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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is what happens when you bite your stitches

We had to take the puppy to the vet this morning because she has been licking and biting at her stiches and it looked quite red.

Apart from making the boy miss his flight, she was given this cone to wear to stop her attacking the stiches.

The poor thing hates it and just sits there with her back to me looking out the window. But it is better than the consequence which is having her pull out her stitches!

nd no laughing at my little poppet!


Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (from Grey's Anatomy)

The season's finale of Grey's Anatomy was last night in Australia. The episode featured this montage and song.

So beautiful, so tragic and easiliy understandable why this is one of the top rated shows in America!

And the Season Pilot for next season, same song but.....

Monday, October 30, 2006

Some more pictures of Lucy

I was cleaning images from my phone and I came across my two favorite pictures of Lucy. They were both taken just over two months ago in late August.

She looks so cute and innocent, but at the same time so mischevious!

In the background you can see her green monkey which was her very first toy, the white thing ont he side of her is the squeaky thing which she surgically removed from the toy!

Dreaming of ...

The planned Jaques Cousteau Resort on the big Island of Hawaii

Eye Candy for a Monday Morning

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Politics and the art of obfuscation

All this talk about outing politicians (Mark Foley) and high profile journalists (Alan Jones) has had a huge impact on the right wing of politics.

I am not a fan of "outing" someone especially, like ACT-UP of the eighties, but there is a certain necessity of peeling back layers to show a person's true character when they stand, shout and discriminate against their very own beliefs, all for personal political gain.

The Foley incident has made more visible a serious fracture in the ranks of the republicans, as many of the key policy makers, aides, advisors and republican power brokers are 'fingered' as being gay. The extreme religious right is now questioning how these men and women could support the religious work whilst being out there doing the things that the right so abhor!

The issue of gay equality, equal marriage rights or same sex partners has been used time and time again by politicians as a wedge , garnering favor in the right wing conservative voters and thus keeping the conservatives in power.

But this time round the religious right are questioning who should get their support and by default their votes.

Meanwhile in Australia the much anticipated launch of Alan Jones unauthorized Biography - Jonestown has been called homophobic for outing him. In other editorials he was liked to Jesus Christ too. But I digress, the author of Jonestwon has said you can't explore a person like Jones without exploring his sexuality, ignoring it would make the book more of a lie and less a biography, more a cover up.

Personally I don't give a fuck that Jones is gay, I dislike his brand of politics and I certainly dislike his unique style of self adoration & gratification he gets through the power of stamping on the masses.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The puppy was neutered

The very adorable Lucy was taken to the vet yesterday to be neutered. When we picked her up last night she was so groggy and not very steady on here feet and dozed on and off in my arms all the way home in the car.

Being a beagle she has been pretty hard to train, especially the toilet training in the apartment (in the office she has never ever made a mess just waiting for her morning and afternoon walks).

But lately she has consistently been using the downstairs bathroom (even if it is right in the middle of the bathroom floor and not in the shower stall like we would like), but last night she was so disoriented she got up from her rug and peed on the sofa!


Sigh, she is gorgeous though.


Blake Mason Wins Cybersocket Award

One of my favorite gay websites, Blake Mason, has won the Best new Adult site 2006 vgted by you the users! Yippeeeee!

And to celebrate they have taken a plaster cast of the very adorable Brad and will be auctioning it off with the proceeds going to the Terrence Higgins Trust.!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Second Yoga Class

Last night was my second yoga class and needless to say it was easier than the first week, but more physically & mentally challenging for me.

After years of a limited attention span at the gym,concentrating in small bursts on getting out 6 - 10 reps of an exercise, it is hard to concentrate for the full 75 minutes of the class.

But I felt that I made definite progress from week one to week two and didn't feel quite so silly as I fumbled my way through each of the exercises.

It's a good humbling experience too, I know pretty much my way around a gym and feel comfortable being on the weights floor, so doing something where I am the absolute beginner is good for my psyche!

Thanks to the NSSG and Brenton for their encouragement on the yoga even if they are pushing me to try naked yoga - the jury is still out on that one though :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Power of Makeup

It truly is amazing what they can do with makeup!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Now I have seen everything

Walking down Oxford street to get some lunch today, I saw a group of home;ess peolpe passing around the crack pipe.

A 2pm in the afternoon not three metres from a parked police car and not ten metres from uniformed police!

I now really have seen everything!

Bloody annoying start to the week

Starting from about 6 am this morning one of my key account clients strated emailing and calling leaving stressed out messages.

His website is down and no one is able to make orders online.

I have been sorting through lines of error logs for hours and have finally found out ....


It seems that all mys clients on a specific server are all down! To top it off the web hosts is not answering emails or the phone UGH


Update 10 am

The problem was fixed by the web host nearly three hours later - the problem one may ask? The version of PERL (programming language) on the server was updated, but someone forgot to update where the new version was and deleted the old version. I need a xanax or a valium!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

End of Week One Back at the Gym

So the end of the first week back seriously at the gym, it's kind of been a settling back into the routine week and some new stuff with the Yoga on Wednesday and my musings on the yagos ession.

Some of my strength has increased while I have had some time off, like my bench press which I was able to go straight back to my normal weights and then get a few more reps out on my max weight which was very cool!

I still haven't caught up with my mate Davey yet to get my new workout routine, but I am hoping to do that int he next cooupld of days. When I get the new routine I will post it up on here. So for now I am still working through my old workout routine from August.

Whilst I have put on some serious mass since starting all these new workouts I have also managed to stay stable on the body fat issues as well. I would estimate my current body fat is somewhere between 12- 13% which is still higher than I want. But I have to actually do something about it rtaher than just mope hehehehe.

For my two week break I decided that I was allowed to eat anything, and I do mean anything, cholcolate brownies, tim tams, chinese take away, chocolate (there is a common theme with chocolate).

The problem with doing this sort of diet is that the fat all goes to my mid section and quite quickly too. I rarely measure my body fat, but I do keep track of how tight my pants are and how much extra space is in them. And over the last two weeks they have been feeling just a tad tighter than normal.

So I am back on the good eating pathway and am also back doing my normal 10 minute high intensity cardio warm-up and then my three time a week 40 minutes high intensity cardio session.

I don't really know enough about nutrition and working out to really really know the optimum way to lose the body fat, and so I am considering finding a sports nutritionist to help me match my workout / lifestyle to an eating plan.

Because I used to smoke and eat next to nothing, I don't seem to have that ability to stop feeling hungry after eating a meal, and I can eat a huge meal of pasta for example and then feel ravenous 30 minutes later.

Mind you I am thinking of going in protein supplements again and using them as a form of meal replacement to stop me from eating empty calorie snacks like cruskits etc.

I have however noticed that my biceps have ceratinly maintained the extra size in them as has my resting heart rate stayed consistently down to a healthy range!

So this afternoon my mate is supposed to come and be my gym buddy, but we will wait and see since he opted out all of last week!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Habeas Corpus is taken away in the United States

Habeas Corpus is taken away in the United States

Yesterday the basic tenet of the American Legal system was removed. Habeas Corpus -A civil proceeding used to review the legality of a prisoner's confinement in criminal cases.

So that means that without charge, or without legal representation the American Government can keep someone in jail secluded and away form the basic right of a trial, lawyer or other.

And I thought Australia's terrorism laws were bad!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

This is s how I feel some days!

Yoga Musings

My first experience of yoga will definitely not be my last, but as I expected it was very challenging for me! The hour's class was supposed to be a beginners class (read no idea of anything), but like all things in life this was not quite the case.

Yes the class was showing the basic moves, but out of a class of nearly twenty people only about three of us were actual beginners. This meant we moved along at a huge pace of knots moving from one position to another.

Now my problem of course is that I am a visual person and I lose out totally on aural cues, so I need to see and mimic something visually. Having your head down is not really conducive to this though!

But, these small issues aside my body certainly got a stretch yesterday and even though I am feeling a bit stiff today, it's a good sign that my return to the gym after my break is back on track!

The Image and link above are to the Australian Footy Players Naked Calandar for 2007, All proceeds go to Breast Cancer. So go have a perve and help support Breast Cancer Support and Research.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Finding Time

I have a huge problem with finding time to do things, one of which is to sit down and write my blog like I would like to. I had started at least five different entries this week but none of them ever seemed to get finished.

Because I work for myself and I tend to work at a breakneck speed most of the time, I also tend to want to switch off from the world and get away from my computer.

I am however finally out of my break from the gym and went back last night for the first proper weights session in nearly two weeks. I had gone a few times a week to do some cardio, just to keep the blood pumping, but I knew that my body really needed a good rest after working out 6 times a week for several months without a significant break.

I was all prepared to have to really lessen my weights on my routines, but I was amazed that my strength was all still there, and in fact I had gained some strength too!

So my workout was good and I left the gym feeling fatigued but good about myself. I still haven't caught up with my mate to do me a new workout routine, so I am still on the one from here, but I am hoping that will change this weekend.

My mate has indicated that this time it is a four day a week routine leaving me two days for full on cardio and abs and one day for me starting Yoga.

For my friends that know me I have the worlds worst posture, I tend to stoop, hunch my shoulders and my stomach sticks out, even when I have no body fat! I have struggled on and off with a bad back ever since I was a teenager, and over the years have been told to try Alexander Technique, Pilates and Yoga.

However I have never tried any of them (yeah I am a slack ass) and although the fitness routine I am on has helped pull my shoulders back I am really keen on learning how to hold myself better (the posture and inner strength etc).

My gym is offering a four week beginners course in Yoga starting tonight and that's what I am going to do. I am kind of worried about it, because I have no coordination and doing things that involves coordination takes both a lot of effort and a lot of time for me to get right.

But none the less I am going to do this!

On another gym note a really good friend has agreed to start working out with me, which is way cool! He is not at the same workout obsession as I am, but I reckon that even if we can only workout half the time it will help me and him along.

So there we are my ramblings for this kind of overcast Wednesday!

The image and link above is for the Freedom is not Free calandar being sold to support the marine veterans from Iraq. I may not support the war, but I support entirely the troops, so buy the calandar and help the troops.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

barbra streisand, cursing nyc fan

OMG This was just amazing!


Friday, October 13, 2006

8 Year Anniversary of Matthew Shepard's Death

Yesterday was the eighth anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard who was lured out of a gay bar then tortured, beaten up and left to die tied up on a fence in the freezing night.

I am not sure that anyone who is old enough to remember this event was not sickened by what those two young me did. Even today eight years later it still makes me upset.

It's fascinating that although the media canonised Matthew afer his death portraying him as a young innocent victim in a semi one dimensional characterisation, we now know he was a far richer and rounded individual. He was a real human being with the ups and downs in life that this entails. This just makes me all the more sad for him.

This was a Hate Crime, not just because the killers had issues with sexuality, but because they chose him because a slight gay guy is less likely to fight back.

Eight years on and we have politicians, people in extreme positions of power who still promote hate, intolerance and discrimination. They may not realise it but by restricting equality they have blood on their hands, for every person who is gay bashed, they have a tacit responsibility.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

To stand up and be counted or not!

I have been pretty slack the last ten days or so with many things, not the least of which has been my lack of posts on my blog.

The lack of posts has really only been a reflection on my workload of late and my desire to get the final fiscal quarter of the year off to a rellay good start! Well there has also been a bit of exhaustion from the weekend's frivolties at Sleaze as well!

But I am pretty much over that now!

During the week I have still been reading my fave blogs and also getting the regular volumes of email (which incidently I love!), and have been keeping up with what's going on on.

One coincidence this week that I wanted to talk about was an email I received from someone asking why I rarely talk about my partner or our relationship and the latest post on Hunter and Damon's blogs.

For those of you who have never heard of Hunter and Damon, they are two porn stars, gogo dancers, writers and up until a short time ago boyfriends. I first chatted to Damon years ago - not sure where from, but we traded emails every now and then and I was always meaning to write an article on what it's like to be a porn star / GoGo dancer.

I was beaten to it though as they where the feature of an amazing documentary "Hunter and Damon" which was critically acclaimed, won swagloads of awards and was even banned in Australia!

I have only seen bits of the documentary so I can't really comment on , but the bits I have seen were outstanding.

It's always sad when a relationship ends, and in this case they both cite being in the media spotlight was a factor. The reasons for the relationship ending are none of anyones business, but the comments tehy make in a jointblog post are really interesting and mirror one of the reasons why I am so priavte and particular about my own relationship.

I have a real struggle with this issue. On the one hand I believe that as a gay couple who has been together for many years and are "married" we should be visible and stand up and act as role models.

The other side of me though, doesn't want the attention or the scrutiny. I 've had media attention in my past and I 've known and know many extrodinary and famous people. When someone becomes a public figure, or "visible", everything they do is put under the microscope and analysed.

I don't want to have my life explored in that way, nor do I want that sort of implicit or tacit pressure on me or my relationship.

I suppose I believe by just being it is hopefully helping to "normalise" same sex relationships. What I do know is that sometimes at work functions we are the only same sex couple, and I know that we have helped changed peolpe's attitudes, just by being "us"

It's a hard call really, I feel that we do have a responsibility, but I feel that that sort of attention woudl only be detrimental to us.

I will leave with my hopes that both Damon and Hunter are happy with whatever they may choose to do :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Farewell Ruby Dance!

The amazing Ruby Dance Parties will becoming to an end this November. On Friday 10th November this year, Ruby will throw "Ruby and the lost boys" at Arq for the very last time.

Back when the Ruby Parties were at the Midnight Shift they were an amazing experience, th venue was transformed into whatever theme it was.

My favorite was "Ruby through the looking glass" and I still ahve the keyring fob on my keyring!

But alas like all good things Ruby went kind of bad as it moved from the Shift to Arq where it never really fitted in as well. But maybe knowing that this will be the very last Ruby, things will be different. I think the event will sell out and people will bring the magic back to Ruby for the very last time!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sleaze or Sleazy - Mike Carlton's thoughts

I found this amazing comment by Mike Carlton in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning and I could just not resist!

At the Sleaze - I hasten to assure you that I know this only from the pictures on the internet - you have tribes of hairy men cavorting in very small scraps of leather and fat women shoving their naked, spangled boobs at each other, that sort of thing. It is a Saturnalia of fleshy narcissism, but with a certain trashy honesty to it. What you see is what you get.

Not so with the Quadrant fling. The orgy of mutual admiration appears to have been about the same thunderous volume, although without the display of bouncing pink bits, but what you got was the political right congratulating itself on being right with an intellectual dishonesty that was, well, sleazy.

This we can judge from the Prime Minister's speech, which had the usual media toadies stampeding to lavish praise upon it. A king hit in the culture wars, they assured us.

I am not sure about the only visio being one of hairy blokes or fat women, but the idea that sleaze has a certain honesty in interesting!

I am pretty buggered still from the frivolities of the weekend and trying to get a headstart for the quarter in work has left me with little time to write and do things like this. I am hoping that I get some more time tomorrow!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bloggers Come and Go

Bloggers come and go, recently one of my favorite blogs has totally disappeared off the web. All Hooked Up was a fantastic blog which chronicled the day to day love life of a young guy in America.

The blog had not been updated since the middle of July but I was hoping this was just a temporary glitch.

However I went there today and found a 404 Page Not Found Error, so that means he has intentionally deleted the blog and the archives!

So adieu to All Hooked Up and thanks for the ride!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Update on the Sleaze Weekend

I have been particularly quiet the last few weeks, this has been no reflection on my desire to get the site updated, more so my desire to get work done!

But back to the weekend of frivolity and some comments and thoughts.

The boy and I decided to do both Sleaze and HomeSexual at Home Night Club my first comment about the weekend is that doing two parties and a private recovery party in between is a long hard slog! And not being quite the spring chicken I once was is hard on the old body!

But every moment was worth it LOL!

Sleaze was fantastic, although I was a bit disappointed that the RHI (Royal Hall of Industries) was closed on only the Hordern, Dome and Cite Live were open. I much prefer the RHI only because the ceiling is higher and there is much more room at either side to wander around without feeling totally trapped by everyone at times.

The music was pretty fantastic and the party was pretty packed - which I think was partially a reflection on not having the RHI open.

We boogied chatted and generally had a fantastic time until we left as the sun was well and truly up and starting to warm all of us up.

I have to mention two things about leaving the party:

1) The big gay bus that we caught from the showgrounds to Oxford Street - There really is something very funny about a whole bunch of queens in various stats of party clothing catching a bus at seven am!

2) The friends of friends that came back with us (one of our friends picked up one of their friends) were a hoot and predominately straight which was very cool!

After Sleaze we then headed to a mates private recovery on a very warm and sunny rooftop in Potts Point. This was the perfect way to chill out and get into the groove of the day. Hot boys running around in speedos hopping in and out of the jacuzzi and very groovy music.

Needless to say by the time our friends an us ended up at Homesexual after 1pm we were pretty tired but enjoying the afternoon.

Home nightclub is a multi story venue with great outdoor areas on the roof. The day was stunningly beautiful with blue skys and hot soaring temperatures so drinking with our shirts off on the balcony was divine!

We did only last till about 8 or 9 o'clock before deciding to leave, although I did go for a drink with friends to Slide after a small rest at home, but decided it was best to call it a weekend and go home to sleep!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sleaze here and gone for another year

In a small tribute to the last weekends of fabulous frivolities here is alittle something that has been on the soundtrack the last forty eight hours. A longer post will follow with a bit more information soon, but for now I don't really feel like typing.
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