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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Funny Happenings

Yesterday I had to go to IKEA to get a replacement bulb for a light I have that has stopped working. So I duly went into the store and recieved a credit not for the bulb I purchased the weekend before. Then I was directed to the checkout where they now keep the halogen bulbs for this light. I went up to a rather attractive young guy and said:

Me: I need a replacement bulb about this big for my sextol

Him: You need a what for your SEX TOOL? - blushing and going bright red

Me: A Bulb for a sextol (I realised that he thought I meant a sex tool!

Him: Um Um excuse me

Me: Sextol - it's a light

After an akward silence he helped me find the bulb and I left. I later told the boy about it and he pissed himself laughing he thought it was so damn funny! And I must admit that it was rather funny, but the question begets what on earth is a bulb for a sex tool? A dildo with a light?

Sunday, May 26, 2002

It's been almost three weeks since the last update

The boy keeps on reminding me (as do all the emails I recieve) that I have
been neglecting Superdrewby for a few weeks. Well that is true in some ways
but it isnt in other ways. I have still be creating new content although it
is not ready to be included on the site. I have also received some new stories
from other people to publish here and a new poem as well. Chris Summerfield
has also sent me some new photos to include, and I will ahve them up on the
site in the next couple of days.

I have been very focused on work over the last few weeks and so have consequently
not been doing much else apart from stuff for my company. But I promise to get
some new stuff on Superdrewby soon. As for new chapters of my stories, I haven't
really had the inspiration to write of late so no new chapters have been written.
Sometimes I open the files and start to write but the muse just dries up and
I have to close the file and go on to something else. This doesn't mean that
I won't be writing new chapters, I will be, I just have to find the right moment
to actually write.

Sniffer Dogs in Public Places

Over the last couple of months New South Wales has eneacted some very severe
and in my mind "police state" laws allowing the use of sniffer dogs.
Now we all know that sniffer dogs are used throughout the world to identify
people and packages with drugs, food stuffs (at airports) guns and bombs etc.
However last December the NSW State Government allowed the use of sniffer dogs
in public places to be used to passivley search patrons of clubs and people
walking down the street.

Now we live in a high crime area of Sydney, most of the crime is drug related
because we are between a methadone clinic, drop in center and numerous homeless
people hostels. Unfortuntaley this means that we have a lot of heroin addicts
in our area looking for their next fix and breaking into houses and cars to
get quick money for their habbits. In our small little street we have had home
invasions, almost every car has been broken into at least once and we even find
used syringes in our street.

About three weeks ago the house three doors down was broken into at night while
the residents were sleeping, in this case a female resident woke to find a young
male in her bedroom rifling through her purse. She promptly yelled at him and
then proceeded to kick him out of the house and over the balconey. When the
police arrived (twenty minutes later) they admitted that the entire crime problem
is casued by the heroin addicts at the hostels, drop in centres and clinics.
We spoke for a while about how the area could be cleaned up and they said quite
bluntly that the only way would be to get rid of the heroin addicts in the area.
Obviously the problem is more involved than that, but it is the major contributor
to the crime problem.

The State Government has however decided that the culprits of crime are not
the hard core drug users or dealers that are selling heroin etc, but they are
the clubbers who take recreational drugs such as ecstasy etc. So on any given
night we now have ten to twenty police people with dogs doing "raids"
on clubs and standing on the main streets of the gay community harassing and
searching people for small quantities of recreational drugs. But do we see the
police dealing with the people that are breaking into our cars or our homes?
Of course not, they are acting in a stupid media orchestarted raid on clubs
and places that do not have a crime problem and are not a danger to society.

Now I am neither condoing or villifying recreational drug use, but in reality
drugs such as ecstasy have been proven to be a hell of lot safer than going
out and binge drinking. The Police in the wrap up from the Year 2000 Parties
actually admitted that the reson there was so little violence and the fact that
the crowds were so easy to control was because people were no longer drinking
alcahol, instead they were taking pills. yes they are illegal and yes they can
be dangerous, but drugs such as ecstasy are not the problem. They are however
the easy target of a police force that needs to be seen to do something about
the larger crime problem. I get very pissed off that the police can find money
to do these ridiculous publicity stunts but cannot find the money to have proper
policing of the real crime areas. If they are really serious about getting rid
of the drug problem, then get the sniffer dogs in the hostels, clinics and dropin

So far after three weeks of doing these drug busts with the sniffer dogs, the
police have arrested less than ten people in total, and most of thise offences
have been for a small offence such as pot or having one pill. Sure they are
illegal, but come on what about the guy who is selling heroin caps down the
street and will accept stolen mobile phones, wallets and more that the junkies
have just nicked from the parked cars in the area?

Thursday, May 09, 2002

Something Interesting

Reading the newspaper this morning I came accross a news article that I had to share with you all. It's about a complaint against Australia's elite parachutist unit being involved in a group sex incident. Yes that's right group sex involving an entire unit of militairy boys! Now apparently the female involved (there was only one with all those sexy hunky militairy boys) has declined to press charges.

Now I have some questiosn about this incident, if these so called straight boys were having an orgy with only one female present, does that mean they were also doing each other? Why wasn't I invited? I love boys in uniform. The article is reprinted on superdrewby here.......

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

More New Content and a few new Changes

Gee I have really been a busy boy getting a heap of new content on the site in addition to the pieces I added yesterday. The list of new stuff on Superdrewby is listed below.

Top Ten Cute Boys in the World

I have chosen then of the hottest boys in the world and provided a picture gallery for each guy. Once you have had a look at the galleries you can then vote for wo you think is the cutest boy in the world. The guys are - Brad Pitt, Travis Fimmell, Antonion Sabato Jr, Adam Rickett, Josh Hartnett, Marky Mark, The Carslon twins, Lukas Ridgestone and Markus Sheckenberg. Click here to go to go to the Top Ten Cute Boys in the World!

Pictures of Cute Boys

I have added over two hundred new images to the Cute Boys gallery and have anged the format so there are now also Boys in Series. If you want to be included in the Cute Boys Gallery Send me your pictures! Click here to go to the Cute Boys Gallery




Gallery Five

Gallery Six

Gallery Seven

Gallery Eight

Gallery Nine

Gallery Ten

Gallery Eleven

New Gay and Lesbian News Feeds

I have also added a totally new set of Gay and Lesbian Newsfeeds that aggregates news form all over the world! Click here to visit the Gay and Lesbian News section

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

New Content

I have added some new content to Superdrewby in the past two days that is sure to create some discussion amongst some of the members.

Campaign to equalise (lower) the age of consent in NSW, Australia

Australia's largest state, New South Wales is the only state in Australia where the age of consent for gay sex is not equal to the age of consent for straight sex. A bill to equalise the age of consent was defeated in 1998 by 20 votes to 19. However a new Private Members Bill will be tabled in NSW Parliament later this year to try again. For this Bill to be passed it needs the support of the community to encourage all politicians to vote for this bill. Click here to read how you can help!

Sexuality Explored using the Sexual Continuum

Sexuality is a fascinating area and it is often much misunderstood by the general community who believe that there are only three types of sexualities - Gay, Straight and Bisexual. Much work has been done on understanding sexual behaviour and identity and this article looks at the use of the Klein Sexual Continuum which was developed to define sexuality as a scale rather than a label. This is an article which will definitely encourage discussion and I ask anyone who is interested to read the article and discuss any issues they have on the message board. Read the article here.......

Saturday, May 04, 2002

Server Hiccups

If you have been trying to access superdrewby over the last 24 hours you will have noticed that it was totally and utterly not available. The problem was with my billing for the site - I had changed billing methods and since every time I tried to email my hosting comapny to tell them the emails were returned undelivered the site was suspended. Finally i actually managed to find someone on their online chat to fix up my account! It only took me a week of emails and finally a 45 minute online chat to gett he site back up and running.

It really pisses me off when companies do thees sorts of things, especially in light of how much trouble I have had with their server migration over the last couple of weeks. I would ahve expected that at the very least they should ahve given me a free month or two of hosting - considering that Superdrewby was down for basically over 2 weeks.


The boy was having a night with school friends last night so I decided to venture out to a club by myself and meet up with some friends. It has been so long since I was single that going out on my own can actually be a bit of a scary thing to do. And since I used to be part of a loose group of aquaintances when I used to go out I used to know people. But ike most groups of aquantainces we all went ouor own ways. So my modus operandi is to search for at least someone I know and latch onto them and their friends for the night. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't work at all, in which case I usually finsih my one solitary drink and go home. I have found that generally younger guys don't come up and chat with me unless they are interested in sleeping with me. Since I am taken I am a bit hostile to these sorts of advances and immediately go into a defensive posture. Kind of like arms crossed over my chest and I lean backwards, away fromthe person and if they get in my personal space I try to take a few steps back. I don't know why I do this, because when the boy is with me I am much mure open to people talkin to me, and I will talk to anyone who happens to stop and say hi.

I can only surmise that I am subconciously making sure that they get the idea by either in your face obvious actions that I am taken and not interested in being picked up. Last night was a good night, I ran into a guy who I performed in a show nearly ten years ago when I had just come out of the closet and was still feeling my way throught he whole openly gay thing. We had an nteresting chat and he told me that when he knew me all those years ago I was very naive. Now that shocked me - I don't think anyone wants to be told they are or were naive. He meant it as a compliment to me, to explain that I had grown up and wa a really different and more worldy person now than I was then. I took it well but thought about what he meant and I realised ack then I was. I had very little experience in the world and didn't really know much about myself or about being gay. I also realised that it took me many years to get where I am now, and I also rea;ised that i am still growing and will always continue to grow and learn.

I am probably still naive in many ways and I accept that, but I am looking forward to the growth and learning in the future!

Friday, May 03, 2002

Friday's Musings

Since I have been pretty quiet online lately apart from the rants against my web host for their total and utter stupidity, I though I should write some info about what we have been up to of late! We have had some fabulous nights out clubbing in the last couple of weeks. Last week on the Wednesday night we went to ARQ night club in Sydney (ARQ's Website) to see Fragma perform live. We expected that she would perform about 1 am, but int he end she didn'ta ctually come on until nearly 2:30am, so we were almost going to leave. We stayed casue I really really wanted to see her perform. The wait was worth every single minute she was fabulous and she ended up performing six songs including Tocas Miracle which was so cool. It's funny because not alot of live performers are very good, but she was great!

So that was Wednesday night, but our clubbing was not over yet. The boy had taken Friday and Monday off work to make up for working through a long weekend a few weeks before and we were definitely lookig to go clubbing on the Sunday night. It was a pretty busy weekend out because the Inquisition dance party was on Saturday night - although we did not go, whenever there is a dance party the clubs seem to really fill up with people. Instead we wanted to go out on the Sunday night which has one of the best DJ line ups of any night. We had an absolute blast of a night and ended up dancing till about 7am or something (not quite sure what time we left but I know it was damn early!)

The club was jam packed with a great really friendly crowd of people who wanted to dance. The suprise of the night was the show at about 3am of four blonde dancing boys. they were hot hot hot and damn good dancers. They did a mix of funck and almost excercises like pushups right in front of us on the small podium. After their show some fo the boys came out and daced with the crowd and they were lots of fun!

The problem with going out clubbing is that once you start it is hard to stop, but like all good things, it is better to go clubbing every couple of months rather than every weekend, so we will just ahve to save up our energy for next time!

Site Stuff

On a pretty regular basis I go through the statistics of Superdrewby to see hown many people come along and where they have come from. I am really impressed by the number of people that have links to Superdrewby on their site and I say a great big thank you! Please do remember to promote superdrewby and help make superdwerby even bigger!

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Superdrewby is Back Online!

At long last I have finally fixed most of the problems with the scripts that make Superdrewby run!.. However there are still a few more problems that I have idenified that need to be fixed, but as yet I have not had time to fix them.

I have to say that I have found my webhost to be lacking in customer service and any sort of technical knowledge or understanding. They don't reply to my emails for weeks, and when they do they don't actually read what is in the email! I seriously considered changing hosting companies, but in the end the amount of time it would take to rewrite all the scripts for the new server and waiting for the DNS changes to take affect, it was just too much of a hassle! So for the time being I will wait and see if they continue to stuff up and screw up the service. I have sent email after email and half the time I get Mail Delivery failrures from the people!

Now onto much more interesting notes I will be adding a hell of a lot more content in the next couple of weeks as I have been writing new columns, finding new pictures and I even have a few new short stories to put online as well!
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