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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Monday, September 16, 2002


When I get time I like to review the statistics for the site, it can be a hit and miss affair sometimes because my webhost deletes the large statistic files on a regular basis, so unless I view them before they reach 100 mb I lose all the information. Since Superdrewby gets over three and a half million hits in the average month 100 mb for a stat file is not that unusal in a few days.

But back to the issue at hand ..... the stats tell me all sorts of things like what are the most popular pages on the site, where people come from and what they do while they are on the site, to a certain degree anyway.

One of the things I have been playing with over the last couple of months is stopping people from stealing bandwidth and I make changes when I feel that there are too many sites doing this, because it means that I need ot change about 40 or so files on the site.

One of the pages that is still incredibly popular is the photo gallery for Kid. Yeah he is a damn cute guy, and those tats are very fine, not sure though that I would want to get that many tatoos. This has made me think of an article on tatoos and I am looking for people ot write to me about therir own tatoos with pictures, so get your email running and tell me about your experiences!

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Penis Envy

Well there has been an interesting advance for making your penis bigger. Researchers have been able to build new cells for penis regrowth, and in fact have even grown an entire new penis for rabbits...But to do so they had to use the outside skin of 16 other rabbits! Now before you start emailing me for details, they have said that it will take at least ten yesr before the reaserch actually becomes reality for humans......And they ahve said that even though they can build a new penis, they are still working on making it work as well as natural ones.

But the rabbit with the new penis was quick to get into the swing of things - within thirty seconds of being placed ina hutch with a female rabbit he was busy doing what rabbits do so well.... LOL

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

One Year On Sepetmber 11 2002

you believe that it is almost a year since the September
11 2001? The night and the images will stay with me
in my heart and mind forever. The Boy and I were watching
West Wing on Television at about 11pm. Sitting on our
sofas with our computers on our laps as per normal,
chattering with each other about work, our upcoming
holiday and just stuff. A thoroughly normal Tuesday
night for us with the expectation of a busy but uneventful
Wednesday at work.

A commercial break came and we both went back to our
computers, but then in the background, "Unconfirmed
reports from New York suggest that a passenger jet has
crashed into one of the twin World Trade Centre Towers….".

Instantly we look up from what we were doing and saw
the footage of smoke billowing from the top of one of
the towers. We turned white watching and listening to
the fragments of information they had. Work was forgotten
as we struggled to understand what was happening with
so little information being available. Then as one of
the news presenters was talking about the "accident"
we saw the second plane come in low across the skyline
of New York.

Our faces turned white and we sat together on the sofa
staring in disbelief not quite believing what was happening.
The plane banked and hit the building, a wild orange
flash and the news commentator gasped in horror his
voice rising in a panic.

This wasn't an accident this was real this was an attack
and suddenly the world seemed a very cold and scary
place. We watched trying hard not to cry as the images
of the explosions continued.

We switched channels trying to find more information
and saw a news report of smoke from the pentagon. A
camera from miles away was tracking the rising smoke.
There was an announcement that at least one other maybe
more aircraft were unaccounted for, where were they?
What were they doing?

We asked each other if this was the beginning of a
world wide attack? Would Sydney be next, what other
parts of the world were going to be so callously attacked?

The footage took us back to Twin Towers, and we sat
there discussing what would happen to the towers, could
they survive? How many people worked in them? How many
people could get out? Just how big where they?

Then the unthinkable happened, as one of the news presenters
was talking we watched as the top of the first tower
hit moved and the collapse started. Ten seconds of horror
as eight years of building was wiped out hundreds, thousands
were killed. We sat horrified, shaking not quite understanding
what how or why.

We didn't say much we just watched as the dust cloud
enveloped New York. Then a short time later Tower Two
came down as well.

We sat there most of the night watching, frightened,
sad, confused and bewildered. The next day we went to
work as usual, looking at the buildings around us in
our small city wondering, worried and sad.

People were different that day, no one smiled no one
laughed we just talked about what had happened and what
it meant to us. At my company we heard that one of our
staff's best man at his wedding was missing from Tower
Two, presumed Dead.

The Boy heard that the head of one of the divisions
of his major partner company was on the flight that
slammed into Tower Two, strangely enough into his own
office. The rest of the employees had escaped after
the first plane hit. At first they thought all their
employees were safe, but then they heard.

We watched the day after as the head of Cantor Fitzgerald
broke down on television talking about how he was late
getting to his office where no one survived. His friends,
his life almost gone.

Musical Tributes

I am a big fan of music and I have found two of the
most hanuting and beuatiful tributes to the disaster:

Merry Christmas Angel

One Voice

Monday, September 09, 2002

Mary Eat Your Heart Out

For everyone that has seen the film Something about Mary, there are a few moments in the film that just make a boy cringe in horror!

When Ted gets his penis caught in his pants zipper before going with Mary to the prom, I and the rest of the male audience watching the film almost passed out in sympathetic agony!

download sound The sound clip - 233k

Mary's step-father: Exactly what the hell is the situation here? What did you shit yourself or something?

Ted: Oh I wish. I got it stuck.

Mary's step-father: You got what stuck?

Ted: It!

Mary's step-father: Oh! It um... well uh... uh listen it's not the end of the world. These kind things happen. Lets have a look at it. OH! FOR GOD AND HEAVENS SAKE!!!

Mrs. Jensen (Markie Post):: What exactly are we looking at here?

Ted: :What do you mean?

Mrs. Jensen:: Well I mean uh is it the um... or the uh...

Mary's step-father:: Is it the frank or the beans?

Cop: :It's just like pulling off a Band-Aid. A one... and a two... and a...

Paramedic: :WE GOT A BLEEDER!!!

An Australian study published recently has found that the most common clothing related injury is actually a male having their balls or penis caught in their pants zipper. Thirteen men and boys have fronted up to the Emergency departments of Queensland (Australian State) between 1988 and 2001 with injurieis to their er um family jewels. And this is just the tip of the iceberg as the author of the report suggests that most men try to treat themselves. It just goes to show that when zipping up you should pay attention!

Media Article SMH - 9/9/2002

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Changes Coming

Stay tuned int he next three days for some big changes to Superdrewby. The main pages of the site have been redesigned and look even better and cleaner than they did before. As well as that they will now load even faster in your browser so you don't ahve to sit all day waiting!

The other big news is that new content has been created - a whole lot in fact and along with all the content the much waited and begged for new chapters of Life at a Private School have been written. I will be publishing them on Superdrewby first and then will be putting them on Nifty a week later. So if you are an avid reader of LAAPS and have been waiting for six months for your next fix, the wait is almost over! They will definitley be up by Monday night AEST!

Tuesday, September 03, 2002


Superdrewby will be updated with new content, new galleries and some new music reviews in the next week or so. I have ben steadily increasing the content on the site to keep it both current and informative for the users. I constantly scan other gay and lesbian sites and have found that some of them have stopped being updated on a regular basis! No names being mentioned but it is quite amazing that the only new content inthe last six months on one of them was to sell something

Ok I am being a bitch, but hey why not!

Can you believe that next week it is going to be a year since the World Trade Centers were bombed? Personally it still feels very much like it was yesterday that it all happened and every time we (the boy and I) see news about the anniversary and all the television specials that are planned for next wek we both get a little emotional. Has the world changed that much since that event? I think it has in sme ways but in others it has just kept on going. It would seem that the US government is very divided over whether they should now go into Iraq and oust Saddam Hussein. George Bush is not a strong leader and this is really becoming evident in his inability to controlhis own staff such as Colin Powell and Vice President Dick Cheney, who have both put forward very different public opinions than the Whitehouse itself.

Update on Sydney's gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras organisation has still not been either totally wound down or reinvigorated through sponsorship or funding. The board is still clinging to the hope that they can convince wealthy members of our community to give thousands of dollars in the vain hope that they can rebuild the organisation from the ashes. I think they have bats in their heads if they think people are going to give them money, without getting rid of the board and executive committee who bought this once great organisation to it's knees. We will just have to wait and see! The Sleaze ball is still going ahead and is being run by the Pride organisation a smaller more low key event but going ahead none the less. With the Gay Games opening in Sydney in November there is a lot happeing in Sydney Town!
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