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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Thursday, August 30, 2001

Lack of Response to New Site Layout Idea
I have been singuarly disappointed byt he lack of responses to my concept for a new site layout and logo desighn, I think partially cause it is so difficult to send email so here is the new Feedback Form for you to use.
I have decided that over the next two months I will redsign the entire site - keeping the same content, but fixing up eveything that is not working and making it better, but I need ideas and comments for the new logos and layout so please fill me in on what yoou guys and gals want!

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Thoughts for the day
I have been giving serious thought to totally rebuilding Superdrewby with a new look, new interactivity and just a general overhaul of the place. I just feel that the site is a little bit stodgy and old fashioned and I wouldn't mind giving it a bit of a zing. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting some new site designs and allowing people to give me feedback on them. In the meantime have a lok below and tell me what you think about this idea for a new logo. It isn't necessarily something I will use but hey it's slightly different and it gets away from my boring face!

[Draft idea for new logo]

Tell me what you think in email to

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

So What
Over the last week I have had numerous emails and icq messages from people asking why I havent updated my site in a while. No answer really i have just been busy and havent ahd time to write anything down. But finally I am here writinga few thoughts down on the computer.
One of the most interesting pieces of contact I have nad is from soneone reading Life at a private School and telling me that there is too much sex, and too much crying of Josh and Tim. While I agreee that there is too much sex (and when I finally get round to finishing the story as I will one day) I will probably write out alot of the graphic sex scenes, but let's face it sex sells and that had been one of the draw cards of the story.
The issue of the charcters crying, well they are emotional and that's the way I have written them, Tim is a emotionally very fragile and so is Josh. there reaction to things is based on their situation being in the cloest, fear and apprehension.
If you want to have your say ont he story use the message board to do so, you need to be a member and have logged in, but if you have something to tell me about the story please do so.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Strange Routines
walking to work through the park in the city this morning I decided to take a different route from the one I usually take. I just felt that I was in a routine and wanted to walk a different way, so instead of crossing straight over the rod I went left instead and went the "back" way throuogh the city.
It doesn't sound like much of an epiphany or anything but it made me think about my routine and what I do. Every morning the alarm goes off at 7:01 am - why 7:01 because it seems to be more exciting than 7am. I hit the snooze button at least twice so by the time I get up it is about 7:20 something. I put on some clothes go downstairs and the first thing I do is put the kettle on and either clean the coffee plunger or just dump some coffee in it. I put two cups out sugar in both and then go into the living room turn on the TV and load up my computer to check my mail.
Once the kettle boils I make the coffee and go back to check my mail, work first then hotmail. then I check this site and read the news at Http:// By this stage lee has got up and we site bleary eyes on the sofa watching the nes and reading stuff online. I usually ahve my shower first and then we both get ready hop in the car and drive into work.
Depending on the time, I either get dropped off at work or I hget dropped off at the side of the park to walk in. So this morning I was dropped off at the park, but I took a different way than I usually do.
I don't know why I took a different way this morning, maybe I feel lilke I need a break from the monotomy of work. I love being busy but every day is a different stress attack and more things get piled up. As soon as I finish one thing the next thing starts. But today i changed my routine - even small changes make a difference.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Welcome to Tuesday's World
This week has been a real bitch so far, with too much work and far too much time spent at work stressing over everything I need to finish and get done. I know that I keep on meaning to write the next chapter of Life at a private School and I also want to write some more about the Boy in the Armour, but I never seem to get much time to do these things!
I have notide that people are starting to use the message board and personals section and I am heartened by the fact that the stats on the site are continuing to go up.
Later this month I will be starting a marketing campaign to raise the usage of the site and will be aksing everyone on the mailing list to refer ten friends to the site, hopefully the number of members will rise and the site wil start to be used by more and more people! So people promote superdrewby to your friends and remember the more people online the more fun and interaction!

Saturday, August 04, 2001

Saturday's Musings
We have recently got rid of our flatmate and now have the house entirely to oursleves which is a huge bonus, since we can now be snuggle up on the sofa watching a DVD and know that nobody is going to come in and start talking to us or wanting our attention. The only thing that does that is the cat now and she just tries to crwal all over us whenever we are sitting down.
We are slowly fixing up our spare room into a study come guest room and as the house is so small we have not really had any furniture to put into the room. At the moment we have got stuff lying all over the place in heaps and mounds. One of the first things we have done is get more bookcases for all the books that we have. Every time I travel somewhere I tend to have a book handy to read while I am waiting for my flights or while on the plane.
We went off to IKEA this morning to find a Billy bookcase. I love IKEA as it appeals to my sense of hominess and building a nest, or as lee puts it my nesting phase. He is right that I love to nest wherever I am and I love a nice confy house. When we go out we always hold hands and act silly like any couple does, you know a quick peck on the cheek or a little neck rub, just simple things like that. Lee had gone ahead of me in the store today while I was choosing some candles. (I only like good candles because the chep ones never burn properly and leave a funny residue in the air). Anyway a guy came up to me he must have been early fifties typical looking, not gay or anything lilke that and he said, "It's so nice seeing two guys being affectionate to each other , it's really nice"..
I was a bit shokced at first and just smiled in my goofy way and said thanks. It was a really nice thing to say and it really made my day. I don't think the guy was gay, I just think he was commenting ont he fact that Lee and I look and act like we are in love, which we do and are.
Maybe he has gay frineds or a gay son or something llike that or maybe he was gay even, who knows? But is made my day and reminded me that even in the world where being openly gay is still strange to some people, there are some people out there that are happy to see people in love and showing affectio to each other.

Friday, August 03, 2001

Back in Sydney Town
Finally I have arrived back in Sydney after my exhausting nearly two weeks away in sunny Northern Australia. It has been an interesting experience working in the NT of Australia, and has opened my eyes wider again about just how large and different Australia and its people and places are.
After all it's the same country byt the weather, attitude and people are so differenent from down south in Sydney. The biggest differenec of course is the weather. Whilst it is winter in Sydney wehere the temperatures are somehwere between about 8 and 18 degrees (celcius) the Darwin has been on average somewhere between 28 - 31 degrees every day and in the entire time I was away I didn't see one single cloud inthe sky. The nights cooled down but they were still int he early twenties which meant shorts and T shirts where the stanadrd dress code.
Darwin and the Northern Territory is a funny plce. the land size is huge - larger than NSW and Victoria combined but only 190,000 people in the entirte state. The NT is one of the most highly visited tourist areas in Australia with an average of about 3 million vistors a year. Many of them go to Uluru (fomerly known as Ayres Rock) just outside of Alice Springs, Kakadu and other places like that.
Darwin istelf is a place of contradictions, there is a certain buzz to the city which is not really much bigger than a country town. the tourists who are mainly young backpackers form Europe bring a feeling of excitement and a carefree attitude to the place, but the locals are still very laid back and tend to be quite staight forward with out much bullshit.
I have to return later in the year for a couple of days which will be nice if I can have a couple of days off to look around outside darwin instead of working worrking working.
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