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Friday, June 29, 2007

Teh Hot Leigh Carmicheal from SX National by Pedro Virgil



and the rumor was right...

Yes the rumor was correct.

The Spice Girls are reforming, and there will even be five private jets on standby! Go Girl Power.

Source SMH


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This blog is rated NC-17

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating


The best of friends

I found this picture online and could not resist! Such cuteness, I wish our old pussy cat would be more friendly with Lucy!


Monday, June 25, 2007

Get Up Equal Before the Law Campaign

This was sent to me by a mate:

Dear friends,

*Please note - the "e" in this word has been removed to avoid spam email filters.

We've done the research and it's a landslide. A GetUp-commissioned Galaxy poll last weekend reveals a whopping 71 per cent of Australians, including 63 per cent of Coalition voters, believe same s-x* couples should have the same rights as heteros-xual couples in de facto relationships. These results should make all Australians proud. Yet on Friday, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission released its year-long inquiry into same s-x discrimination which reveals that discrimination remains ingrained in 58 pieces of federal legislation.

>From superannuation and workers' compensation to Medicare, tax and pensions, Australians are treated like second-class citizens purely on the basis of their s-xual orientation.Right now our politicians are deciding how to respond to these damning findings. This is our urgent opportunity to tell them it's time to wipe this discrimination off the books forever by giving legal equality to same s-x couples.

Australians want their friends, family and colleagues in same s-x relationships to have the same rights as other citizens. One piece of legislation, redefining de facto legal status, can start us firmly on the path towards greater equality. Sometimes change can only happen when the people lead. And we will. GetUp's poll found majority support for equal rights extends across every demographic, across every region, across every political party in the nation. Tell the politicians it's time they caught up to the people that voted them in. Put your name to the petition calling for equality now - and please share this campaign with all your friends. You can be sure that at least 70 per cent of them will thank you for it! You can also support this campaign by donating here.

Thanks for being part of this,The GetUp team

PS: By following the link to this campaign, you'll get a sneak peek at our new website! It's still under construction, and so all pages of the site may not be fully functioning, but stay tuned for the new site's official launch next week!


Sunday, June 24, 2007

I heard a rumor

I heard a rumor that it will be announced this week, that the Spice girls will get back together and do one, or a series of concerts.

Let's wait and see whether this rumor has any basis in fact!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Little Johnny Bigot goes against Australia's mood - again!

Even though 71% of Australians are in favor of equality for gay couples, our illustrious Prime Wanker, sorry I mean Dickhead, I mean Minister, refuses to even entertain the idea and is sticking to his anti gay bigotry.

Source: Pink News

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71% of Australians Suport Gay Marriage

A SIGNIFICANT number of people support gay marriage and the same legal rights for same-sex partners as de facto heterosexual couples, an opinion poll to be released today has found.
The poll, for the online campaign organisation GetUp!, is believed to be the first poll to record majority support for gay marriage in Australia.

"Australians don't want their gay friends and family to feel like second-class citizens," the executive director of GetUp!, Brett Solomon, said.

"Why is it that when Australians favour equal rights for same-sex couples by more than a 3-to-1 margin, neither major party will give it to them?"

Seventy-one per cent of those polled said legal rights in heterosexual or same-sex relationships should be the same.

Mr Solomon said it was no longer the case that "granting rights to same-sex couples was political suicide. Instead, it is now electoral necessity."

Source SMH


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Slimming Camera

Hewlett Packard has released a digital camera that can slim you down and take at least four pounds off your weight!

While this may sound great for some guys that are creating their Gaydar profiles, I can think of a few problem areas where the average gay boy may NOT want to use this camera!

Can you imagine if the picture slim you down what does it do to your penis! I can just see it now, a generation of gay boys on Gaydar will have to have two digital cameras and will need to learn the art of Photoshop.


1) Take Pictures of fully clothed fat bastard self with new camera

2) Take artistic semi clothed pictures of self with new camera

3) Take nude pictures of fat bastard self with new camera and old camera

4) Cut extremely large penis from old pictures and paste over new picture which shows your penis the size of a small pinky

and Voila! new fat bastard pictures for your Gaydar profile


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


There are many things that get my goat up, intolerance and bigotry is one of them. Stupidity and hypocrisy are others, and the Church of Scientology is very much one of those organisations which i find not just dumb but plain dangerous hypocrites.

Long time member John Travolta recently made a statement about the use of drugs to treat mental illness:

I still think that if you analyse most of the school shootings, it is not gun control. It is (psychotropic) drugs at the bottom of it. source

This after Ton Cruise attacked the use of prescribed drugs to help combat Post Partum depression.

Why I hear you ask does the Church of Scientology dislike psychology and medical treatments for mental illness?

Quite simply because they use psychology to control their own members. The basis of how they operate, the concept of 'clearing' a person by asking them thousands of questions while the subject holds onto what is essentially a lie detector is akin to counselling.

Problem is though the details unearthed are kept and used to control a person in Scientology. And of course this from an organisation who believe we are all aliens, and of course started by a Science Fiction writer and was a serial liar!

I dislike Tom Cruise intensely and now I am adding John Travolta to my list. I think it's high time that Qantas distanced itself from John as well and removed his official ambassador status.


Dale from Fratmen

Click for more hot Frat guys!


Monday, June 18, 2007

Something I hate!

If there is one thing I hate it is walking the gauntlet of backpackers seeking donations at the corner of Hyde Park every afternoon.

Almost consistently there is the AIDS Trust person with their red bucket always asking for money, and then quite often the Greenpeace guys too.

Now I have no problems with supporting charities and I often do support charities in both monetary and non monetary ways. However I do not like being harassed every afternoon by some grotty back packer who earning money by soliciting donations.

The AIDS trust is a good charity but I don't give money to the guys on the street, if I donate it would be at an event or direct to the organisation. Most of the people soliciting are fine and you can say no, smile and continue walking.

About two weeks ago I was walking by and I shook my head when asked to donate and quite loudly as I walked by (there was no one else around mind you) he said "asshole"

Now let me get this straight (pardon the pun) you are some Euro trash backpacker calling me an asshole because I don't want 40% of any money I give going to you. More so I doubt you have ever met anyone with HIV/ AIDS, but yet you assume that just because I didn't donate I'm an asshole.

The Greenpeace Guys

The other ones that only turn up every now and then are the Greenpeace mob, they are a mob because there is always a few of them and they always follow the same pattern. I love it when I say no and these guys have the gall to tell me I don't care about the environment, I do care, but not about the organisation for which they are trying to raise money.

Greenpeace and I have a very very long history spanning back about 16 or so years when I worked for them for nearly five years on and off. I even sailed on the Rainbow Warrior for a short period of time when it sailed around Australia.

Unfortunately I ended up with a very warped view of this organisation and what it became, the view I have it is not a particularly flattering either.

I'm not the most environmentally conscious person, but I am environmentally minded if you will. But Greenpeace like so many community based organisations lost its way seriously in about the mid nineties onwards.

Around this time there were two main factions within the environmental movement. On the one hand you had the die hard greenies who were anti globalisation, anti development, hated corporations and basically believed that all progress should be stopped.

On the other side you had the Solutions Based campaigners, these people understood that businesses were not going to simply stop doing something, they needed solutions or best practices that were moving towards better environment sustainability.

To this end the Solutions people did all sorts of really cool stuff including investing in companies that made CFC free refrigerators and then giving away the technology to the rest of the world. In Australia the Greenpeace Solutions based people worked with the NSW Government to design the 'Green Olympics'.

As you might guess the two factions basically shook each other to death, the in fighting within the organisation was horrendous, as were the egos.

In the end that and a lot of other fundamental arguments pretty much wrenched the organisation apart and it has become an also ran in today's environmental fight.

I hate being asked for money every day it's insulting!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week Wrap Up

This weeks news and events that have got me going:

Ultra Right Wing Anti-Gay Young Liberal Wins Preselection

The right wing bigot, Alex Hawke has been preselected for a safe NSW Liberal seat, prompting an ex NSW Liberal leader to say, "Even Blind Freddy cold see he was the wrong choice". Alex Hawke is the ex President of the Yong Liberals who famously once told people that the Liberal party should get back to it's roots of ultra conservatism and vote against such things as equalising the homosexual age of consent. It's a great day for the NSW Labor party though, the further right the Liberals get the less likely they are to ever get back in power!

Dawn O'Donnell, the Queen Bee of Gay Sydney Dies

The undisputed queen bee of the gay Sydney scene, Dawn O'Donnell died last weekend after a battle with cancer. Dawn at one stage or another owned or started some of the most famous and important gay clubs, pubs and stores in Sydney. Not far behind in controversy, Dawn was linked to fire bombings, murders and was often cited as the head of the Sydney Gay Mafia. Regardless of the rumors she was also a great stalwart of the community and gave her time and money to help support and better the gay and lesbian community.

First Official Child Adopted by Same Sex Parents in Australia

Two men in Western Australia were the first official same sex coupe to adopt a child who was not related to either of them. This great step forward for equality is already being met with great derision by the right wing bigots with the all too familiar catch cry of 'will someone think of the children'. Personally I thought that's what adoption was, where two loving people adopt a child to love, support and protect, inst that thinking of the children?


Achievement and Self Affirmations

Sydney is in the grip of a self discovery journey, what with the visit of the Dalai Lama and the incredible success of books like The Secret. Every second person seems to be on some personal discovery journey of their own.

I haven't read The Secret yet, although NSSG is reading it at the moment along with half the people I know. I don't generally get a lot of time to read for pleasure these days, most of my time is taken up working, thinking about work or trying to forget that I work entirely and seeing friends!

The basic premise of the book is that you need to ask for what you want ( I am sorry if I am oversimplifying the concept). The idea of everything you want to achieve being out there is nothing new and in fact it makes perfect sense for a couple of reasons.

You have to have goals to achieve them

It seems really stupid when you think about it, but everyone that gets what they want, knows what they want and can identify this. I don't mean things like 'I want to be rich', I mean things like I want to own my own property by [insert age]. When you think about this sort of goal setting and look around a bit you can see this in everyday life.

I run a small business and like good small businesses I have a business plan which includes my 'business goals' and then the tactics I am going to use (and do use) to achieve the goals.

Most small businesses fail, why? Because the business has no goals to achieve!

Create small baby goals to get you on the way to your big goals.

Baby goals are short term easy to achieve things that when you add them all together get you on the way to your big goal. If you think about the objective of owning your own property, you need to do some pretty fundamental things:

Save money for a deposit;
Prove that you can regularly pay off a debt;
Get a job and keep a job (if you don't already have one).

So in terms of the small goals it's things like 'save XX dollars a week from my pay packet'. Every time you do this you can mentally tick off your baby step goal for that week.

Remind yourself of your goals and reward yourself

Big goals can take a long time to achieve and even the most self directed person gets bored with the small baby steps. You need to remind yourself on a regular basis what the big goals are and reward yourself for achieving the small goals.

I once read Scott Adams ideas on affirmations, for those of you not in the know Scott is the creator Dilbert one of my all time favorite cartoons. Scott believes that to achieve something you need to visualise what it is you want to achieve and then write it down 15 times every day while visualising it.

Affirmations are not new, nor are they witch doctory crap, they work just like good psychological techniques work in helping people achieve.

Why not try some of these things yourself? Sit down and actually write out what you want to achieve, make it something tangible and then work out the small baby steps you need to achieve to get to the big goal.

Then visualise your goal, make the achievement tangible in your mind, what do you feel when you have achieved it? What can you see, taste, touch etc.

I am a list maker, every day I write out my to do list and as I do the tasks I cross them off the list, for me this are my baby steps of the day that help me with my big list which in turn helps me get to the big goals!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Simon Cowell says Yes!

Very unlike the normal music videos I show, but pretty damn impressive none the less!


It's gettng cold now!

I love winter, it's may favorite time of year. I love the biting feel of the wind on your face as you walk outside. That difference between the warmth of your body and the chill on your face and ears. It truly makes you feel alive.

The only one thing I don't like about winter is all the hot boys are fully rugged up, so the eye candy is well hidden :)
I love walking the puppy in the cold, for one it means that you don't end up all sweaty and hot and bothered (not of course that there is anything wrong with being all hot and sweaty). But you can really feel the weather.
A few years back the boy and I went to Finland in the dead of winter to visit friends *Hi Virpi Happy Birthday*, as the plane landed in Oulu in Northern Finland I warned the boy to rug everything up for the walk between the aircraft and the terminal.

The fact that the locals were all piling on three and four layers of clothes including scarves, gloves, beanies etc should have been a total giveaway to him.

So they opened the door of the aircraft and the cold air came in, or more correctly most things were snap frozen. It was minus 45 centigrade that night, and my poor boy almost froze his proverbials off in the 100 metre dash to the terminal.

It was a shock to my system but I loved it!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Puppy Strikes back

It was a long weekend in Sydney and so we had a full weekend of fun and frivolity planned, culminating in us attending the party Homesexual at Home Nightclub in Darling Harbor.

We also played host to some good friends who were down from Brisbane who we don't see all that much so it was really nice to see them!

The party was a blast and we had a fantastic weekend all expect for Saturday when the little beagle had an allergic reaction to her yearly vaccinations. In the picture above you can see how much her poor little face swelled up.

It all happened over the space of a couple of minutes almost five hours after she had the injections. One minutes she was sitting with us on the sofa watching TV and the next minute her face just ballooned up.

We literally picked her up and took her straight to the vet, where she had another three injections making a total of six for the day! Poor little mite was not Happy, but the swelling started to go down pretty much straight away and withing 24 hours all the swelling was gone thank goodness.

This week has so far been a bit slow for me, I have bucket loads of work but after partying hard over the weekend my mind and body are definitely not at their peak performance!

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Friday, June 08, 2007


I am not generally easily offended by people and I have a pretty thick skin. Or let me re-phrase that, I am not generally offended by people I do not know.

However when a good friend does something exceptionally tactless or rude I can be very offended.

And let me say right off, I am offended.

In this case a good friend said something to me that has left me quite offended and more than a little pissed off.

I am not going to talk about what was said, because that's not relevant. What's relevant and offended me so badly was the way this was said and the way I was made to feel. The delivery was clumsy and done with pretend embarrassment.

This friend has had more than their fair share of ups and downs the last few years. At times I have dropped everything to help this friend out or to just babysit them through some shit. But that's what good friends do right!
Yes I am offended and I am having a very emotional response to this which could be considered to be over the top.

I know that this friend is not the most open or honest person and will often mislead friends. More than once I have taken him to task on outright lies that were said to my face, and we are not talking about small ones either.
I am in a quandary really, I am deeply offended by what was said, but I am not sure that he would understand if I tried to explain why, as he would think it was about what was said (which was offensive in itself but not the point) and not the situation.
Partially this is about a lead up of things that have been said and done over a longer period and I think that I am reacting to them all with this friend. I think unfortunately when you can't be honest with a friend and or you start to mis trust what they say there are problems and the friendship that goes from close friend to friend to acquaintance.


Sebastien Gacond is not gay

Sebastien Gacond

28 year old Triathlete Sebastien Gacond is not gay and he has requested the website Outsports remove his picture from their website. The article is here and the source of my interest was from Brenton
Sebastien says he is not gay and has nothing against gay people, but he doesn't want to have either his picture or his name on any gay website.
The search engines return search results with his name linked in gay websites and he does not like that it would seem.
Well mate the Internet is a great place, and unfortunately by starting this story he is going to fan thousands of news articles and blogs where we talk about this issue.
Sebastien, be proud of the fact that as a straight man the gay community can look to you as being particularly hot! If I were you I would do some sort of community service for the gay community quickly before you become known as an anti-gay bigot!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Can you hear a scream in cyberspace?

I have been Missing in Action on this blog for well over a week. In fact I think it's closer to ten days really or maybe even two weeks, but I am back (sort of). Work has been going crazy and I have accepting new projects and clients left right and center! IN between all of this I have consistently been back at the gym five times a week focusing on cardio to quickly strip the excess fat around my mid section.

In between all of this we have been doing some social stuff and I have been keeping up with the news of the world! I thought I might highlight some of my current annoyances and features.

Catholic Cardinal threatens NSW Politicians over Stem Cell Debate - If they vote to approve stem cell research he has indicated that they should not do communion and has implied that they may even be ex communicated from the Church. Personally I think the cross dressing bigot should pray for forgiveness of his own bigotry.

Alan Jones gets sacked from channel nine - This had me wooping with delight yesterday when I read this in the newspaper. Apparently the new management of Channel Nine and Australian TV station has sacked the right wing John Howard Apologist Radio broadcaster. He has had a spot on morning television for the last twenty years, but since the Packer family has sold the controlling interest, Jones's acerbic right wing dribble is no longer required.

Will and Tobys - We stepped out last week for a late supper to the newest and hottest club / supper club on the strip. Will and Toby's has taken up residence in the newly refurbished

Lewis the Dalmatian - my sister in law has bought the cutest little new dalmatian and has called him Lewis (lou Dog or bear). he's only seventeen weeks old and he is already almost as large as Lucy, so I can only imagine how large he is going to end up.

Creationism Museum Opens in Ohio - A museum which promotes 'intelligent design' and suggests the world was created 6000 years ago when people roamed the earth with dinosaurs has opened its doors. This museum will only server to confuse kids and make sure American bible bashers kids are more disadvantaged in the future!

Bush Nominates anti-gay Dr for Surgeon General - And finally Bush is trying to nominate the next Surgeon General. John Holsinger is a religious nutcase who in the past has started an ex-gay ministry and said that his study of biology prevents equality for gays and lesbians. He sounds as bad as the idiot Surgeon generals in the eighties who were pretending AIDS did not exist!

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