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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy Week

I am indeed alive and kicking.

Th office move has happened and I am almost fully decorated too!

This afternoon I will have the lightweight panels for the wall created and tomorrow will have them installed.

Then about the only thing left are the screens between the desks for the staff.

It's great working in an environment which is so nice, modern and groovy.

I had a client pop in today for a meeting and they thought the office was fantastic (even if the internal walls were just poles).

The building has at least two other dogs who come to work most days and Lucy has been making friends left right and centre!

In fact one girl pops up every day and 'borrows' Lucy so her dog and Lucy can play for an hour.

Now that's what I call service!

I am in the mode of just wanting to relax and do nothing after leaving the office, but there is just SO much on my to do lists that I have to get it all done.

With the growing credit crisis and slow down of the economy I am worried about how my little small business will go.

Hopefully through all the new products and product strategies we will be in a good position to capture the market that needs to be more cost effective.

Anyway I am finally off to join a gym after Gold's closed down at the end of last month and do a very light workout for the first time in over three months!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Steroids in Gay Lube Oil

It really shoudl have rung alarm bells when the name of the Oil was Gay Lube Oil AND the packaging was so stereotypical rainbow coloured.
It is funny nonetheless GAY LUBE OIL!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sonny Bill Williams

Just because...

Australian NRL Player


Monday, July 28, 2008

and so it begins...

2.4 million dollars extra was spent by the State Governmnet on installing unwanted showers and toilets for pilgrims for WYD because the Church did not tell the government that far less pilgrims were arriving until a month before.

Not just 20.4 million dollars was wasted, but the toilets and showers are only temporary and need to be removed!

A spokesperseon for the Church said in response:

The event went fine; I don't know why you want to focus on all the negatives

The reason we are focusing on the 'negatives' is because the Catholic Church earns in Australian about 18 Billion dollars a year tax free, and we the tax payers have shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars or this event!

I suppose it's a bit like the WYD spokesperson telling the media that sex abuse victims were crankily dwelling on the past!


Lucas Fucks Dante

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uploaded - Jul 25, 2008

Posted by ShoZu


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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Learn to spell CNN!

Some hot pictures from Fratpad!

Where the hell do they find these hunks? It's just one hot guy aftre another YUM!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

The unpacked mess

There is not much of the office yet and I am the only one in the office until next week, but that's it...


The office move

The office move has happened yesterday afternoon.

It was funny seeing all the company 'stuff' in boxes waiting to be packed into the truck for the move.

It didn't look all that impressive really, but then I realised the valuable stuff isn't the files of paper, the furniture or the computer equipment.

No it's the intellectual property in the computers and the knowledge in the files.

If needs be the company could be totally virtual with none of the trappings of a normal office, the only required would be computers, access to the Internet and telephones.

The office looks a bit of a tip at the moment but not too bad, we will go off to IKEA tomorrow to get the rest of the furniture.

Yeah I know it's IKEA, but lessons learnt from previous office fit outs are spend as little as you possibly can on the fit out and get the biggest bang for your buck!

Some things like the desk lights and the corbusier chairs and aero chairs are design classics, but the new office pods for staff are just plain white tables grouped together.

I am looking for so,e office partitions that I can have covered in fabric that I like, something more modern and fun like a nice

The only part of the new office fit out that I am really and I mean really unsure of is how to divide the space between my 'office' and the rest of the space. I was going to have one of those big open IKEA square block bookcases.

But with furniture in the office I have decided I don't want to waste the space.

I did find the room dividers on line but they are in the US -

So I need to find a solution that I can install some sort of patterned see through screen to differentiate the spaces.

I will post some pictures when I take them.

It's a bit of a fish bowl right now because one huge long wall out into the atrium is glass and the frosting has not yet been installed so it feels like I am an animal in the zoo (or am I?).

Hopefully most things will come together this weekend!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is this?

It's a block diagram of my new office.
cool huh!
Let's just wait and see though how it actually turns out!
I wan;t clean white style, not something in between cheap and tacky lol

Rhetoric can say anything!

Now that the dust has settled from World Youth Day we can start to look at the event and the consequences.

The Sydney Chamber of Commerce and World Youth Day Organisers are crowing that the event bought in over 200 Million dollars to the economy.

Whilst the actual stores in the City themsleves are talking about a 10% decrease in business.

The reality is probably a loss why?

Because the majority of the pilgrims were from poorer countries and ad no money to actually spend on normal tourist things, like eating at restaurants, hotels etc.

The event itself was at least 20 - 25% smaller than expected, which says a lot allot about the secular composition of our own country, and reminds us that we are in fact a very diverse country.

But let's not forget the most important legacy from this event.

That is the tacit approval of homophobic violence by people of faith. Yes you read it the even t has tacitly approved and promoted homophobia and violence.

I am still fuming that the idiot dilgrim who attacked a protester was not charged with anything even though it was obvious to anyone that he hit a protester.

On Sunday night as I was wandering down Oxford street and the dilgrims were wandering the other day I got caught between two groups calling out homophobic abuse at the obviously gay boys in the pubs and on the streets.

Direct connection I think between homophobia and the event.

Then the he was not charged sends a strong and clear message to people that you can beat a poofter and you won't get charged if you do it for religous reasons.

But why does the Government think it's OK to promote homophobia?

I don't think that we can ever get equality in this country whilst such large emphasis is placed on an event like this that is not even representative of our country.

We have such a huge and I mean huge way to go to get equality,m especially when our new Prime Minister who I used to have respect for grovelled and cow-towed to the Catholic church.

Deep Brain Stimualtion

I am not particularly close to my extended family, there are pockets that I am closer to which is nice and there are entire sections of the extended family that I would have preferred does not exist (and probably vice versa).

Anyway one of my close relatives my aunt has Parkinson's disease which she was diagnosed at 38 some twenty something years ago.

As the years have progressed her symptoms have worsened considerably and the involuntary movements, shuffle, trouble speaking etc has become in a word debilitating.

But today she will go into hospital to Have a new kind of treatment, Deep Brain Stimulation DBS which is one of the greatest hopes for control of Parkinson's disease.

Essentially they will sedate her and then insert a series of electrical probes into the part of her brain which causes the 'mis - firing' and symptoms of Parkinson's. When they find the part of the brain they will leave some electrical probes in there and hook them up to something like a heart pacemaker.

This all happens while she is fully awake too, this way they can make sure they find the correct part of the brain.

The idea is that this device will prevent the symptoms of the Parkinson's.

This is a monumental step forward for Parkinson's sufferers and I hope this really helps my Aunt's condition!

I am not sure that I could cope with being awake for this type of thing, I think it would just freak me out far too much, but if I had Parkinson's disease and had lived for so long with the symptoms I suppose you would put up with a bit of discomfort!

More info on DBS

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For those of you pervets!

If you would like watch the boys in Fitness First whilst sipping a nice cocktail, head over to the Kings Cross Hoetl in Kings Cross and use the 5th level bar.

I love the review in the SMH:

instead we were eyeballing a gym. More disturbingly, it was filled with healthy
types bending, stretching and lifting weights when the most exercise I was
getting for the night was walking down a short flight of stairs to the bathroom.



Luke Worrell

I am kind of fascinated by Luke Worrell, he's kinds of hot in a young blonde andronygous way.
And you may have seen him on the arm of Kelley Osbourne, this is her new boy toy!
So is he too young?
Just Right?
Too emo?
What do you think?


Monday, July 21, 2008

This scares me shitless

I could not imgaine living in such sameness, but so many aspire to this.

New Site

I came across this online community for aspiring models to promote themsleves and decided to show some of the Australian hotties I found!

The site is quite funny, it's almost like a weird sort of gaydar / ego stroke site. Some of the prodiles are just down right scary and to think that these guys actually think they have what it takes to be a model is well um breathtaking.

But some of the guys are just down right stunning, but yet again there are so many guys that look so good, do they all think that the world needs more male models just like them?


Sunday, July 20, 2008

The horror of it all

Today we went to Ikea for the second time in probably 5 years to look at desks and tables for my new office.

I now remember why the last time I went there I said I would never go again.

The ugly ugly ugly people, and so many of them it's insane, and the total crap that is in that place, if that's not an environmental disaster I have no idea what is.

Yeah sure I know they are one of the most ecologically friendly manufacturing companies (they use recycled products, use farmed timber etc. But that's all well and good but the entire store is just one big bargain basement of stuff you don't really need.

The 1 dollar bargains like candles, hangers, glasses, T towels etc sure they are useful, but only if you actually need them!

Not surprisingly we didn't buy anything and it looks like I will be moving into the new office with virtually only the furniture we have now and none of the new desks for people or meeting room stuff.

It's not a bad thing per se, but at the very least I don't want to be sharing my desk with anyone while we choose new desking solutions.

I am hoping that some time this week we will do the move as well, the new telephone is connected just waiting for the Internet to be connected and then we will do the move.

Totally unrelated I saw this cool use of an Italla vase as a fish bowl, cute huh?

And I was reminded that I wanted a fish again (when we went to replace the last fish we came home with the beagle) but I am not sure I could be bothered cleaning a fish bowl as it's a lot of work!
You can see more of the ittala bowl with fish over at Apartment Therapy.
Just as I was writing this a group of 'Dilgrims" (dumb pilgrims) were just making their way down Oxford street and it TOTALLY set the puppy off.
Their incessant jubilant singing drove the poor pet quite mad and she made her feelings felt by barking at them.
Mind you every time the Pope and his motorcade went by she has been barking her little head off too.
I find it amusing that the dimlgims have been quite disappointed because they have not caught a glimpse of the Pope whereas I have seen him now three times going up and down Oxford street.
I wonder whether he realises he has been going up and down the Mardi Gras route? Probably not but he wouldn't really look all that out of place in what he is wearing.
So there we are at least I have been having fun.

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Mike and Nick


Visit Buzz West to see Mike and Nick

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dawson Fucks Jeff

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Why wasn't he charged?

Why was the guy who attacked a protester today at the No To Pope Rally not charged?
The video clearly shows him attacking the Protesters.
If it was one of us we would have been charged
It's not on, he should be charged with assault!
Remember the face in these photos, this is the face of someone who will most likely attack someone else, he should be charged and made aware that homophobic violence is not on!

Not To Pope Rally this afternoon

This afternoon I went to the No To Pope Rally to protest against the homophobia of the Catholic Church and to Taunt the Pilgrims (sorry I meant spread a message of non discrimination).
What absolutely shocked me was the number of Police that were present to 'protect' the pilgrims from us rabble, literally hundreds of Police were used, on horse bike, cars and even the Police Helicopter to keep an eye on the rally.
It always annoys me that these events end up being a total extreme left wing talk fest which went on at Taylor Square for almost an hour before anything else happened.
It gets very dull waiting through their speeches which you can't hear!
Anyway the pictures were taken on the new iPhone camera


Guess who Batman - (Fuck you very very much)

Look inside
Look inside your tiny mind
Then look a bit harder
Cos we're so uninspired
So sick and tired
Of all the hatred you harbor

So you say it's not okay to be gay
Well, I think you're just evil
You're just some racist
Who can't tie my laces
Your point of view is medieval

Fuck you
Fuck you very, very much
Cos we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So, please don't stay in touch

Fuck you
Fuck you very, very much
Cos your words don't translate
And it's getting quite late
So, please don't stay in touch

Do you get
Do you get a little kick out of being small-minded
You want to be like your father
It's approval you're after
Well, that's not how you find it

Do you
Do you really enjoy living a life that's so hateful
Cuz there's a hole where your soul should be
You're losing control of it
And it's really distasteful

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Everyone likes a missionary!

Especially when they look like these guys from Mormons Exposed!

Me wants that calander!
All that clean living is certainly making fine looking young men!

You can also visit their myspace page for even more eye candy! Oh My John Smith never sounded like so much fun!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Kelan and Austen

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hotty Aaron James

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Is it just me?

The announcement this week that electricity prices will rise comes as no real shock to the majority of well educated people.

Electricity production in this country is generated by coal fired power stations.

Coal fire Power Stations release Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is bad for the environment and causes the greenhouse effect.

So to offset this prices will rise and the money will be spent on renewable energy sources, R&D etc.

That all makes sense right?

Well sure it does but Oh My God the whinging in the newspapers by the 'Aussie Battlers' pisses me off.

The family I love to hate the most was a family with five children in outer Sydney who live in a 6 bedroom home, have three large flat screen TVs underfloor heating and reverse cycle air conditioning.

They were complaining that it's the government's fault that they will pay more to heat and cool their house.

Like hello?

5 children?

3 Flat screen TVs?

Get a life people, it's rampant consumerism when you can't actually afford it that's causing half the problem. No where in the article did I read that they have offset their energy bills by swapping to solar hot water heating, nor did I read that perhaps under floor heating and air conditiononing could be turned um OFF or DOWN to save money.

Of course these things cost money to bloody run!

When they built their big ridiculous mcMansion John Howard was still in power giving large amounts of cash to women to have babies and busy selling off Telstra to pay for it all.

Well guess what?

We now accept climate change is real and we know that rampant energy consumption in Australia is a problem.

But please do not complain that it will cost more to heat and cool your inefficient ridiculous house

That's just pathetic!

Or maybe you shoudl have thought about how you were going to support FIVE children!

Funny or Annoying?


Impressions of the iPhone

Yesterday for my Birthday I succumbed and picked up an iPhone.

The wait was bearable, less than 45 minutes in the queue at the Apple store and then I turned to the dark side and picked up my very own iPhone.

It is VERY sexy but it is going to take me a while to get used to the interface etc. And especially going to have to get more proficient with the qwerty keyboard than I am already.

It took me a while to work out why I could not connect to the wireless network at home or int he office, but once I upgraded the firmware on the routers the iPhone just connected like a breeze.

I haven't yet set up the email stuff, I am not convinced yet that I want o do my email on the phone, but I will wait and see.

What I have been doing is setting up APPS like, Twitterific, Shozu etc so I can do things like blog and twitter from the phone easily.

My only one major question at the moment is when I am surfing the web on the iPhone at home or at work when I am connected to my wireless network does it automatically use the wireless network or does it use the 3G?

anyway I am totally in love with it and will have to spend hours and hours playing with my new sexy gadget!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Let's go annoy us some pilgrims

In breaking news the 'annoyance' laws for World Youth Day have been struck down!


and to the NSW State Government get back under the rock from which you belong!

I do find the imputation that people are only protesting about the laws, it's about the discrimination of the Catholic Church not just the laws that people are protesting.


It's little wonder

You know the whole Anglican Church schism makes me laugh it really does, it's highly likely that the Church of England will split in two.

Why? Because of the openly gay ordained Bishop Gene Robinson.

Some Bishops from African nations likened homosexuality to lower than dogs.

Well to these people I say great, go fuck yourself, and stop taking the monetary handouts from the countries that support same sex unions and equality for gays in general.

Robinson is correct in his theological analysis that parts of the Bible that appear to be anti homosexual are not relevant, or at least as relevant as not eating shellfish, or selling your daughter into slavery.

I look forward to a schism in the Church because it will mean that a very large mainstream church will be gay friendly and the the bigots can go off and live in their bigotry!

Wear Black This weekend

I received this email about the Rally against the Pope this weekend at Taylor Square:

Hi there!

Same Same is running a black campaign this weekend. It's pretty simple
and would love your support.

All we are asking it that you wear black when heading out this weekend
to make a united statement against the Pope's stance on homosexuality as "an
intrinisc moral evil".

There is more info in the email below or here:

Let's spread this as far and wide as possible, so thanks in

Yours in blackness,

Tim from

Something I despise

There is something I hate above all else and that is dishonesty.

I don't mean the occasional white lie, like no you don't look fat in that, I mean the big porkies where YOU KNOW the truth.

There is a small issue where I know things have been taken without asking, I know this because I found the evidence(not the least of which I am meticulous in keeping things in their place).

It's tiny it really is, for me it's a minor issue it just means I have to get another one.

BUT when I ask point blank if you borrowed it, don't lie just say yes and give it back!

It's really easy.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jeff Screws Travis

I am a bit in lust with these two hot studs!

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Will someone think of the children!

Apart from the small fact that Nikki Webster looked like a drag queen (yes I actually asked someone who was miming on stage) and can't sing. This article is a homophobic piece of crap.

What indeed would the children think!

Oh My God she perfomred at a Gay club!

Oh my god I am so scandalised!

Absolute Bullshit is what it is!,26278,24015480-10388,00.html

My Birthday celebrations over the weekend were awesome, and they still have not yet finished!
It's days till my actual Birthday and friends still want to see me for dinner!
I am a lucky boy.
But for now work and LOTS of work beckon, and provided my new phone line and Internet connection are connected on Wednesday I will order the movers and do the move on Wednesday too, and just have it all done!
Oh and that's not Lucy in the picture I was looking for a picture of a drunk beagle but could not find one but found a 'flying beagle' instead!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ryan Sheckler

This hotty is an American 18 year old skating star, who according to Perez Hilton broke his arm this week, bummer dude!
And you can even read his blog too over at his offical website


Friday, July 11, 2008


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It's always sad to see

The other day as I was walking down Oxford Street I saw a kid of about 16 or 17 sitting outside Hungry Jacks.

You could just tell by the fact that he had a wheely bag with him and his relatively fresh clothes he was most likely a runaway from somewhere.

He was still clean and tidy by the look of him he was new.

I have seen kids like him 100 times over the years and I always just want to go up to them and tell them to go home, because in six months time I will probably see him around again.

But this time he will most likely be begging and hanging with the other street kids in the area.

It's a sad cycle and in the most part I am powerless to stop it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

what more than Mardi Gras in it's hey day?

According to the World Youth Day dis-organiser, the crowds are going to be larger than Sydney has ever seen.

Um like what?

Bigger than Mardi Gras in the 80s?

Bigger than the Sydney 2000 Olympics?

I don't think so, based on the number of visas given this World Youth day event is going to be a dismal failure.

And of course the Cardinal is under attack on all sides for misleading and covering up sexual abuse in the Church. Resign Pell Resign!


An interesting lesson in economics

A copper sculpture was stolen from a Penrith Gallery.

The sculture made of copper is insured for about $20,000 AUD, however the copper if smelted down is worth considerably more.

So the art work is 50 years old and as an artwork has less value than the copper.




Watermelon Acts like Viagara

By now everyone in the world must know that Watermelon has similar properties to Viagara

I can just see that every gay household in the world will now have watermelon!

Diego and Shay - Fratmen

To say I like Fratboys is an understatement and Diego and Shay are just plain hot hot hot!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Have you seen

This is the current homepage image of Abercrombie and Fitch, how do say drool!


Bailey from Englishlads

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Why can't it be Friday and all my work is done?

I am having a severe case of I don't want to be doing this today!
I have been stressed out and busy for the last few weeks and this week is no real difference except that this weekend will be the start of my Birthday celebrations.
So much is going on around me at the moment.

Work is hellishly busy and we have unofficially picked up the keys for the new office.
Major stress!

So now I am just waiting for the phone lines and Internet access to be hooked up and we will make the move.
The new office is divine, but there is nothing and I mean NOTHING in there, it's a big empty space with polished concrete floors, exposed concrete and three huge white walls (the others are all glass).

One of the lessons I have learnt from moving offices before, is don't buy anything until you are actually in there. It's OK to have an office that looks like the local jumble sale for a while. We have enough furniture to work and operate for a while or at least until I can work out how to plan out the office.
I have some ideas for the walls already and have two huge art canvases for the side walls, but I think I am going to be bold with that huge big long white wall...
I would have loved to have moved in next week, but it's likely that the phone and Internet connections will not be done till mid week which will clash with the World Youth Day road closures and I won;t be able to get the furniture moved from one office to the other.
So I will most likely have to wait till the week after next to do the actual move.
In between I have been visiting websites and online catalogues looking at office decorating and furniture ideas. As much as I want something really cool I also don't want to spend too much money on the office fit out - another lesson learnt from previous offices.
So I am on the lookout for cheaper options of designer office furniture.
Interestingly Ikea does seem to be the best option for office fit outs believe it or not.
Because the rage of desk tops and legs is just varied you can pretty much mix and match to get what you want. The only question is just how bad the quality actually is?
But hey I am in business to make money not to win awards for the office.
So on that comment back to worky I must get and earn some more money!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pell Should Resign Immediately

It turns out that there is now documentary evidence that Cardinal Pell lied misled and obstructed justice in hiding a priest who HE KNEW HAD SEXUALLY ASSAULTED people.

There are now letters stating to one victim that Pell agreed with the victims version of events and another on the same day another letter to a victim where Pell actually says there is no abuse by that particular priest.

Pell must Resign, and he must resign today!

There is absolutely no comeback from this, he actively covered up sexual abuse by a priest and there is documentary evidence.

World Youth Day and the Pope's entire visit is now under the cloud of sexual abuse cover up.

What a bunch of hypocrites these people are!


Monday, July 07, 2008

The Search for a a reason for being Gay

I found this interest article on some of the difefrent scentific theories on being gay.

Interesting read!

Read the article

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Alex from Englishlads

You know I am not generally a fan of hairy guys but for Alex I think I would make an exception yummy!

AND he has a HUGE cock too LOL.

Have a look at Englishlads again and see what I mean!

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Teens the Main Producer of kiddy porn

I was reading an article online that said teens are the main producer of underage kiddy porn. Which let's face it makes a huge amount of sense.

Think of the amount of teens on site such as xtube, youtube, rocketube etc that take explicit images of themselves and their friends / partners etc and then think ANY image of someone under the age of 18 is illegal and considered kiddy porn.

Last year Corey Delaney was charged with child porn offences for taking pictures of a drunken half naked twisetr game with friends of ages between 16 - 18.

Remember that picture of yourself that you took when you were 17 and sent to someone on the Internet to get a date? Well guess what you have trafficed in child porn AND the person you sent it to can be charged as a sex offender for posessing child porn.

All food for thought don't you think!

Joel Fucks Dereck

I am such a fan of Corbin Fisher and especially Dereck, he is one hell of a hotty!

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Now the Police are calling protesters!

This is totally screwed up!

The Police are calling 'protesters' against World Youth day to 'talk to them.

What a ridiculous waste of time and money, they should be spending the time chasing up proper crime!

Not law abiding citizens using their democratic right to protest!

Or at least we used to have the right to protest!

Read this article for more

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cal from Fratmen

Hubba Bubba!

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Thus article says everythig I think of World Youth Day

Have a read of this article it is outstanding!

Just some hotness

I needed some cute eye candy this morning!
When I got into the office my Multi Function printer / scanner / fax has died, I have a really cool colour laser printer but I only use it for presnetations and stuff instead doing the day to do stuff on the mono to save costs.
Oh well just another unbudgeted cost to add to the list!
Although I think I might get at networkable one this time so I don't have ot hang it off the back of a spare pc!
Oh and btw isnt that picture hot!


This just sucks and our government are a corrupt group of wankers!

It is now confirmed by the Police that handing out condoms on the World Youth Day Pilgrims Route is illegal under the new laws enacted for the event.

I will be calling the local Police to see exactly what I can and cannot do, what I can and cannot wear and what I can and cannot say.

I am now thinking maybe the protest should be thousands of people with blank shirts, hands tied behind their back and their mouths taped shut?

But you know I am sure that could be viewed as 'annoying' the pilgrims!


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A boy and his beagle

You can find more of him on his Xtube profile



Dave and Travis

If there's anyone CF fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of, it's Dave! CF studs are indeed amateur college men, with most all having school, jobs, or other commitments and coming out to visit us once in awhile to film some hot sex.

This is the case with Dave, as he's quite the busy guy at home. He had a pretty hectic schedule for a long while that never quite matched up with making it out to shoot. Thankfully, though, he and I stay in pretty close touch and recently everything aligned just right to enable him to make it back out to shoot after a long break.

I couldn't have been happier! Dave is a horny young guy, and doesn't shy away from admitting the fact that he loves sex. Even if he didn't admit it, however, it would be plainly obvious from watching him in action! It's as if he's totally overcome by lust and gets hornier and hornier with every lick, pump and thrust. Certainly, he seems to enjoy kissing as much as anyone could!

For his part, Travis has truly discovered what a horny young man he is! Since his first timid and awkward moments with another guy before all of our eyes, he has become one of the hottest and most energetic guys we've ever shot! Unlike the shy laughter that seemed his trademark at first, he now doesn't hold back from asking to - even begging to! - get fucked harder!

He recently admitted to me, as we know a couple other guys have, that he feels like he's on the verge of orgasm the entire time he's getting fucked. Just seeing him on his back, legs in the air, with Dave drilling his hole in this video shows that off perfectly, as Travis has this look on his face that entire time that he's expecting to shoot his load any moment.

There's just no denying the fact that this stud loves to get fucked! So, here we get to rediscover just what a treat Dave is to see in action after his long break, and also observe Travis's latest step in discovering that he absolutely loves getting fucked!

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This is disgusting and repugnant

I found the following article this morning on the Sydeny Morning Herald, essentially protesting aginst the pilgrims of World Youth Day IE giving out condoms is illegal and you cna be charged and fined up to $5000.

What the fuck has this country become?

Can't someone actually stop these right wing bigots?

Thou shalt not annoy on Youth Day

EXTRAORDINARY new powers will allow police to arrest and fine people for "causing annoyance" to World Youth Day participants and permit partial strip searches at hundreds of Sydney sites, beginning today.

The laws, which operate until the end of July, have the potential to make a crime of wearing a T-shirt with a message on it, undertaking a Chaser-style stunt, handing out condoms at protests, riding a skateboard or even playing music, critics say.

Police and volunteers from the State Emergency Service and Rural Fire Service will be able to direct people to cease engaging in conduct that "causes annoyance or inconvenience to participants in a World Youth Day event".

People who fail to comply will be subject to a $5500 fine.

The president of the NSW Bar Association, Anna Katzmann, SC, described the regulations as "unnecessary and repugnant".

The Greens MP Lee Rhiannon said if someone exposed themselves in public, they faced a fine of only $1100 or six months' jail under the Summary Offences Act.

"So if someone flashes a WYD participant they will face a $1100 penalty but if they wear an anti-Catholic T-shirt they could face a $5500 penalty," she said.

A police source said causing an "annoyance or inconvenience" was a highly subjective offence. A police lawyer would define it in layman's terms for operational use by officers.

Civil libertarians said they had never seen anything like the new powers and believed they are more extreme and broader in scope than those used during last year's APEC summit and the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

But the State Government said "World Youth Day is a happy and positive celebration of youth" and "no additional or 'APEC-like' police powers have been granted under the World Youth Day regulations".

The Catholic Church denied it had called for such powers.

The regulations were quietly gazetted by the Deputy Premier, John Watkins, on Friday afternoon and apply to more than 40 city locations, including museums, galleries and cinemas, as well as Darling Harbour, the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Randwick Racecourse and parklands.

More than 500 schools across Sydney and 35 train and bus stations have also been listed as "declared areas". People entering them will be subject to vehicle and baggage searches that require them to remove jackets, gloves, shoes and headwear if requested. "Reasonable force may be used to effect the person's exclusion" if they do not permit the search, the regulations stipulate.

The Government's World Youth Day spokeswoman, Kristina Keneally, said "bag checks are a sensible safety precaution which any young person who is going to a major event in Australia would expect". Everyone had the right to protest so long as it was "peaceful and lawful".

The president of the NSW Council of Civil Liberties, Cameron Murphy, said the broad meaning of "causes annoyance" had the potential to encompass any activity. "This sort of amendment is extreme, unnecessary and is likely to escalate conflict when officers issue directions," he said. "People are going to be unaware that they have the power to do this and will find themselves in court facing an enormous fine."

Ms Katzmann said: "The mere presence in the vicinity of a person wearing the apparel or insignia of another religion might be annoying or inconvenient to a participant in a World Youth Day event."

Ms Rhiannon said the regulations were about "shutting down protests and quarantining the Pope and visiting Catholics away from messages World Youth Day authorities don't approve of".

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