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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Suspected Website Problems

I have been receiving a lot of email failure messages from yahoo email addresses over the last couple of days with emails supposedly sent from a superdrewby account. As yet I cannot identify the problem or where the email addresses are starting from. As this does concern me greatly that someone may be spoofing my email address I ask that if ayone recieves a suspicious email from a Superdrewby account would you please email me and tell me what it is for so i can trace the problem.

I have contacted yahoo and will follow this up with them as well, but as I am only seeing an error return and not the message I cant tell where it is coming from!

Friday, October 25, 2002


1-We did NOT invent disco, stop blaming us

2-We are not sure about Ricky Martin either

3-We probably DID invent aged indigo denim, & we apologise

4-We are secretly glad Anne Heche is back on your side, she scares the shit out of us

5-Our so-called "gaydar" does not get us more cable stations or better reception.

6-Kylie & Britney are ours, J-Lo & Celine are yours. Madonna is for sharing.

7-We are NOT surprised Ian Thorpe advertises "pearl necklaces".

8-if your male friend uses more than 3 hair products at any time, yes, he is.

9-If your female friend wins Wimbledon 16 times, yes, she is.

10-relax, we don't recruit the unwilling

I couldn't resist that - thanks Dave- Astrodave

Wednesday, October 16, 2002


Today the eleven million eligible voters in IRAQ will reinstate Saddam Hussein for another seven years in their model of "democracy". There is no other candidate to choose from and lets face it any group (such as the Kurds) who wold not vote for Saddam are not eligible to vote.

As if i'ts not half obvious that this is not democracy and Saddam Hussein has and will never be democratically elected.

But this reminded me of another election where there was skullduggery and intrigue. The self declared winner is the son of a former leader who is also the ex head of the country's seceret police. The new leader didn't get the majority of the votes in the "democratic election", but still won the election. In one area of the country, votes were not counted even though the votes that were counted showed a lead of a few hundred, much less than the margin of error in the voting process, and the winner's brother was the leader of this area of the country.

We already know that this election was the last American election which resulted in George Bush's elevation to President. So how can Bush now attack the non democratic elections in Iraq with any moral upper hand? Read the great Coup d'Etat in a Pitiful Third-World Country

Monday, October 14, 2002

Shock and Horror

I have watched and read over the last few days of the senseless bomb blast in the nightclubs of Bali. It is a truly terrible act of cowardry that allows people to take someone elses life for whatever reason. This particular event has been aimed at Australian Tourists as the nightclubs which were attacked were very popular with the Australian Tourists.

To explain to those around the world why this is such a shock for Australians is because bali is a very cheap and popular holiday destination, like Spain or IBIZA for the poms. We go there because it is a good place to go (or at least was) and very close to Australia.

I can't watch the footage of the aftermarth of the blast it is just too horrible to describe seeing burned bodies, pieces of people, legs arms and the like. But this attack is so close to home that it has us scared.

Australia has been very lucky in our track record of true terrorist attacks, with really only one back in the late seventies, the bombing of the Hilton Hotel. But now we are in the firing line of terrorists even if the attack did not happen on Australian soil it was still aimed at Australians for the Government's support of the war against IRAQ.

But now we have people in Australia saying that it is Australia's fault for supporting the USA and there push for war against IRAQ. A ninteen year old - yes a nineteen year old who is a self confessed muslim extremist has used the event as a soapbox to put Australia on notice that we are going to be attacked. He also said that minority groups were undermining the society and this guy inthe past has called for all good muslims to attack and harass gays and lesbians. Lovely guy!

For now lets hope that we all come through this unscathed and that our police and militairy can put a stop to any threats before they take the lives of innocent victims!

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Comings and Goings

In the next few weeks Sydney is going to be the focus of the world for the Gay Games being held in November. Assorted international visitors are heading our way and Sydney is in for at least two weeks of major parties and celebrations.

But what does the Gay games actually mean and what will it do for us? Well I decided to first off visit the official gay games site for sydney 2002 to have a look at what they have to say for themselves, but for the life of me all I could work out is that they want you to spend money and become a "Friend of the Games".

As far as I can tell the Gay Games is to promote equality and healthy pursuits such as sports and is open to all people regardless of their sexuality. The first bit is great, but wait a sec, regardless of their sexuality? So that doesn't really make it the Gay Games it just makes it another event.

Or does it?

The whole gay rights campaigning of equality is important, for all of us. As gays and lesbians we don't want special rights we just want the same rights that everyone else takes for granted. But there is a problem with the logic of openoing events such as this to everyone (regardless of their sexuality). If we are promoting the event as everyone welcome, then why is it called the Gay Games. Shouldn't it be called the "Anything Sexuality Games"?.

It might sound divisive to suggest that Gay venues, clubs, events etc should be just that Gay and Lesbian with a focus on providing safe areas for gays and lesbians. While there is still inequality and gays and lesbians are abused physically, verbally and legally by some members of the community there is a need for safe gay places and events.

Part of the role of the community is to provide support and advice for people and one of these things is to provide support and advice for people coming out. It is the singuarly most difficult experience that serves to show the difference between straight and gay people. And this is probably one of the greatest things that the community can help and support us through.

So the point is yeah the gay ames are going to be great fun, but shouldn't we accept that again the gay community is kind of getting it wrong.

Friday, October 11, 2002

Something New - Sextasy

The newest drug or drug combo of choice in dance clubs these days is Sextasy, a mix of ecstasy and viagra. While clubbers have long been mixing their own drugs a pre mix of the two has recently started popping up in clubland and has authorities and clubbers talking

The drug heightens the feelings of happieness and love of ecstasy but gives the guy the aility to do something about these feelings by ahem raising the mast so to speak! Normally on ecstasy you may be as excited and aroused as all hell but unfortunatley you can't always get it up!, but throw in some viagra for good measure and sextasy solves all that problem.

Now sure this sounds like a good idea, But and it is a big but, mixing party drugs can lead to very major problems and side effects. Both drugs work on the brain and on the heart. we already know that if you have a weakened heart you shouldnt be using Viagra at all because of the risk of having a heart attack is increased. But ecstasy raises blood pressure and heart rate as well so you are getting a double wammy!

Now Superdrewby doesn't condone or condemn drug taking, but people do be careful if you do and think about the side effacts and the consequences!

Saturday, October 05, 2002


Sometimes I forget that I surround myself with people who are accepting of my sexuality and it's not that often that I get verbally abused for being gay, but today was on of the days that reminds me that there is still a long way to go.

The boy and I decided to walk down to the local shopping centre (it's just off a very busy road ten minutes from us) as we normally do and like most couples when we walk we hold hands, it's no big deal after all everyone else does it!

However within the first 100 metres we had had various catcalls and offensive comments called out at us from cars driving by. Eveything from Faggot, Poofter, that's disgusting so forth and so on.

The worst offenders were a groups of 20somethings in a taxi cab waiting at a set of traffic lights. As we crossed in front of them the verbal abuse started and continued as the poor taxi driver roared off.

It reminded me that we still ahev so far to go to have equality.

All I really want is to be able to do the same things as a "straight" couple without people hurling abuse at me, or making me feel very uncomfortable. Like holding hands in public without abuse, or sitting in a movie theatre holding hands, or not having parents yank their kids out of my way in case the horrible poofter looks at them.

Yeah sure I am openly gay, I don't hide my sexuality if someone asks I will readily tell them, Yes I am gay.

A couple of weeks ago we went to see the new Austen Powers movie (great!!!!) and at the end of the movie the couple in fromt of us turned round and almost jumped three rows of seats as she saw us holding hands in a movie cinema! Can you belive that for a reaction, after all she wasn't some old generation she was maybe in her thirties with her husband / boyfriend. But the sight of the boy and I holding hands was so terrifying to her that she wanted to jump away from us?

I've decided that people are truly pathetic, and with morons like Gerorge Bush and John Howard (Australian Prime Minster) in power these morons have someone in power who seems to validate their fear and hatred of gays and lesbians. Morons the lot of them!

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Music Defines me times

Yesterday I had a song in my head that just wouldn't quit bugging , not in bad way, but in a way that kept on making me tap my foot and feel like dancing around the place and or going out clubbing. The song in question is a great dance track that was performed at Mardi Gras and is a standard for playing when we are at ARQ!. But for the life of me I could not remember the name of the song or most of the words, and only the chorus was sticking in my head.

The boy and I were sitting at home last night and again the song just flew into my head - helped on by the word Absolutley that was being flashed on the screen every few seconds. I knew that the refrain was something to do with Absolutely, no not Vanessa Amerrossi's Absolutley Everybody!,/p>

So I turned to the boy and tried to hum a few bars (badly), then he got all excited and is going yeah yeah yeah that's um um um.

So what do we do? We call one of our friends and hum the bit of the song and lo and behold he knows exactly what it is who sings it and when we heard it at Mard Gras! Talk about music being important in your life!. So off to the web to find the song and we did!

The song in questionis Absolutely Not - Deborah Cox. You can download the song from:

Download Now MP3 6.84Mb

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Saved!

After a frantic and difficult two months the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has been officially saved and will continue. At a meeting of creditors last week all but one voted to agree to the sale of the existing assets to a new organisation funded by Pride and ACON (New Mardi Gras).

Not suprisingly the only crditor to vote against the plan which will see only the employees entitelements saved was the Australian Taxation department. So the parade will go on as the public side of Mardi Gras, but on the otehr side they will coninue to do the behnd the scenes lobbying and support for the gay and lesbian community!

School Boys in Nude Romp

The Full Monty was not on the bill at Roseville Cinemas but that is what movie patrons saw when 40 naked schoolboys romped through recently during an end-of-year prank.

Year 12 students from Barker College at Hornsby have been blamed but the school is unable to confirm or deny their involvement because it is locked in a legal wrangle with the cinema.

The co-owner of the cinema, Lisa van Pinxteren, said she referred the incident to her lawyers because Barker "had done nothing".

"We had groups of boys coming in at different stages, undressed or undressing, and asking to buy tickets. It was part of their treasure hunt," she said.

"The reason we're so upset is because we've built up a reputation for this place being secure and safe. Having nude boys in the foyer is really not what we want."
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