed limited editions? Food for thought

Some of his other works that I like are below.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good advice - never invite your parents to your house warming

Read as a comment on an article How to Host a Housewarming Party. I especially love the 'outed himself with a bit of rough trade from Melbourne' LOL.

What good advice!


Farewell to an Australian Legend Smokey Dawson 1914 - 2008

A real Australian Legend Smokey Dawson passed away today at the age of 93.
Most people my generation and younger would probably vaguely recognise the name of Smokey Dawson, but not really know much about him.
I had the pleasure of knowing Smokey and his wife Dot when I was a teenager, and I will always remember how lovely and special they both were / are.
I suppose it is a rather fitting tribute to them that this would have been their 64th wedding anniversary this year.
Smokey has left a huge legacy to the world and Australia, and although he may have now left us his memory will burn strongly in the eyes of the nation.
My thoughts are with Dot his wife.

Ok this is a bit Cyborg weird!

This was on Dude Tube and I just thought it was so weird cyborg I had to share!

Oops I've done it again

I came across this limted signed Print Set from Lewis Payton on A Different Light Book Store's website and decided I just had to have them. And at $39.95 USD it' s cheaper than I could get in Australia too!
Lewis Payton is one of my favorite photographers (not in my dream art collection list but still a favorite photographer) and does some incredible work. I found this because I was looking at other signed copies of Joe Phillips works on the website after ordering the Joe Phillips book For the Boys the other day.
The pack includes a selection of ten images from Paytons portfolio featuring Rusty Joiner, Sean Harley and Ryan Darharsh, signed and delivered.
I have no idea what I will do with these, as I already have lots of signed small prints and photographs which I have collected from emerging artists which I don't know what to do with now!
I suppose let's just collect it and catalogue it!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skylar from Fratpad

They sure do manage to find some of the hottest guys at Fratmen!

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Tim who?

Apparently pint sized gay pop star wannabee Anthony Callea is dating Tim Campbell.

Um Tim who?

I actually had to Google this guy cause I had never heard of him.

How Z list can you possibly get and wanna be c list by dating random pint sized pop wannabees?

And just to confirm how Z list he really is, his latest big break was in Dancing with the Stars!

Courtney Act 'does' Corey Worthington

Talking of Courtney, she has done a cool version of my favorite bogan!

What a hoot!

I am predicting we will see a lot of Corey Worthington's at this years Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cool Marketing Idea to support Courtney Act

Courtney Act has come up with a very cool way to raise money for the production of her new EP. She is selling 'pieces' of herself online for ten bucks a pop!

I have duly bought a piece of that blond bitch and I am expecting her to at least remember my name next time I get introduced to her for the 50th time!

However it's a bloody good idea and I am sure it will be endlessly blogged about all over the place!

So be a good boy / girl / drag queen and support the artists that support our commmunity (thanks Courtney for performing at the recent Vigil :).

Buy a piece of Courtney Act!

Two Year Anniversary of not smoking

I was reminded by this post that on the 15th of February it is the two year date of my giving up smoking!

I am very proud to say that I have never had another ciggy, not have I even had a puff of one!

I know though that one single puff would take me all the way down that nasty slippery slope, so I avoid it like the plague.

Congratulations to moi!

I checked and I did blog about it last year too.


Busy Day & general musings

I have been having a really busy day today and have only just managed to finally get some time to get some lunch.

With the lull in the phone calls and work that has been keeping me busy I thought I would blog about my day.

I am starting to get a bit weirded out by how many of my friends read my blog it's quite funny wjhen you run into someone who you haven't seen in a few weeks and they know everything (well that which I blog) that has been going on.
I do love technology and the way it can keep people in touch all around the world without me even knowing it either! I know the girls in Finland read my blog every now and then and I will get a funny comment left, I know other friends around Australia read it too because they tell me when I talk with them.
But I also wonder just how many other people I / we know read my blog on any regularity. I suppose since the blog also gets published on my Facebook profile more people than normal do read it!
But how many people are lurking out there that I don't know about?
I do think the funniest moment of the day is the fact that Margueax has also ordered the signed Joe Phillips book from yesterday, how cool is that? Now that's really cool viral marketing! Maybe I should email Joe and tell him about the little spike in sales he got. Did anyone else buy the book I wonder?
I was also wondering about the power of blogging, after reading about Brenton's readers offers of buying him the hot shorts for Mardi Gras and thinking about all the people who have done really cool stuff online, I wondered if I could use this to my ends.
I have never really put a wishlist of Amazon products online, instead I have always supported the site through the advertising porn advertising revenues.
The campaign to get London Preppy's big picture got a huge response from people but failed in the end because he didn't want to give the huge picture away.
So I thought maybe I shoudl use this to help me achieve my dream art collection. I wonder just wonder whether I could get enough momentum in some way to trade for, do somethng etc to get an original artwork from the collection?
Thoughts thoughts thoughts ...
You know sort of like the guy who traded a red paperclip up to a house. Hey I'm intelligent I must be able to think of something!
So there we are it's all about me again!


Hot Jarrod Showing off

This boy is smokingly hot! And yes it's semi safe for work!


Racism is Gay

In my search for information on American Apparel I came across the DIY edgy T Shirt company Steez Luiz.

I saw the above T Shirt and at fisrt I was like that's so inappropriate, how dare someone use the derogatory term 'that's so gay' as a way to show how inappropriate racism is.

Then (yes it took me a moment) I realised that it's a meant to be ironic and is actually a statement about why so many people who are against racism (read the fundamental christians) are anti-gay.

Cool huh!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Signed Joe Phillips Picture Book

After doing my mammoth Dream Art Collection post and revisiting a whole lot of my favorite artists.

I came across a clearance sale for signed copies of Joe Phillip's book For the Boys. So when something that cool comes along what's a boy to do?

Buy the bloody book of course!

That's what!

So in a few weeks I should have a nicely signed book of Joe Phillip's work.

Mind you I remember a few years back he was doing a book of real people and you could send in a picture and he would do a rendition of the picture for you and the book (much like Andy Warhol and The Factory portraits).

I was looking through his site to see whether he still does this sort of stuff because these days I think that could be really cool!

I might just have to email him and ask.

Years ago I did a review on his work and had a whole lot of emails back and forwards, which was way cool!

And in other news my Tom Cruise An Unauthorised Biography arrived today, considering it's offically 'banned' in Australia I am really stoked to have the copy!


My Dream Art Collection

After my post the other day I started to think about my own legacy. But I also started to think about which artists I would like to have an original artwork from in my 'Dream Collection.

Now many of these artists, original works are already in the hundred's of thousands if not millions of dollars in value. But some of them you can still pick up original artworks at reasonable prices, and you can always buy signed limited editions of each for realistic prices.
Also for many of the photographers there are amazing limited edition signed books that are available for purchase and collecting, although I think any of those books would be kept out of reach of small furry beagles!

So I have assembled a list of Artists (in no particular order) and a small smattering of each of their works. The images here are not meant to be the actual artworks I like, more a representation of their works.

Julian Opie

Marc Chagall


Howard Arkley

Keith Haring
Andy Warhol
Roy Lichtenstein

Joe Phillips

Todd Goldman

Robert Dickerson
Scott Redford
Charles Blackman

John Olsen
Gilbert and George Pierre et Gilles
Arthur Boyd

Hannah Hall

Justine Smith

David Larwill


Herb Ritts

Bruce Webber

William Yang

David La Chappelle


Gary Myers


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Howard to be Knighted?

A recent media report suggests that former Prime Minister John Howard could be given an Order of the Garter.

Personally I find this absolutely disgusting.

The man has ben one of the most divisive figures in Australian society in the last 12 years. If this happens I will lose any and I mean ANY repect I had for the Queen.

The most John Howard deserves is the knowledge that he was thrown out on his ass and was one of the onlytwo sitting Prime Ministers to ever lose their own seat.

Mind you if it did happen it owuld probably reopen the entire republic debate in this country again.


Animated Julian Opie

This is very cool!
Click here to see an Animated Julian Opie.



Homophobosphere - An environment created by antigay postings on Internet blogs that spreads hate, produces fear, and is still protected by free speech.

Imperial Hotel to Include a Huge Rotating Stilleto & Another Gay Club on the Skids!

It's being reported in the main stream media that the Imperial Hotel made famous in the movie Priscilla Queen of The Desert, wants to put a 2 metre rotating Stilleto on the roof. I love the campness of this move and the absolute confirmation that this is a Gay & Lesbian Venue!

The Imperial Hotel has been around for decades and is now the only Gay & Lesbian Venue in the Inner West of Sydney after the Newtown Hotel closed late last year. Currently the hotel is being renovated entirely and is loked in dispute about the number of People to be allowed and the number of people who can be in the smoking area at one time. Source

It's fantastic to see businesses aimed at the gay community spending money on their venues, and we are talking about some serious money being spent on the Imperial Hotel.

Especially after the insulting 'renovation' of the Midnight Shift last year. The so called 'renovation' was an insulting joke to the Gay & Lesbian Community and did nothing but add a smoking balconey to the Hotel. The balconey is so small it's laughable oh and they also changed some pictures on the wall and added some 'beds' to relax in where the coat room used to be.

I heard a rumor that after sacking Stephen Craddock (the promoter of Homesexual at Home nightclub) they gave the new promoters up until March to make the club work or the doors will be closed for the last time. They have come up with two events Pure and Fresh.

Fantastic posters, havent really heard whether the nights are a success or not.

I am conflicted about this, on the one hand I would be devestated by the closure of another gay venue on Oxford street. But ont he other hand the Midnight Shift has been creaming money from the Gay community for years and it's about time some REAL money was spent on the club rather than the insulting amount that was spent.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Matthew McConaughey Gallery

This stud muffin of a Southern US Actor is something of an eye candy favorite. His perfectly muscled body and sexy wide smile have made many a gay boy and girl swoon! Have a gander through the twenty hot pictures of Matthew McConaughey I found!


Friday, February 08, 2008

And there she goes

Calvin from Fratmen!

It's been a while since I posted some smokingly hot pictures, you can see the fully naked picture by clicking on any of the images above and you can see the entire video of him jerking off at the Fratpad!

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

In a little under twelve hours...

In a little under twelve hours the Space Shuttle Atlantis will race towards the heavens, I will watching this event like I always do with fascination and it will remind me that I am a child at heart!

Is there nothing Corey isn't doing?

The latest news on Corey Worthington is that he will be releasing a T Shirt line and most likely a line of Yellow Sunglasses.

As reported in the SMH by his manager Max Markson, the reason he is so popular is "He's got it. I mean, the girls go crazy for him and the adults hate him".

I am a huge fan of Max Markson, the guy is the absolute best at extending the 15 minutes of fame or infamy for someone. He has the morals of an alley cat and the PR skills of the best spin doctor there ever was.

It's perfect really and makes total sense really teens will do virtually anything to piss their parents and teachers off just think of the high pitch kid only ring tone.

The teen repellent will no longer foil you, but you can still hear some pretty high tones.

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 16.7kHz
Find out which ringtones you can hear!

I think this is pretty funny actually since I know that I have a hearing defecit on alot of frequencies and I am most definitley not in my twenties. Do the test yourself and then download the ring tone!


Myth of Low Carb Beer

The myth that drinking "low carb" beers is better for you than drinking normal beer is pretty much being debunked.

As the accompanying article explains it's not about the number of carbohydrates in the beer it's the total Kilojoules and of course caolries. You know let's face it the more calories you eat or drink the more you have to burn off or the more your body converts to fat.

And alcohol has a high level of calories which means the more you drink the more you need to work out to get rid of the extra calories.

The difference in calories between a "low carb" and normal beer can only be less then 21 calories!

So for a bottle of beer (355 mls) the following calories are found in each:

Pure Blond (Low Carb) - 107 Calories

Average Full strength Beer - 128 Calories

Average light beer - 100 Calories

So in fact the best option for drinking beer is actually a light beer and not the low carb option.

Oh and my two favorite drinks, white wine has an average of 550 calories a bottle (750mls) and my fave vodka has a staggering 1750 calories in a 750 ml bottle. Mind you when you have a vodka you on average have say 32 mls which is a shot only has 75 calories, but then if you add in lime juice and or tonic it can add or sometimes double or even triple the calories.

Medium Glass of White wine - 108 Calories

Vodka Lime Slice and Soda - 75 Calories

Vodka Lime Juice & Tonic - 150 Calories

Source: The Age, Calorie King

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

American Apparel to open landmark store on Sydney's Gay Mile

As I wandered down Oxford Street the other day after getting my lunch I watched as workers put up huge signs in the windows of the old Gowings Store on the Corner of Crown and Oxford St, announcing an American Apparel store was opening soon.

I could understand if Abercrombie & Fitch opened a store on this corner, as it's kind of like the Centre of the Gay Mile, after all their advertising has to be some of the most queer of any 'straight' clothing manufacturer. But I had only vaguely even heard of American Apparel.

Mind you the particular corner of Oxford & Crown streets seems to have curse on it, almost every single company I have known to have a store in their from Remo in the eighties to Gowings have gone bust!

You know I never really knew much about this company until I did some web surfing and I certainly did not know that they are a really queer friendly company. Nor did I know just how kooky they are or how large or how much they are either loved or hated.

For their queer friendly attitude, I wandered around their website and came across the product on the side. It's called BUTT and it's a Dutch Gay Magazine.

I was like 'What The Fuck!', but this is absolutely real, American Apparel sells a Gay Magazine online called BUTT. How funny and camp is that!

For all of the hype though about American Apparel being an ethical sweatshop free clothing company, there are also the legendary stories of the sexual harassment and mysoginistic actions and activities of the founder Dov Charney, apparently he has done everything from masturbate in front of staff members to take staff members as his personal concubines.

They are the last major clothing manufacturer who still manufacture clothing in the USA, with a huge plant in LA. They pay up to $4 above the minimum wage for the people who make the clothes and the staff love them!

Even with Dov's somewhat strange sexualised corporate culture the staff members of American Apparel love working for the company, after all how many non tech companies give their staff members free massages?

And for even more fascinating bits of trivia about American Apparel, they are the preferred brand of clothing for edgy DIY T Shirt Companies like Steez Luiz, Jewcy & Skreened. Because of their sweatshop free ethical actions.

I loved this T Shirt of the Pink Triangle Anti-Bush, it's just so perfectly in keeping with the kooiness and off centre appeal of American Apparel.

After doing this discovery of American Apparel I am still not sure whether I will buy anything from them, but the thought of a slightly off-beat store opening up on Oxford Street is fantastic. Especially since The Pop Shop closed it's doors last year after being an Oxford Street Institution for over two decades.
I don't think this is the trend of the queer friendly businesses opening up on the strip again, but I would like to hope so.


Blatant Rudeness & Racism

I am creature of habit and I tend to eat at the same place at the same time day after day after day.

For the last week or so when I have been buying my lunch at the Oxford Street Subway store I have seen the same customer come in a few times.

I remembered him because each time I saw him I would think to myself that he was some sort of consultant, and was probably not very successful.

Why do I think he was not very successful?

Well his clothes were ill fitting, he needed a haircut, he always carried very old ratty briefcase and he just had that air of somone who is not happy with the way their life has turned out when they reach middle age.

It's that the world owes me something look!

Anyway, the Subway store I go to is owned and run by an Asian couple. She always works the counter and he always works the cash register. They are a nice people they are always friendly and polite she knows my order backwards and is always friendly when I come in.

Over the last couple of years the store has been getting busier and more staff have been added. In particular over the last couple of weeks they have been training new staff members. Most of the staff are Asian and I would guess probably International Students who are in Australia on study / work visas, and English is not going to be their first language.

At lunch time it can get pretty full on and I could imagine as a trainee you can get a bit mixed up with the orders.

Well today the Guy was right in front of me and the poor trainee got slightly mixed up with his salad choice. It's easy enough mistake you just say 'um no onions thanks' and the onions get taken off.

Well that would be the normal way right?

No Way!

The absolute wanker started mouthing off saying things like he's not going to eat that, you stupid idiot, learn English and a few other choice things.

Then he starts ranting and raving at the guy on the cash register and telling him that he (failed guy) works for head office and he's going to report them and they need to pick up their act or their franchise will be cancelled.

That head office knows all about their lack of success etc.

I was mortified this guy was just being so rude and racist without justification either.

To his immense credit the owner kept his calm and was polite and enquired 'which' head office he worked for. Not suprisingly his story changed and he had done some work for the NSW head office.

The owner obviously knew the guy was lying through his teeth though because he let the guy change his story and get obviously mixed up in what he was saying by asking more questions.

I felt like telling him to piss off and stop harassing people but I decided better of it.

It's funny though I was reminded of a few things, one how easy it is to be nice to people especially someone wearing a trainee badge and two if you are going to pull rank then do it because you have the rank to pull. Don't make up some story that is patently untrue.

Shoutout and some eye candy


A big shoutout to Czechout and in particular a post he made Sixpack! I love his blog it's well written and always very entertaining, but this post with these picture above and in the post of him and his friends made me totally drool!

The body above has to be one of the most perfect torsos I have seen. Every single muscle is perfect, there is no fat and the natural hair line like that is just drool worthy.

Anyway go and have a read of his blog!

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Project Office Update

So project office is complete and I loved the office I saw yesterday afternoon. It's not exactly like the picture from yesterday's blog, well in fact it's nothing like it.

It's basically an older terrace house where the downstairs in a store and upstairs has two rooms a kitchen, bathroom and small outdoor area.

It's going to be totally different for me because I have worked in really formal office buildings for a few years and this will be a totally different experience. It's a really informal office setting, but I am hoping that I will enjoy it.

The people I will be sharing with seem nice, the guy I have seen out on the scene at various dance parties over the years so at least I know we will have something in common LOL.

I so didn't want to have to call the girl from the other office, I wanted to email / sms or otherwise avoidf the situation, but I did the correct thing and called.

It's funny actually I moan a lot about why people can't be open and honest when asked a sales question. I always hate potential customers that rather than say No they beat aroudn the bush or string along a sales process which should have gone nowhere.

One example of that was an Architects firm that we did a proposal for and two presentations. I followed it all up and would cal but for two weeks both my emails and phone calls were ignored.

In the end I sent a polite emial saying thank you for the opportunity to bid for the work and if they wwanted to proceed they could call me.

I have learnt you never ever close off or be rude to a potential sale ever, you just never know.

On other issues I am waiting to see what the results are from Super Tuesday with bated breath, but so far there are no real solid details.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Save Britney!

A beggar in New York has a novel way of making money!


Decisions to be made offices to be seen

It's a hard thing looking for a shared office, you are not just looking at the actual office but you are in essence interviewing and being interviewed by the people who will share with you.

Last week I saw an office that I thought I could move into. It was literally around the corner and was a fantastic two story commercial terrace that was occupied by a high end women's hand bag manufacturer.

I had seen quite a few other spaces and although I liked some of the other spaces but was less keen on the people.

Over the weekend I had convinced myself I could move into this office, there were concerns on my side about sharing an open plan space (something I have not done in years and years as I have always preferred my own office space).

But I was say 60% sure I could move into this office and be happy.

I went there yesterday to have a final negotiation with the girl whose office and showroom it was and even though we chatted and I said yes get me the final figures etc and I will aim to move in next week.

I walked away feeling that it is not the right move for me.

At the end of the day working in an office / showroom surrounded by high end women's hand bags leaves me kind of cold. I want an office that is groovy with my kind of style.

The office was chintzy with beige carpet and that horrible looking light ash office furniture. It's obviously a very very feminie office and does not site well with me.

I much prefer classic high end style, corbusier, poliform like I have at home and had in my last office. Much like the image above although that was not my office and a little bit too white for me!

I havent told her yet, I will wait a little while just to see whether my mind changes again and also till this afternoon when I see another shared office down the road described as:

3 x 4 metre office, grey painted floor boards and freshly painted walls, mind you I wonder what colour the walls are?

One would hope they were white (that way you can use art to make a statement).

So this afternoon hopefully I will see something better!


Monday, February 04, 2008

Who will it be this Super Tuesday?

I think by now we know that the Republican candidtae will be McCain, but who will be the Democrat candidate?

I want it to be Hilary because I believe that as an insider and a previous resident of Pennsylvania Avenue she can get more done than Obama. But in a few days time we are going to find out just who will win the Super Tuesday.

I am not going to pick who I think will win because I think there is a 50/50 chance for both.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some cool eye candy!

In this picture and accompanying article about the gay life savers in this years Mardi Gras Parade we know two of the boys just by total coincidence.

And they even got the front of the online version of the newspaper! I will have to get the paper version and see if they are on that cover too!

And unfortuntaley Brenton is no where to be seen!

You can visit the Gay Lifesavers Blog -

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Extremely Badly Behaved Beagle

We have a real problem at the moment with the beagle.

She has started to display some dreadfully bad, destructive and downright disturbing behavior. When she was a puppy she was quite descructive like most puppies, but of late she has gone into overdrive.

Lat night she destroyed one of my favority coffee table books (the fourth in about the last six weeks) . She also destroyed my flip flops which are the second pair she has destroyed too.

But then today when I went to get some lunch I came back and she had ripped apart two pillows from our bed.

You can always tell when you get home if she has been bad becasue she instantly runs to you and displys "submissive" behaviour. The submissiveness shows itslef by lying down on your feet showing her tummy, which in dog speak is showing deference and telling you that you are higher in the pack than she is.

The problem is she knows she has done something wrong and she gets punished for it, she gets shouted at and sent to her bed under the stairs in purgatory.

At the moment she is in the bathroom under the sink which is the absolute worst place for her. The door is open and she can come out but she knows that she is in trouble.

But I have no idea whether she truly reemembers why she is in trouble!

We always knew beagles can be like this but the behavior of late has just got worse. Anyway once I am calm I will tell her to come here and we will make up.



Friday, February 01, 2008

Five years on

Five years ago on February 1 2003 the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart as it left orbit to return to Earth.

The shuttle had been damaged on it's launch by a small piece of foam hitting the leading edge of the wing causing a gaping hole in the protective heat tiles.

7 Astronauts where killed which raised the number of Astronauts killed by the space shuttle program 14, not including the accidents that killed and maimed many of the people working on the program too.

But even with all of this, the Space shuttle is still one of my most favorite machines of the twentieth century.

Her beauty and sheer stupidity of design (only a group of scientests would come up with the a solution like the thousands of individual heat tiles, each a uniquely different shape that had to be painstakingly created) was stunning.

I used to wake at 3 in morning as a teenager to watch the space shuttles take off.

I still watch the shuttle launches and marvel at the power of that old lady of the sky the space shuttle.
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