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Friday, April 27, 2007

Bandwidth Overflow!

Even though I have upped my bandwidth quote I am still exceeding it towards the end of every month which is fantastic!

It shows that the site is becoming even more popular which is great, but I need to ask people help out by clicking on some of the advertising and joining up with some of the great sites. Every
time you join (not click) I get a bit of money which helps me keep the site up and running and the pay the ever increasing hosting costs!

Read any of the reviews below and then join one of the sites!

English Lads

Brent Everett

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Put Words into John Howard's Mouth!

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Jason from my gym

This is Jason who works at my local gym, and he is one hell of a hot straight boy! For more pictures Visit American Urge from where I stile these ones!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pictures Pictres Pictures of BB 2007 Boy!

All Aussie Beef has a whole swag of photos of the boys! This of course is Bodie - Yum!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Do you like to watch?

so do you?

Save the last dance for Boris

Boris Yeltsin February 1, 1931 April 23, 2007


Monday, April 23, 2007

The Boys of Big Brother Australia 2007

Last night saw the start of Big Brother for 2007 and there are three hottys the likes we have not seen on Big Brother in Australia for a while.

Let's face it the reason I watch this crap is to laugh at the stupidity of people, and the big cute hot straight boys!

So in order of hotness, we have:



I am sure we are going to see lots of these three!


Office Re-Arrange

Since moving into my new office almost five months ago, I have pretty much lived with the outfit that was already there.

This had meant that the rest of the office was fantastically designed and looked really cool. But my private office was a mix of ugly and uglier!

The start off with I had a huge big white kitchen bench around two walls, which may have been great for the previous occupant of the office, but was hideous for me!

My private office is probably about 30 square metres in total (maybe a tad larger) but was cramped with all sorts of useless furniture.

So finally I decided I have been here long enough. This needs to be 'my space' suiting my needs and tastes. So this morning I got all butch and ripped all the horrible benches and have thrown out the excess stuff I don't need.

Now I have a large open office with my large white desk, a couple of white butterfly chairs (like the picture except not the cheap plastic kind LOL) for people to sit at whilst I meet them, a small console for the office server, printer and network and a whole lot of book cases behind me.

There is still some stuff to do, including getting some new ceiling bats to replace where I removed the hideous fluorescent lights, I need to remove half of the book cases behind me and I need to get something to hide the cables leading up to my desk as they ruin the look entirely!
Then I just need to get a nice new floor lamp for the corner of the office and I will finally feeling like this is "my office" and not just somewhere I come during the day!
Mind you there is still a lot of 'clutter' which needs to either be thrown out, catalogued and filed away or some nice new piece of furniture to hide it all!
So Yippeeeee to me!
Oh and the office plans are not mine, I shamelessly stole them off of the web.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

So Cute & Sweet!


Who are our GLBT Role Models?

Sometimes we all need a reminder of the GLBT people who have helped shape history and have fought for equality.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Anxiety & Dizziness Vs.Insomnia

I have suffered from a very mild form of Agoraphobia for a couple of years, which is in essence the fear of embarrassing yourself in public.

My particular fear is of passing out in public or having a bad panic attack to the point of passing out in public. Agoraphobia is particularly annoying because you actual get anxious about getting anxious, and you tend to build up the anxiety levels as you worry about a specific public event in the future.

For me personally there are a couple of situations which make my anxious, meetings, sometimes sitting in restaurants, queues, walking across open roads at traffic lights, talking to people while standing up and driving.

About the only thing I do avoid these days is driving, mainly because the consequences of having a serious panic attack while driving could be catastrophic and or I could kill myself or someone else.

For people who do not suffer from anxiety or panic attacks it can seem almost incomprehensible how 'a bit of stress' can have such an affect on someone else.

I am a bit of insomniac and regularly take Stilnox (Ambien) to help me sleep which does a great job, or so I thought. Of late there has been a huge amount of press abut Stilnox in Australia, particularly to do with side effects such as amnesia when taking it, sleep walking and in one case it has been linked to someone walking off a balcony and killing themselves.

I was reading an article about this and found out that the most common two side effects from regular (or even semi regular) use are:


So hold on, the two most common side effects are what I would describe as a "heightened sense of anxiety".

In thinking back I can pin point too times at which for days I have been seriously anxious and they have almost all coincided with a period where I have taken Stilnox for several (at least five) nights in a row.

So It's a no brainer really I can't take it any more to help me sleep, so here is to finding another to stay asleep that doesn't involve something that makes me anxious!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nice to be home

Back home after a few days away:

One puppy licking my face - Check!
One pussy cat purring and rubbing - Check!

Ah Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lessons on business

Running a small business you get to learn a lot of things that no matter how much you have read before, or done only the experience can really teach you.

One of the most important things you learn is that cash flow is king and you manage client invoices like gold. My commercial terms are strictly seven days on the date of invoice and when clients agree to a project with us they sign a project acceptance form which has attached all the Terms & Conditions and it actually states they agree to the work and the commercial terms.

Realistically this means that most customers pay their initial invoices almost immediately and
progress payments are generally made within the agreed seven days,.

But final invoices are the hardest to get paid on time, some clients try and push the boundaries substantially and can hold off on final payment for 30, 40 even 60 days

I have one such client at the moment who is resisting paying their final bill. So far they have given me all sorts of excuses such as "oh the cheque is in the mail", "we don't work on 7 day invoices", my favorite - "we didn't get your invoice".

If you didn't get my invoice how did you then respond when I sent it and say thanks we will pay this?

I would prefer honesty from the client with regards to their bill payment. If they are having cash flow problems, tell me, don't leave me strung out waiting for your money.

I run a business and if you tell me that you need a few weeks that's cool, but if you continue promising me stuff and then send me a narky email telling me that "real businesses" do not operate on seven day invoices after being 37 days overdue I understandable get annoyed!

I have some pretty interesting options with clients like this. I can actually turn off their websites and block their email access too.

Sounds harsh? I have temporarily turned off access to people's accounts before and have generally found that this works to get them to pay their bill.

I'm in the office for the first time since last week tomorrow and will check to see whether the mysterious "cheque" has arrived.

If not their site and email will go down with a standard message that their account has been suspended due to non payment.

F*** I hate clients sometimes!


Monday, April 16, 2007

A few Days Off!

I have tagged along withthe boy to New Zealand and am about to spend a day wandering around Down Town Auckland. The puppy is back at Roses Day Care where she was looked after so well last time!
Back soon and enjoying the down time!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The problem with having a big weekend is...

The problem with having a big weekend is:

  1. You don't really want to be working, more like lounging around being lazy;
  2. You are still tired and trying to catch up on all that sleep you missed;
  3. Your liver is telling you it feels poisoned by the alcohol;
  4. You still can't drag your sorry ass to the gym;
  5. Even the dog looks at you with disgust;
  6. You have to creep downstairs to the recycling bin in the dead of night so the neighbors don't know how trashy you are;
  7. Oh whatever the neighbors actually know how trashy you are.

Oh well recovering slowly in the office!


Sometimes it feels like this!

The boy gave me this card as a joke, but you know sometimes it feels like that hehehehe. I muct admit though that the puppy does such a better job than I do of running to the door and wagging her tail. All I can do is a slight swivel of my hips LOL.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Could this be any more bigoted?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald 10 April 2007


Monday, April 09, 2007

The Long Weekend's Frivolities

Every now and then we throw caution to the wind and kick our heals up in the Emerald City, and when I saw kick I mean, basically act like 20 year olds and be trashy for a couple of days & nights of utter fun.

The long weekend started on Thursday night with drinks at home with mates T&J and their your work colleague who we shall call Sit. After drinking and carrying on for several hours before heading out to Arq nightclub. Because the club was closing at 4am we had to compress a full night into only s short time which was pretty fun! Although I was absolutely rat shit exhausted from several weeks of work and not bad sleeping patterns so I bunked out early.

But the next morning we started again with J & Sit who we drank and carried on with til late in the afternoon.

Then one house party at 6pm and a dinner with friends at their place that night! One hell of a cool twenty four hours.

But then Saturday!

Drinks for a friends 30th, dinner at a friends place and bed.

So Sunday was supposed to be a day of family and relaxation, but no fear our arms were twisted (ever so well) and we succumbed to going out again with friends!

Sunday night 11pm ARQ.

My God we haven't been in the place for years before Thursday night and look at us, we end up going out twice in a weekend even worse to the same place.

what are we like?

So there is the extreme partying over for another few months, but we did make some new friends through other friends which is always cool. It's funny but it does take a lot for us to actually meet and then bond with new people as we can both be very focused on our little work and sometimes we forget to look outwards.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Amazing Design of IAC building in NY

I am a bit of a design / architecture fan, and especially love Frank Gehry's work (Disney Hall, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao etc).

So you can imagine my excitement to find the new IAC building in Chelsea New York has been completed. This buiding looks like it is almost like a complex group of soaring sail boats.

Visit the building website here

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Random Myspace Hotty



Thursday, April 05, 2007

And now for something different

for more on Scott Cann read his Wikipedia entry.


Hot Damn he is hot!

For more pictures of him and similar guys visit Fratman!


Wednesday, April 04, 2007


There is something amazingly touching about this picture. Not just the absolute flawless bodies of these two guys, but the casusalness of their closeness.



Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Growing Older

I saw my parents and sister on the weekend for lunch which was lovely. But every time I see my parents I am reminded that they are getting older and older. It seems my father is 'shrinking' in front of me.

Every time I have seen him over the last few years he has just seemed to get smaller, the big broad shoulders that used to pick me up and swoosh me onto things as a child have become much smaller.

The chest which I would fall asleep in as a little toddler has shrunk too. The wrinkles on his face and neck are far greater and they tell enormous stories of my dads last 77 years of experience.

But by far the most distressing thing about seeing my father grow old is his mind. Once a brilliant man, he is fast turning into an old forgetful man.

Sometimes he forgets things like what he was doing just that moment and you can see the confusion flash across his face.

He does not remember people's names and never really has, but it has started to get worse and he no longer remembers things in the close past and instead remembers things in the distant past.

Mind you the most difficult to participate in was his adamant 'memory' of something that did not actually happen to him. I was seriously surprised by that episode on the weekend, because I was at the event he was adamant happened to him and not my mother.

It's hard watching your parents get old, and my mother has had her fair share of medical issues over the last twenty years. My father has always been a bit 'eccentric' but recently it has just got worse :(

The father becomes the son, and the son becomes the father

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Based on my many previous posts on the illogicality's of a gay guy wanting to be part of the conservative side of politics, a news paper is reporting that David from Big Brother has had his political ambitions quashed again.

Personally I do not understand in the slightest how you can be gay and want to support a right wing Conservative faction of politics.

It's not suprisingly that a party as conservative and homophobic as the Australian National Party would not block an openly gay man's desire to gain a larger role in politics. Let's get this right shall we?

The National Party camopaigned against qualising the age of consent for same sex guys and girls, they are opposed to anti-homophobia campaigns in schools, are opposed to same sex relationships.

David, if you want to get into politics try the democrats or the labour party


More of the Boys of Bondi


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Jib Jab 'What we call the news'

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